Buzz in Steelers camp that Mike Wallace will sign soon

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Steelers receiver Mike Wallace remains unsigned as the preseason approaches its halfway point, but his teammates think he’ll be with them soon.

Emmanuel Sanders told the Beaver County Times that the guys in the Steelers’ locker room believe they’re going to be practicing with Wallace again soon.

There’s a little buzz around the team that he’ll be coming back pretty soon,” Sanders said. “I don’t know the exact date, but it’s looking pretty good.”

Although the arrival of Wallace might mean fewer passes thrown Sanders’ way, he doesn’t see it like that. Sanders said having Wallace back is going to make Pittsburgh’s passing game better for everyone.

“There’s light at the end of the tunnel . . . for the end of training camp and for Mike coming back,” Sanders said. “The puzzle is starting to come together. It’s going to be a great thing. We all know Mike takes the top off the defense. He stretches the field with his speed. He allows me and Antonio [Brown] to get [open] underneath. We’re excited about having him back. He’s a great asset to our receiver corps, and he’s a great asset to this team.”

And he’s an asset the Steelers will finally get back soon. If the buzz at training camp is right.

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  1. why?

    Wait until week 10, stay healthy, and get a real contract next season.

    The Steelers refuse to pay you more than a BS RFA tender. Why would you want to help them out?

    The only reason I can see doing this, is to show what you can do in a contract year. Heres hoping for your health at the end of the season Mike.

  2. Wont matter if Ben isn’t healthy and continues to play like poo.

    I hope you enjoyed the run Steelers fans because this train is coming to the station and is in need of an overhaul.

  3. About time, man up and get ur payday when ur a free agent. Or he should of demanded to be a trade.
    But that’s good, I always wanna see teams 100% healthy and with their entire roster this time of year, it makes for a better football season.

  4. time’s running out mike. they dont negotiate contracts in the regular season…period….if you want to remain a steeler, get to camp, get a contract and play football. they arent going to compete for you in FA, so it’s now or never in you want to stay in the ‘burgh.

  5. Ha! You wish eagleswoot. Dont worry he’ll be there to tear up Nnamdi like AB and Sanders did last Thursday.

    Anyone ready to admit the Steelers handled this perfectly yet? No? Ok haters.

  6. The Steelers haven’t refused to pay Wallace. They refuse to pay him while he holds out. They offered him a multi year deal around $10M per season before camp. Wallace declined.

  7. He’ll come in after Friday once camp is over – – no reason from his point of view to come in and sleep at St Vincent’s. You can never make that $2.8 million up, and he realizes it. He was a third round pick – – that tender is a lot more money than he’s made to this point.

  8. I really don’t think that we should pay Mike. We should invest that money in our defense. It’s not like we are as young or fast as the Ravens. Mike is good and fast, but can only run one route. Lets make smarter business decisions like Ozzie next time.
    Oh well there is always next year!

  9. Haters hate. How it always goes…Steelers do things the way they always have. Its not gonna change and neither is the fact that the Steelers contend for at least the AFC EVERY year. Eagles fans are just tired of the bitterness that goes with being the other PA team

  10. Camp is over, he has no leverage, he will be back as soon as practice continues on the Southside.
    Not that complicated to figure out people.
    He wanted to skip camp at St Vincents!

  11. truebuffalo says:
    Aug 16, 2012 12:51 PM
    About time, man up and get ur payday when ur a free agent.

    He is a free agent, in fact this technically isn’t a holdout since he hasn’t signed his tender yet. And for everyone complaining about him overplaying his hand, whats he supposed to do? He’s been far more productive than Vincent Jackson in the last 2 years for example and is considerably younger and wants to get paid accordingly. Not his fault that the Steelers placed a tender on him that pays him far less than his market value is.

  12. Regardless of whether I side with Wallace or the Steelers on this issue, I just wanted to say that I think restricted free agency is the most unfair thing to a player in sports with a salary cap.

  13. Here’s why- Wallace is off to an incredible start to his career. His numbers are up there with some of the best WRs of all time. However, there are still holes in his overall game that show up on tape. He also fell off in the second half of last season.

    If he comes in and puts together a complete season where he shows that he’s honed all of his WR skills, he’s in line for a monster contract. Much bigger than what he’d get with his current resume

  14. Unfortunately, Wallace doesn’t help the same aging ad injured defense that let Tebow throw for 316 yards against them.

  15. Funny how they always seem to sign once camp is broken and they don’t have to stay in the dorms

  16. terrellblowens says:
    Aug 16, 2012 1:12 PM
    Regardless of whether I side with Wallace or the Steelers on this issue, I just wanted to say that I think restricted free agency is the most unfair thing to a player in sports with a salary cap.

