Tarvaris is trade bait, but it won’t be easy


Seahawks coach Pete Carroll says that quarterback Tarvaris Jackson is frustrated because of the three-man competition at quarterback.  While Jackson is indeed frustrated, it’s not because he’s being required to fend off two other quarterbacks — it’s because the Seahawks have decided to try to trade him, and they’re taking their sweet time in doing it.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the Seahawks are talking to a couple of teams about trading Jackson, and that a deal could happen.  But the Seahawks prefer to wait for one or more teams to suffer a quarterback injury during the preseason, which would help them get a better deal in return.

Complicating matters is the fact that Jackson is due to earn a base salary of $4 million in 2012, a number that teams may not want to devote to the quarterback position.

Per the source, Jackson was never a serious contender to start in 2012.  They called it an open competition after signing Matt Flynn, and they wisely gave Jackson the first crack with the first team, given that the incumbent has many friends and supporters in the locker room (including receiver Sidney Rice).  As time has passed and Flynn has gotten acclimated, the Seahawks have faded Jackson toward the back of the pack.

Until the Seahawks make a final decision, they have to decide whether to put Jackson on the field during preseason games.  Letting Jackson show what he can do could increase trade interest; keeping him on the bench avoids the kind of injury that could cause the Seahawks to owe Jackson his full salary.

The fact that Jackson didn’t play at all in the preseason opener suggests that the Seahawks are erring on the side of keeping Jackson healthy — which means that it’s more important to avoid the $4 million than to get a draft pick in return for him.

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  1. I don’t get it, just one year ago Slippery Pete said he was a really good QB, but that he was just misused in Minnesota.

    What happened, Pete?

  2. I hate to say this, but T-Jack probably has had a better career than my boy RGIII can hope for brother.

  3. THe cardinals are the only team I could see wanting this guy because they have no qb.

  4. Too bad for T-Jack. He is a really good guy but obviously he needs to find a backup job on a good club. I don’t think that he is ever going to be a full time starter for any team, but he would be a great backup.

  5. I think teams are already aware of what Jackson can do. Seahawks can’t dangle the carrot for too long.

    Might as well cut him soon because Russell Wilson has the potential to be special and he needs those pre-season reps.

  6. No trade market for a QB who was given the job then underperformed so badly that his team not only spent $15 million on a unproven backup but also drafted a QB in the third round to replace him?

    You don’t say.

  7. Why would anyone trade for him?? The Seahawks are a team in need of a good QB and they have seen him play for a year. If they dont even want him, why would anyone else give up something for him???

  8. Why can’t he just be happy making millions for just holding a clip board? I know tons of regular people that love give their left arm for a sweet gig like that.

  9. I always liked Tavaris. I thought he was a sort of right handed Vick when i first saw him on the Vikings and I do believe he wasn’t used properly there. Childress wanted Favre, period.

    Accept the trade Tavaris, it might be the best thing for your career. Get away from Carroll, that guy is a wreck waiting to happen.

  10. Trade him back to Minnesota. He was the best QB not named Favre that that franchise has had in the past decade.

  11. Complicating matters further is that he’s terrible and no one would want to trade for him.

  12. There was never a competition. Flynn, as a backup, has been more productive than T-Jack as a starter. Flynn will be a top 12 quarterback this year, and watch out the next couple years.

  13. Amazing, the guy that Carroll said was mistreated and “jerked around” by MN is now being left to slowly spin in the wind while they wait for an injury, hoping a desperate team will sweeten any offer they w0uld get for him.

  14. This guy should be ecstatic he has lasted this long. Anything beyond this is pure gravy. He has average size, below average throwing ability, and barely above average running ability. Making a couple Mil to hold a clipboard is a pretty sweet gig for those talents.

  15. Don’t blame Pete Carroll for this…it was the GM, John Schneider who brought him to Seattle, and it was Schneider who said Jackson was jerked around by the Vikings.

  16. Carl Gerbschmidt says:Aug 15, 2012 12:06 PM

    They should contact the vikes.

    I hate to break it to you, but the Vikings have three quarterbacks who can play and one more that they want to develop. The Packers have one quarterback. They’re the ones who should be burning up the phone lines to Seattle.

  17. I think Pete was saying he wasnt given the full responisbility of being the QB of the team while in Minn, and that he was being jerked around and when he was given that responsibility in Seattle he didnt do as expected. I think he did ok last season, and has shown great skill in a handful of games but needs to learn to throw the ball under pressure. I also think J. Porter was a better QB than him . Good Luck T. Jack you are a nice guy and hopefully go somewhere you like!

