Cablevision reaches deal to carry NFL Network


One of the nation’s largest cable providers has agreed to carry the NFL Network and NFL Red Zone.

Cablevision and the NFL Network announced Thursday that they have reached agreement on a multi-year deal to put the two channels on Cablevision systems starting on Friday. The deal means that the NFL Network is now on eight of the nine largest cable providers in the country and it also means that a large chunk of the New York City metro area will be brought into the fold for the first time since the network launched.

“Cablevision is one of the top television providers in the country and will offer New York fans football 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,” said NFL Media COO Brian Rolapp in the statement. “With the 2012 NFL season approaching, Cablevision subscribers will be able to enjoy our expanded 13-game Thursday Night Football schedule, Sunday NFL GameDay shows, NFL Total Access, Emmy award-winning NFL Films programming and much more.  In addition, NFL RedZone features every touchdown from every game on Sunday afternoons.”

It won’t cover all New York football fans. The lone remaining holdout of the top nine companies is Time Warner, which ranks second to Comcast in subscribers and provides cable coverage for much of New York City, including this writer who, like many others in the Apple, lives in a building that doesn’t have access to FIOS or Direct TV. That leaves a rather sizable market still without the NFL’s television properties and there’s no sign of thawing in the frosty relationship between the league and Time Warner.

19 responses to “Cablevision reaches deal to carry NFL Network

  1. Me being from NYC and having Time Warner im PISSED! My neighbourhood only allows Time Warner. No DirectTV or Cablevision. Damnnn youuu Time Warner, sign a deal already!

  2. For those complaing about Time Warner or unable to receive the Sunday Ticket, you do know you can always move?

  3. I’m stoked for this!!! finally, I get to see NFL network on cablevision! and the redzone channel! This is the best thing cablevision has done for their customers in a long time!!!

  4. Pretty sure you can get Sunday Ticket through PS3… That being said, TWC needs to get their act together! We’ve been waiting for NFLN forever here in NC!

  5. I am having AT&T u-verse installed tomorrow. I got disgusted after the Hall of Fame Game and decided to dump time warner. Saved me $50 a month on top of that.

  6. Time Warner is on the S-List here in WNY. Not only did we lose, and not regain, NFL Network, last December, they decided to drop MSG. Almost all of Buffalo lost the ability to watch the Sabres, the Sabres actually stepped in to make sure it was resolved quickly. I have Verizon, and will continue to stick with FIOS, unless something catastrophic happens. You get what you pay for, and the couple extra bucks I pay a month are worth it to watch NFLN and such.

  7. Sunday has been offered through the PS3 for the past 2 years, but, as of yet, no word on either website and, evidently, calls made to customer service get the same answer – “we don’t have any information yet.” With DirectTVs financial position, I would be shocked if they don’t try to get some cash out of the PS3 audience – I prey that they do!!

  8. For any real NFL fan, the cost of Sunday Ticket is well worth it.

    Think about it. The cost of going to one game at a stadium when you add up Gas, Parking, Food, and the tickets for the seats is going to be 100$ at the least.

    For just a little more you can watch every game all season that is not blacked out.

    Worth it for me. Only reason I keep DirecTV.

  9. As a commercial Directv dealer and installer, we can wire any building for its residents to have the option of DTV. Just pressure your buildings management.

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