Brandon Jacobs can’t get New York rivalry off his mind


Brandon Jacobs is on the other coast now, but he still thinks about New York.

And the former Giants running back told Clark Judge of he can tell nothing’s changed in the cross-town rivalry.

“It’s a circus, man,” Jacobs said when asked about the Jets. “But every year it’s like that. Obviously the Jets have some great players. Bart Scott, [Darrelle] Revis, [Antonio] Cromartie. They have a good defense, no question about it. But all this stuff surrounding [Tim] Tebow and [Mark] Sanchez, . . . I truly think it’s going to be Sanchez. He’s going to be the guy. He’s got to be the guy. He’s the natural quarterback out of the two. That’s just my opinion.

“I shouldn’t be speaking of their team, but I’m just so tired of reading and hearing of everything over there, . . . and it’s mid-August. It’s like: Are you kidding me? Camp’s not even over.”

The kind of intramural grudge shouldn’t be a surprise, as Jacobs was the one who yelled “Shut up, fat boy” to Jets coach Rex Ryan. But while the Giants have won a pair of Super Bowls in recent years, the Jets are constructed to win the back pages of the New York tabloids.

“And it’s always going to be like that,” Jacobs said. “They were in the AFC Championship Game twice in a row, but the year after that the Giants win the Super Bowl. That discredits everything as far as the Battle of the City. They can’t ever one-up the Giants — not in my eyesight; not in anyone else’s eyesight. They can never do that.

“They keep trying, but they’re doing it the wrong way. Like I said, the Jets have a great football team. They’re talented, no question about that, and Shonn [Greene] is a great running back who runs hard. They’ve got a good team, man, but sometimes, . . . I just don’t know what the problem is. That’s why things go the way it does for them.”

And that’s why Jacobs keeps talking. Because he never fails to entertain, which in a weird way would have qualified him to be part of the Jets circus instead of shipping out to San Francisco.

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  1. Jacobs looked lean and quick in his first preseason game with the Niners. No happy feet at all.

    We’ll see if that lasts on gameday.

  2. That 49er backfield has got to be one of, if not thee best in football.We shall find out soon enough!

  3. and this is why i already miss brandon jacobs.. he doesnt censor himself or shut himself up..he tells it how it is and i love that.. especially being a giants fan i always loved to hear jacobs rip on jets and especially the cowboys! good 2 hear jacobs hasnt left NY in his heart! we miss u out this way .. now take ur fast ass car n come back to NY!!

  4. He would have been better off signing with the Jets. 49ers, who were a big fluke last season, only have a good linebacker group and have a tremendous drop off in talent everywhere else, esp. at QB and that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold said so!

  5. Jacobs is going to be in beast mode for the 9ers; he looks strong, lean, and powerful. I think he is going to remind Giants fans of the old Jacobs. He is going to be a better pickup than I thought. No more 3rd and short issues for the 9ers.

    Oh yeah, but he does talk a little much for my liking, but I love what he said to Rex and get a kick out of that photo of them 2 at midfield. He will be good for that locker room in a Ricky Watters/William Floyd kind of way.

    9er fans, be prepared to be surprised by Alex. He is apparently killing it in camp and I can’t wait to see them use those wide-outs. I think he is going to surprise a lot of people, including new believing 9er fans.

  6. That’s it, Brandon. Keep worrying about the east coast. Nothing to see out here…keep looking east….and ignore Red Bryant about to clothesline you for a two-yard loss….

  7. Whoa whoa whoa, slow down there Brandon. Bart Scott and Antonio Cromartie are great players? Shonn Greene?

    Revis is the only player on that team worth anything. Sorry, Mangold also. Rest of them are unreliable. Plain and simple…

  8. I wonder if he ever thinks about the 2 New Jersey state troopers who lost their jobs because of his high speed fun run.

  9. That’s a lot of tough talk for a guy who begged the jets to sign him when the giants didn’t want him anymore…

    Brandon Jacobs – the appidamy of class lol yeah right…word of advice Jacobs don’t speak about a “circus” when you yourself are a clown

  10. So glad he’s not with the Giants anymore. I applaud the Giants for getting rid of problem children when it becomes necessary. Barber, Burress, Shockey, and Jacobs. Have fun *not* getting yards for someone else, Brandon.

  11. nineroutsider says: Aug 16, 2012 12:32 PM

    Jacobs is going to be in beast mode for the 9ers; he looks strong, lean, and powerful. I think he is going to remind Giants fans of the old Jacobs. He is going to be a better pickup than I thought. No more 3rd and short issues for the 9ers.

    No more 3rd and short issues? And all because Jacobs is there?


    You should have been paying attention. Short yardage situations are exactly where he DOESNT excel. Don’t get too excited and arrogant about this guy being on your team. You don’t know his tendencies like we do.

  12. Brandon did some great things for the Giants but as of late short yardage not one of them.

    If the 49ers think he is a 3rd and one guy they are mistaken that role was filled by Bradshaw.

    As a Giants fan I like Jacobs he had a fire in his belly and spoke his mind he did a great job of blocking for Eli and did make some big plays.

    Note to 49ers he has hands like bricks he is not your safety valve when AS is in trouble. He would starve to death if he had to catch his meals.

  13. —StoneCold………you’re an idiot. To speak of the only talent on the team being on the defensive side is either (a) a complete absence of knowledge of the team as a whole or (b) because you just want it to be so. If you were surprised last year by their success with a brand new COLLEGE coach without an offseason to work with them……..imagine how surprised you’ll be when see how they are THIS year. Btw… bes’ check yo’self befo’ yu diss yo’self……Gore/Vernon Davis/ Kendall Hunter….some guy named Moss……Jacobs….Manningham…….and the best full back in the game in Bruce Miller………..ALL are VERY VERY talented.

  14. Only ESPN can give us wall-to-wall coverage of the New York team that did NOT win the Super Bowl last year.

    Did Tebow pee or take a dump last time he went to the bathroom ESPN? I think we’d all like to know.

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