  18. Who wants to bet that the Packers are one of those teams interested? The list is long of teams that want a proven backup QB. I have said all along that Seattle wouldn’t keep him and he will indeed have a nice life as a #2 QB.

  19. Please trade him to the Packers for a bag of cheese curds and can of turpentine. The entire NFC North would love to have T-Jack backing up Rodgers.

  20. Don’t really understand all of the ‘He said, she said’ comments…You can’t change what happened 5 minutes ago, why keep harping on what coach said a year ago?
    The Seahawks handed the starting job to Jackson last year. They let Hass walk, and had Whitehurst as the back up. Charlie never tried hard enough to become the starter when given the chance. I think he likes making millions holding a clip board.
    That said, Tjack lost a lot of close games last year because he folds like a cheap lawn chair in crunch time.
    Now Seattle finds a way to remedy the poor QB play from last season, and everyone is acting like they are being ‘mean’ to Tjack.
    He is a grown man that got paid a lot of money to lose close games last year…I’m sure he’ll be okay.

  21. Irony would dictate Pete trades Tarvaris and a day later, Flynn goes down with an injury.

  22. Seahawks didn’t jerk him around. They gave him a fair shot. He failed to perform. He had a run game and defense to back him up, but when it came time to contribute, he was mediocre.

    Great guy, great backup QB.

  23. It’s hard to make a trade when you float the question ‘What do you think of Tavaris Jackson?’ to 31 teams and they all respond ‘Not interested.’

  24. Heck when he went out and got Jackson you would have thought Pete found the next Montana. The Seahawks have been and will be doing some crazy moves as Carroll scrambles to save his job. That can do long term damage to a franchise.

  25. I’ve seen Jackson play about five times and have never been impressed. Myhornispurple is right, he can’t react and make proper decisions, which is really what quarterbacking is all about.

  26. joetoronto says:
    Aug 15, 2012 11:53 AM
    I don’t get it, just one year ago Slippery Pete said he was a really good QB, but that he was just misused in Minnesota.

    What happened, Pete?

    What happened was Tarvaris had an entire season to prove that he was a viable starter in the league, and although he was adequate, like any smart coach, Pete realized it wasn’t good enough to put the offense on the same level as the defense and create a legit contender/winner. So, again, like any smart coach who actually wants to win, Pete went out and got a more accurate QB (Tarvaris’s biggest issue last year), and is seeing what he can get for Jackson in the meantime, while putting Jackson in a situation where he can again compete for a starting role.

    Much better treatment than he got in Minnesota.

  27. Asked to explain how Jackson could go from a top flight QB to a non commodity in just 1 year, HC pete Carroll said….

    “It’s not that he’s no good, it’s that he’s just 1 of 4 top flight QB’s we have here and we can’t keep them all.”

  28. I sure hope the Seattle media is reminding Pete Carroll and GM Schneider about their asinine remarks about how the vikings “didn’t give tjoke a chance and they didn’t know how to use him”……eat that crow petey. carroll is a joke himself, he’s a college coach at best and only then if he can cheat.

  29. “sj39 says:
    Aug 15, 2012 12:39 PM
    Heck when he went out and got Jackson you would have thought Pete found the next Montana. The Seahawks have been and will be doing some crazy moves as Carroll scrambles to save his job. That can do long term damage to a franchise.”


    That’s a whole lot of delusion you’re peddling. Carroll never put a mantle like that on Jackson, and the contract given to Jackson by the team backs that up (2 years, $8 million). It was a “show us something” type of contract.

    Now, Carroll did make the “jerking around” comment, and that was a mistake. He might have wanted to put a better spin on why he gave Jackson the starting job, but that was the wrong way to go about it.

    The truth is that Jackson was handed the starting job out of convenience. The team hoped Charlie Whitehurst would show some leadership during the lockout and organize the players, but he never did. Hasselbeck was gone, and so the team needed to bring in someone who knew Bevell’s offense (and more importantly, could teach it to the rest of the team). Jackson was available, and was handed the starting job for that reason alone.

    Problem is, Carroll couldn’t say to the media that Jackson was given the job just because he was convenient and cheap, and Whitehurst had the heart of a gopher.

    As for now, yeah, Carroll is jerking Jackson around just as much as he accused Minnesota of doing. He’s protecting the team by making sure Jackson doesn’t get injured in a preseason game, putting Seattle on the hook for the remaining $4 million of his contract, but he’s still giving him reps to try and drive up his trade value (which, imo, is nonexistent). Good for the team, but crappy for Jackson.

