Giants search for defensive tackle help leads to Marcus Thomas


The Giants are stacked at defensive end.  At defensive tackle, they have concerns.

With Shaun Rogers out for the year with a blood clot in his leg and Chris Canty falling under the “other” category of the depth chart with a lingering knee problem and Marvin Austin dealing with back issues, the Giants need help.  Beyond signing Carlton Powell and Oren Wilson, they’ll take a look on Thursday at veteran defensive tackle Marcus Thomas, according to Josina Anderson of ESPN (via Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger).

Thomas slid to the fourth round in 2007 due to off-field issues at Florida.  He started 34 games in five seasons and 11 in 2011 with the Broncos.

If the Giants don’t get the defensive tackle position under control, their ability to put heat on opposing quarterbacks via Justin Tuck, Jason Pierre-Paul, Mathias Kiwanuka, and Osi Umenyiora won’t matter.  The teams they play will just run pound the ball into the middle of the line.

12 responses to “Giants search for defensive tackle help leads to Marcus Thomas

  1. Helu, Royster and Hightower will PLOW over the Giants D-Line and open up the Playaction for RGIII can throw darts all over the field to Garcon, Freddy D and Santana en route to an easy Redskin sweep over the Giants brother!

  2. Hogan be talking trash about the Redskins beating the Gmen. The Giants are gonna Layeth The Smacketh Down on the Skins. Wat U gonna Do when Eli Manning, Hakeem Nicks, and Victor Cruz Run Wild on YOU!!!!!!! Brother!!!!!! Oooooooh Yyyyyeeeeeeeah!!!!!

  3. Big Giants fan, but this DT situation bothers me a lot. They are already weak when teams run to Osi’s side of the line, and without a solid run stopper inside of him, it could spell trouble. With that being said, they were pretty horrible against the run on D & running the ball on O; yet another example of the diminished importance of the ground game in today’s NFL (unless you ask Rex Ryan; he still thinks “ground & pound” is an offensive style). While they aren’t exactly stocked at DT after the Rogers injury, let’s be real here; he wasn’t brought in here to anchor the line & would’ve been lucky to see 40% of the total defensive plays. Rogers was way past his prime & was here for depth & depth only. Keep an eye on Linval Joseph, the Giants’ 2nd round pick in 2010, he could be primed for a big year this year & he better start to justify him over Sean Lee. Another guy to keep an eye on is Marvin Austin. Austin was a first round pick before he had to sit out his senior year at UNC due to all the impermissible benefit scandals that hit them. He was injured last year, so he’s coming off not playing at all over 2 full seasons, but the ceiling on him is through the roof. So long as his back injury isn’t serious & is just this bed whining we are all hearing about, he could step in to be the opening game DT2 next to Joseph. I also expect Canty to come off the PUP list before the deadline & be ready week 1. He may not be at top speed & form, but Joseph & Austin can fill the spots while Canty heals fully, playing as a reserve the first few weeks. Joseph, Austin & Canty is a fine rotation, with another body picking up the slack for Canty while he takes on a reserve role to heal. Another idea here which I can see happening here is Tuck sliding down to DT on certain downs & in run situations with Kiwi lining up at DE & one of the numerous young, talented LBs sliding in Kiwi’s WLB spot. The Giants D-line was impenetrable during their 2007 playoff run with Tuck playing DT (although Kiwi certainly isn’t Strahan, he’s a damn good DE, especially against the run).

    As for this clown “hulkhogansays”, he needs to wake up. Hightower is an average back at best & is the 3rd best back on the Skins, behind Roy Helu & Evan Royster. Also, don’t put all your eggs in RG3’s basket just yet. I’m not sold on him at all & if you think he’s Cam Newton 2.0, you’re going to be quite upset this year; RG3 can’t hold Newton’s jock strap. Newton was a highly rated, high projected QB since he came out of HS. Newton only came onto the scene his last year because he was buried behind Tebow at Florida & was forced to go to a FCS school to get playing time before landing at Auburn. RG3, on the other hand, had 1 great year, basically out of nowhere unless you’re from Texas, ran a spread offense, non-conducive to the NFL, and NEVER called plays out of a huddle nor did he have high-level pre & post snap reads. Furthermore, he’s not even 1/4 the athlete Cam Newton is; he has his speed, but not his body, arm & intelligence. The media, especially ESPN, loves African American QBs. It’s not a racist comment I am making, but for some reason they fall all over them. It started with Vick, went to Leftwich, then to Newton, now to RG3. I truly believe it is all about the athleticism they bring to the position instead of the cookie-cutter, drop back & throw, white QBs; all of this aforementioned players are fun to watch. Nevertheless, RG3 will not live up to the hype. He may be a serviceable QB, but he will not be a top level, elite QB. This is Eli Manning’s division & it will remain that way until he voluntarily walks off the field & hangs up his cleats.

  4. The Redskins have the most delusional fans in the league. No offensive line + rookie quarterback = 4th place in the NFC East. I guess you haven’t heard what every NFL analyst is saying about the Redskins.

  5. Hey, if the skins beat us twice and we win another superbowl, like last season. That’s ok with me!!

  6. At this point every season all we hear about is how the giants are lacking depth at some position, just gotta wait and see who steps up.

  7. Unfortunately, you guys are probably right. Sometimes RGIII’s good looks get the best of me and I get overly optimistic. My ‘Skins are probably looking at another long season. Well, the bandwagon was fun while it lasted brother !

  8. as long as he doesn’t ruin GMen team play. We don’t need anyone who’s going to be divisive. We win bc they band together as one, even when playing against other teams with more “stars”.

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