Jimmy Graham isn’t thinking about “breaking the bank,” yet


With Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski cashing in after only two NFL seasons, many assume that Saints tight end Jimmy Graham will be next.

Graham isn’t among the many.

“I’m already breaking the bank I think,” Graham told the media on Thursday, via comments transcribed and distributed by the team.  “I don’t even think about those aspects of it right now.  We have such a big season and we have so many hurdles to get over until that really comes in the picture.  I know if I handle and I take care of the things I need to on the field that this organization will take care of me.”

On one hand, it’s refreshing.  On the other hand, it’s a little naïve.  Under contract for two more seasons, the team won’t take care of him if he suffers a serious injury or if for some reason he loses his fastball.

And even if he gets through the next two seasons unscathed, Graham may be slapped with the tight end level of the franchise tag, possibly prompting a fight over whether he should be regarded as a receiver.

Even then, he may have to take a stand before getting paid what he objectively deserves.

Our views in this regard flow directly from the things quarterback Drew Brees had to do in order to receive a contract from the Saints that reflects his value. Brees had to finish his six-year deal, and then he had to stay away from the entire offseason program.

Of course, the fact that Brees pushed for the biggest piece of cap pie he could get will make it harder for guys like Graham to do the same.  Regardless, Graham won’t get anything close to his value if he’s going to take the position that he’s perfectly happy with the slotted third-round deal he received in 2010.

And if Brees ever suggests to Graham that he should take less than full value in order to help the Saints field a competitive team, Graham should dunk him over the goalpost.

21 responses to “Jimmy Graham isn’t thinking about “breaking the bank,” yet

  1. I’d welcome him on the Redskins over Fred Davis. Maybe some kind of trade can take place down the road.

  2. Smart. He should’t. Great player with a lot of potential, but before last year almost no one knew his name. He probably hasn’t made much money in the NFL anyway.

  3. This just shows that Jimmy is a truly humble man with a selfless attitude and a true appreciation for the opportunities he has been given. Ever since I heard his story I have respected him so much, but this just takes it to another level. The rest of the players in the NFL could learn a lot from him. Good on you, Jimmy.

  4. This kids a class act and humble as well his payday will come without the drama of holding out and it will be well deserved.

  5. I respect the hell out of any player who just goes out and plays. A lot of other players should follow his example instead of pissing and moaning all the time about the contract they signed

  6. Jimmy needs to get his money while he can. Most of us will make 2 to 3 million over our working lives. Then we retire. NFL players will make that in 5 years or less, but they will live as if they have 30 years of that income level. If he gives up 2 years of income, due to being humble, we may read about a bitter Jimmy in lawsuits or arrest reports after his career. However, throwing millions at him now could be just as bad. Too bad the NFL/NFLPA can’t work out a differed salary program, that would a significantly lower their taxes, and protect them from their money in the early years oh their career.

  7. What does humility have to do with getting what you’ve earned. Its not like he is a one year wonder. He is very naive to think like this. NOT FOR LONG is what the NFL stands for. He needs to get paid while he can. As far as I know he’s had issues with concussions.

  8. How can you call the kid naïve? After the childhood he had, he is obviously just truly grateful for everything that he has. He will take whatever deal they give him, even it’s less than what he is “obviously worth” as Florio said. Because he realizes that even if he made what he is making now for the rest of his career, he and his family would live very comfortably. Forget Tebow, Jimmy Graham is who kids should really look up to.

  9. Jimmy Graham is a good man he knows he will be taking care of people’s like to start mess to make players lose focus. But Jimmy Graham if Mickey Loomis call you the office to talk contract business go in and here what they got to offer. This will save you a lot of problems farther down the road because Mickey Loomis knows all about each player and yes he will take care of Jimmy Graham. I didn’t understand why Drew Brees was worried when you know the Saints staff he just missed a lot of practice if Mr. Tom Benson says he’s going to do it trust him this man is full of money.

  10. Maybe money isn’t everything to him. He sounds like he has a good head on his shoulders. With what he’s making now, if he doesn’t live a lavish lifestyle, and actually does right with his money. He should be set for a very long time.

  11. And yes, thEy are the same person …… Hulk hogan , the rock , and stone cold… He changes his screen name …
    Some idiots on here actually thought a bunch of pro wrestlers were on here making comments…. Baffoon!

  12. He’s only finished 2 yrs of a 4 yr rookie deal. How many of those deals get extended that early besides gronk?

    I know the saints extended colston who was a 7th rounder on a 3yr deal after the 2nd with a bridge contract because he had 2 great years of outperforming the contract.

    If Graham has his 2nd great year he’ll get extended.

    Its better to keep the incentive out there when only half the contract is complete.

    I’m sure the saints have accounted for him in their future plans as they are a smart fiscal organization rarely tied down by bad contracts. I cant think of 1 bad contract with the team right now.
    Last bad one was charles grant but he washed out right after he signed the big one.

  13. When it’s time for Graham to get paid I believe that saints will be able to afford it. If they wait two years before they give him a new contract I believe a few of the players that have large salaries currently will either be retired or no longer with the team. Those players: Will Smith, John Vilma, Pierre Thomas, Bushrod, Colston. They might not all be gone but I’m sure most will. Also Brees will also adjust his contract to keep a player like Graham. No disrespect to the above the players. I love my team and once a Saint always a Saint. But I believe we will have no problem keeping Graham.

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