  30. There is no belief in Jackson, there never has been. From Draft day to the present this kid has never had the QB trifecta, a good Offensive Coordinator, A clear shot at starting and a good crew of receivers. He has had some of them, but never all at once. Until he gets the trifecta, he will forever stay a backup.

  31. the only way he playing for the vikings again if he can play reciever other then that forget about it!!!!

  32. TJax is vastly overrated and is just not tradeable. He is making millions as a backup, he has no future as an NFL starter so he’d better put his ego in check and reassess his career

  33. To everyone making it sound like pete carrol was being hypocritical when saying Tarvaris was “jerked around” and has seemingly done the same thing-

    I’ve been to several Seahawks training camps.

    Tarvaris was given PLENTY of opportunities to show he’s the best QB on the team.

    He’s failed to do so. Matt Flynn and Russel Wilson have both been better at camp. Tarvaris’ biggest weaknesses as a QB are his indecision and hesitation and that hasn’t improved.

    Should they keep Tarvaris around out of Pity or something?

    Pete did exactly what he said he would do and opened up the competition. Tarvaris has been outplayed by a free agent and a rookie. That’s just how it is.

    Now the hawks just want to get a conditional late round pick for a veteran backup. What’s the big deal?

  34. The Packers don’t acquire QB’s, they groom them. And their current backup, Graham Harrell, is already in a league above TJack.

  35. Tarvaris was brought in because of familiarity of Bevell’s offense following the NFL Lockout. He was given an opportunity to shine after being “jerked around” from MN. Now that he’s shown that he’s nothing more than a mediocre QB AND we have capable QBs in Flynn & Wilson, any SMART team would be willing to see if there is a trade market for him.

    Tarvaris didn’t take advantage of his opportunities and that’s all there is to the argument.

    I laugh at all the Pete haters out there because he’s truly building a great defense and changed the culture of the team.

  36. truthfactory says:
    Aug 15, 2012 12:04 PM
    Why would anyone trade for him??

    At some point during the preseason, it’s likely that a team will suffer an injury to their starting QB, and not be very happy with the prospect of starting the guy they have on the bench for half (or all) the entire season.

    Or, maybe they will go with the backup, but want some insurance in case 1) the backup stinks on ice or 2) they need someone to back up the backup.

    Either way, a pick in rounds 5-7 for a guy who can step in and play QB right away is a bargain. On a team with a good running game and defense, Tavaris can manage and win games.

    Just don’t expect him to win many on his own. He had the ball with two minutes left in the half (or the game) nine times last season. On those drives, he threw four interceptions, took nine sacks, and the team scored zero points. At least Flynn/Wilson offer hope for improvement in this area.

    As a backup, he’s probably an upgrade for 20 or so of the 32 teams. If Seattle had only acquired Flynn or Wilson (not both), I’d be more than happy to keep him around in that role, but with both Flynn and Wilson on the roster, and Josh Portis as an emergency #3/practice squad guy, Jackson simply isn’t needed in Seattle anymore.

  37. There goes Pete making room for who ever the Niners cut next. The Seachickens will be lucky to get a 7th rounder for Jackson. Anyone interested can just wait and claim him off waivers.

  38. It’s funny how some people on here act like Pete should of told his QB that he was garbage when there was no one else available to get. I don’t recall Flynn being available the year before last. I think Russel Wilson was still at NC State about to transfer when they got T Jack. Then Pete & John sign a free agent QB & Draft one (two very smart & manageable deals) & now Pete’s just a liar & bad coach for supposedly not telling his only QB & resource available at the time “he’s garbage!” I wonder???? Do some of you tell your kids they suck because they got most of your genes & not your wives like the other kids in the family?

  39. I really can’t see anybody wanting this guy he was terrible last year. He’s really showed nothing for his entire career. Cut your losses Hawks.

  40. There isn’t a team dumb enough to trade for a backup slated to make $4M this year (that likely will be released by the start of the season), except for perhaps the team that signed him to the ridiculous contract in the first place.

  41. T-Jack is really the Rodney Dangerfied of the NFL. People keep on saying he’s “terrible”, but last year, without his best receiver for an extended period of time (Sydney Rice), and a pectoral injury, he still managed 3,000 yards and a 60% completion percentage. I went to the Seahawks/Philly game (that the Seahawks won), and T-Jack had like 2-3 incompletions the whole game. He was boo’d lustily on each one.

    He’d definitely be one of the best back-ups in the league.

  42. Where are the Seahawk Kool-Aid drinkers who believed Carroll’s nonsense about sitting Tjack out of preseason games because “they already knew what they had with him”?

