Andy Dalton answers some arm strength questions

The biggest knock on Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton after his rookie year was that his arm wasn’t strong enough for the job.

Dalton said this offseason that he’d worked on his footwork to help him throw better deep balls this season. It looks like the work has paid off.

Dalton hit A.J. Green for a 50-yard touchdown in the second quarter against the Falcons on a pass that no one would call lacking something in the zip department. Green beat Falcons corner Asante Samuel with a double move and was wide open for Dalton’s pass, which was delivered exactly where it needed to be for six.

It wasn’t the only time Dalton let the ball fly downfield and all of the throws, even the ones that didn’t find their target, were strong enough. Dalton was done for the night in the second quarter after going 8-of-14 for 125 yards and the Bengals offense might have put up more than 10 points if not for a fumble by fill-in tailback Brian Leonard.

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  1. Dalton and Green look great, and Gresham is in for a big year. But beyond those three you have to wonder where the rest of the offensive production will come from. Green will see a ton of double coverage and none of their running backs will keep opposing offensive coordinators up at night.

  2. ” But beyond those three you have to wonder where the rest of the offensive production will come from”

    Heard this a million times. Sanu, Tate, and Binns have all stepped up. Yeah, they are guys you haven’t heard of, but they all look solid in camp and the preseason.

  3. As a Steelers fan I’m not terribly happy about the sizable arms that e AFCNORTH seems to be pulling in. While they all have things to improve before they reach elite status (some markedly so) its interesting to see this historically hard nosed division start to get some softer skill (no insult intended) on offense.

  4. Brady, Manning..They may not have the strongest arm but they are freakin accurate..Dalton UNDERSTAND what he can do and what he can’t do..He is much more wiser than the Palmer they shipped to Oakland

  5. I always love the knock on some guys about their arm strength and how far they can get the ball down the field.

    First off, you’re not throwing bombs the whole game.

    Second, there have been tons upon tons of QB’s coming out of the draft with “one of the strongest arms I’ve ever seen” who are just complete busts. Happens all the time.

    Nevermind where your head is at with the game, how you run the offense, how much time you put into everything, etc…..if you can’t throw the ball 200 yards, then you might be in trouble!

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