    Agreed, I wish there was some kind of provision in place that made sure that Wallace is exempt from the franchise tag next season should he sign the 1 year tender similar to what the NBA does. Otherwise, under the current rules, what’s the stop the Steelers from not giving him a long-term deal as punishment for his “antics” and slap him with the franchise tag next year now that they have Antonio Brown signed long term?

  17. doctorfootball: That “aging and injured” defense was the only reason the Steelers even qualified for the playoffs last season…
    Let’s review: The Steelers’ defense was ranked No. 1 in the fewest point allowed. The Steelers’ offense was ranked No. 22 in points scored. Last time I checked, No. 1 was a little better than No. 22…
    As for that debacle in Denver, the Steelers’ offense allowed the Broncos to hang around by producing just two field goals in the first half. Had the offense actually, you know, scored a TD or two, maybe the underdogs lose interest and pack it in…
    The NFL has developed into a scoring league. Roethlisberger never got the memo.

  18. Lol… What good is a deep threat receiver when the offensive line won’t allow been to take more than three step drops?

    Steelers are done.

  19. Yancy Thigpen
    Nate Washington
    Plaxico Buress
    Santonio Holmes

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d love him to stay but if he leaves Pittsburgh that’s what he’ll become. Just another ex Steeler wr turned average.

    They’d rather keep the Hines Ward and Antonio Brown types and it’s worked out for them.

  20. The Steelers did not handle this perfectly. They pissed off their best offensive weapon. he will be G O N E next year. How’s Harrison’s knee you terds?

  21. I love how the whole nation has just blindly listened to Warren Sapp about the age of the Steelers defense. There are really like 4 starters on defense that are over 30 years old. The team has plenty of young talent behind most of the older starters. Ryan clark had one of his best years last season and I would put Troy up against most other safetys in the league. Yes Harrison is looking to be cooked at this point and I don’t expect him back next season. How does everyone see Baltimore Defense as this fountain of youth. Ray lewis is what 50 same for Ed reed when he’s not pulling a Brett Favre and trying to retire. Suggs won’t be a factor this season and the starting LB opposite Suggs left for another team. How are they given the title of best defense in the AFCN when the Steelers are old and done. and as far as last in the division the Bungals havent made the playoffs two years in a row since the 80’s and lets not get started on the clowns.

  22. Brian in New Jersey 24

    Last week on espn the talking heads were asked to comment on a few of the games. The ravens win over Atlanta and the Steelers loss to Philadelphia. Of course the talking head said that it was proof that baltimore is a powerhouse of the NFC North and Pittsburgh is over the hill. The fact that Pittsburgh starters were 13-0 over the Eagles starters and that the ravens were 3 and out on their first 3 possessions of the game and that they left their starters in for 3 additional series against Atlanta’s back ups is not important…..

  23. Steeler haters trolls need a gold medal for the mental gymnastics they pull trying to convince themselves of reasons why the steelers won’t be a good team. They want it so bad they try to force their weak ass irrelevant opinions on everyone else in a pathetic effort to justify their hate. It doesn’t matter what facts or stats you put in front of them…they are so consumed by their hatred they will ignore any and all factual and legitimate arguments.

  24. Steelers handled this perfectly? yes, considering they had no choice because of their salary cap issues. we’ll see how perfect once Wallace pulls a hammy cause he isn’t in game shape. game normally does make the right personnel moved though… i do not think this was a home run however…

  25. The tater and ator agree. Are they relevant? I think not. Neither are the Ratbirds or the Bungles. Browns will rip through the AFC North like a buzzsaw. You heard it hear first.

  26. Please get all the information before wasting everyones time with your misinformed posts. The steelers have said from beginning, come to camp and sign the one year tender. Then they will give him long term money. Have to show up to work to get a raise people!

  27. Yinz…I’ll stop posting it when it stops being true. Maybe you and your little ratbird blowhards should get together and try to come up with some other kind of response to steeler threads than the same old posts involving LAST SEASON

  28. Hilarious how many people think that the Steelers always fail with their handling of players in hold-outs, contracts, and negotiations… yet, the head office manages to have a winning team on the field over and over again. The Steelers management knows that they could never pay every star player their deserved market value. What about Wallace asking himself who he would be as a third round receiver on the Browns or Bengals? The risk is ALL on the team that purchases the contract in the first place. The Steelers usually balance risk/reward better than any team in the league. As another commentor indicated on here, take a look at the players that went to look for their “dream team” that is willing to pay them top dollar. Even consider one of the great linebackers “Joey” and ask him if he’d rather play for the lowly Phins or win championships for less money. Look at his post-Steelers quotes… not much swagger left huh? Because it’s about the system, and the system works. Some players can’t handle the fame and lose sight of the system. Let ’em go, and find someone that believes.

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