Tarvaris is getting frustrated by three-way quarterback derby


Last year, after the Seahawks signed former Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson, Seattle coach Pete Carroll said that Tarvaris had been “jerked around” in Minnesota.  G.M. John Schneider was slightly more descriptive, saying that Jackson had been “[expletive] on.”  (To his credit, Schneider owned the remark and apologized to the Vikings for it.)

Fast forward to 2012.  Jackson, the starter for the Seahawks in 2011, now finds himself in a three-man quarterback competition that shows no signs of being resolved in the immediate future.

So does that constitute being “jerked around” or “[expletive] on”?  Or both?

Regardless of the label, Carroll admitted on Tuesday that Jackson is getting a little frustrated.

“I think this is very difficult for him and I admire the heck out of this guy,” Carroll said, via Nick Eaton of seattlepi.com.  “These guys [Matt Flynn and Russell Wilson] are battling to show what they know and where they are, and we have to assess that they can catch up with him.  That’s what’s going on.  So he’ll have to hold on for a little bit longer, and we’ll know more in a week.”

Jackson, who is taking the high road (for now), may not be frustrated simply by the fact that he has to contend with not one but two men trying to take his job.  It could be that Jackson realizes that the diluted reps will make it harder for whoever wins the job to be fully prepared for the games that count.

And so, like so many of these situations, the guy who wins the job will essentially be securing dibs on the first shot at losing the job.

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  1. So, err… Where’s the quote from Jackson? Where does he say he’s frustrated?

    Or are you just killing time till Jerry Jones, Jim Harbaugh or Rex Ryan open their mouths again?

  2. Tavaris showed he’s a bottom 10 QB in the NFL last year… How can he get mad if his team wants to upgrade the position??

    He needs to be blaming himself.

  3. Carroll took a QB that not many teams wanted and gave him the starter’s job last year, with no competition.

    If Jackson wanted to be the team’s long-term QB, he had a chance. You can’t really argue that he didn’t have the running game or the defense to get it done.

    In situations where he had the ball in the last two minutes of a half or a game, Seattle scored zero points. In such situations, he took nine sacks and threw four interceptions.

    With “pressure time” performances like that, who’s jerking around who?

  4. He may not be able to READ the signs of resolution that are clearly in front of him. Mr. J., YOU are the odd man out.

  5. I’m not saying that it happened, but what if he’s improved? You’re giving all his prep time to these other guys. But then again, I’m not on the inside. Carroll’s seen him more than I have.

  6. Cue the Flynn is god, tack is yeah comments. A guy has two good games playing on the best offense in the league and now he’s the answer. Kevin kolb anyone

  7. He’s Frustrated cause he’s a bad quarterback, and he knows he won’t win the spot… I had to watch this moron for years.. He doesn’t have the smarts to be a QB..

  8. I think it’s a little insulting of Pete Carroll to tell Jackson that he’s still in competition to be the starter and he’s simply not playing in the pre-season because they already know what he has. Oh please! That’s preposterous.

    Jackson took the high road the whole time with the Favre drama in Minnesota so I would expect the same from him here.

  9. It’s Ok, Travaris. Pete said you were misused by the Vikings, but now you’re with him.

    So it’s gotta be all good.

  10. Heck with QB derby, I’d be more frustrated with having to wear those hideous Seahawk uniforms. Year one and Nike’s already jacking up the uni’s of most teams, with Seattle being the poster-child.

  11. Tarvaris may have been jerked around by the Vikings, but that started with him being vastly over-rated by Brad Childress. Jackson was never starting material, and never should have been handed the starting job outright in Minnesota (or Seattle for that matter).

    If Jackson had been drafted as a backup, and honed for that role, he may very well have matured over time into a starter. However, there really aren’t any excuses left.