    It was such an obvious lie I couldn’t believe anyone fell for it. How many other healthy veteran QBs were being held out of the preseason games because their coaches felt they had seen enough from them?

    And this isn’t hindsight, I posted yesterday that TJack was gone and that Carroll’s story made no sense.

  43. LMFAO! Pete Carroll is a joke. I seem to remember Carroll saying he felt bad for T-Jack because the Vikings jerked him around. I guess Pistol Pete found out that T-Jack is not NFL starting QB material. It sure is a shame the way the Seadogs are jerking Tarvaris around.

  44. The reason he’s antsy is because he know he WON’T make millions of dollars carrying the ‘Hawks clip board. The best chance he has of getting on a roster this year is to get into someone’s system ASAP.

  45. I believe that Tavaris is a solid backup quarterback. He is tough as nails, has a strong arm, and is mobile. However, he has his limitations as we all witnessed last year. He is a better player than Charlie Whitehurst and many other NFL backups. He will find a job but his days contending for a starting position are in the past.

  46. Every time I make a statement about the packers it is removed. What happened to freedom of speech ?others make statements a lot worse than mine

  47. Seemed to be a nice guy. I hope he invested wisely. Never saw much to TJack in Minnesota. Brad C thought he had a find but I do not think anyone else would have drafted him. I could not believe the contract the Seahawks gave him and made him #1 without competition. The guy has PANIC written all over him. Time to look into other Football Leagues.

  48. See we told you so. Like Tebow’s inability to adjust his throwing style, we’ve been watching Jackson jump backwards throwing passes the second he got on an NFL field. He never went more than 4 games without an injury as a Viking, he’s liked by his teammates but whines to the media & coaches.

  49. As a Viking fan I say, trade him for what? Granted, he really was jerked around by Childress, who wrongly sold him on being a starting QB in the NFL, he had Childress’ “kick a$$ offense” with a less than smart OC in Bevell, he didn’t have good WR’s and he did live through the Favre deal. So I feel for the guy. Then again we saw plenty of him in Minny and none of it was much good. He’d be a great backup just in case. But he just doesn’t have that IT quality.

    Good luck to you kid. Take care of the money you already earned and you should be OK. Enjoy your health in private life.

  50. At least he won’t have to humiliate himself all year wearing those ridiculous looking Arena Football uniforms and playing for a coach thats little more than a cheerleader!

  51. Think back to before the T-Jack signing:

    Matt H. had been a great QB for the Hawks, but it was time for both of them to move on, sad reality of the NFL. Everyone in Seattle loves Matt and roots for him with the Titans, but knew it was time.

    Cam Newton and Jake Locker were long gone in the draft. Maybe the Hawks should have gone with Andy Dalton, but they grabbed an OT, a glaring need.

    The hottest free agent QB was Kolb. Yikes.

    So they punted. A two year deal for a relatively small, in NFL terms, amount of money for a guy who could be a placeholder for a year.

    Now here they are with 2 QBs who could be good, neither of whom cost very much money, in NFL terms. You think they paid alot for Flynn? Look at what the Cards paid for Kolb.

    And yes, Pete said positive things about T-Jack. Was he supposed to say “We don’t really want him, but we figure he’ll do the least amount of harm of anyone out there.”

  52. Pete the Cheat, and JS have lowered the bar so far with the QB’s and even the WR’s, that it is an upgrade when a third round rookie and a vet who has a total of 2 starts, clearly beat the incumbent out of his job. It’s why they did not want Hasselbeck to stay. He would remind everybody what real QB play looks like. As for the WR’s, again, same story. Cut proven leaders and producers, and rely on Tate/ Obu, etc… BMW, had a QB actually throw him the ball 2 years ago, and last year he disappeared. What changed? The QB’s…

  53. sirkeeb says:
    Aug 15, 2012 12:07 PM
    I always liked Tavaris. I thought he was a sort of right handed Vick when i first saw him on the Vikings and I do believe he wasn’t used properly there. Childress wanted Favre, period.


    He was in Minnesota for 3 seasons before Favre was brought in. In 2008 he was handed the keys to the car and crashed it into a pole. Then Favre came in the next year with pretty much the same team and dominated. Childress wanted Favre because TJack sucks. He played much better last year than I ever expected though.

  54. I wish T-Jak the best, short of staying in Seattle as a starting qb. He showed alot of toughness and leadership.. He has a strong arm and good legs,,just can’t seem to read the defense quick enough.

  55. T-Jack was a good “not great” band aid for last year. I respect the fact he’s taking a pay cut for a trade. In the end, I would be shocked if the Hawks got any compensation. Either way good bye T-Jack.

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