    Some QBs earn their stripes by starting out as backups and playing their way into the starting role. QBs like Rich Gannon, Brad Johnson and Tony Romo have all done this. Tarvaris Jackson has been handed the starting job with two different teams now, and in both instances, those teams have sought to replace him. Jackson may work out as a backup QB, but he’s not the guy you want starting 16 games for you.

  12. The Quarterback situation in Seattle is going to be interesting especially with powder keg known as TO being dropped in the middle of it.

  13. It is a known fact that coaches and FO personnel lie thru their teeth, but this is probably a good lesson for PC & Schneider to watch what they say about other clubs.

    What goes around comes around.

  14. Got jerked around in MN because he wasn’t good enough. Frankly a wasted spot on a team. Carroll is trying to give a not good enough QB a shot and he’s complaining? He will be some obscure back up someplace else next year if he’s still in the league. Belongs in Arena II.

  15. Someone said “maybe he’s improved”. Lolz. No, I can assure you he didnt. A Tarvaris Jackson does not improve or progress. It simply tricks you into
    thinking such by showing signs of life in garbage time of a game he likely squandered. Worst qb ever.

  16. He had his shot. A full season’s worth. Most coaches give competition for one or two games (watch Tebow start the 4th game of the season) so we didn’t jerk him around. Gave him more then a fair chance. didn’t make playoffs. Finished 3rd in division. If he thinks that he still is a shoe in for starting, he should look at his performance last year.

  17. They’ll just sit him until the last pre-season game, then showcase him in an attempt to get a 7th for him from some team that needs a back-up. Faiders come to mind.

    As to his frustrtration, it does not compare to what we went through watching you squander a playoff caliber team pal. Good riddance.

  18. Seattle’s gotta assess that Flynn and Wilson can “catch up” with him??? Please. I understand that coach speak nonsense dominates the preseason, but this is over the top, even for a spin-meister like Carroll.

    Tarvaris has never been anything other than a second stringer (at best) since Childress wasted a #2 on him a few years back. The Seahawks are piling more garbage on top of a player already delegated to the scrap heap.

  19. The real competition Jackson’s in is for either the third or fourth spot on the QB depth chart.

  20. If Pete Caroll was headcoach of any other team other than hidden away up in the great northwest, he would be fired……..oh wait, that happened to him already. Can you imagine Petey being a headcoach in a major market city and signing the likes of TJoke QB, Lynch RB, T.O. ,Mike too fat Williams, Braylon Edwards at wideouts? The media and fans would crucify the idiot but chickenhawk fans love the fool . Must be some potent kool-aid they serve up in the great NW.

  21. The point of this article isn’t T-Jack’s averageness, which is clear, but instead the Seahawks coach and GM dumping on the Vikes last year for doing the same exact thing they’re doing this year. If they had any class, they’d admit it.

  22. I feel bad for Seahawks fans. All three options are horrible. As a Vikings fan I can personally tell you that one of them is definitely horrible. Flynn is Kolb and Russel Wilson isn’t ready and may never be ready, but probably has the best shot at success if they can keep him off the field until he matures.

  23. thejuddstir says:
    Aug 15, 2012 11:07 AM

    If Pete Caroll was headcoach of any other team other than hidden away up in the great northwest, he would be fired……..oh wait, that happened to him already. Can you imagine Petey being a headcoach in a major market city and signing the likes….

    Know your facts before just spewing out garbage. Just because Seattle is “away up in the great northwest”, don’t assume it’s not a major market. For the major TV markets in the country, Seattle ranks #13 in the top 100 cities. many coaches in major market cities have signed questionable athletes and still kept their jobs. Wait until after the season to assess. Your team must be perfect with all angles with halos, huh?

  24. Jackson was a good quarterback in Minnesota half the time. Showing flashes of potential doesn’t cut it after years in the league. If you are given the opportunity to be the starter and still are inconsistant, the team needs to look at alternatives. Tavarias was decent backup because expectations were lower and on occassions he would play a good game. At this stage of his career he would only be starter material on a desparate team.

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