John Elway says Peyton Manning is the same passer as always

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When John Elway signed Peyton Manning to a five-year, $96 million contract with the Broncos, he was expecting the same Peyton Manning who played 13 seasons with the Colts. And after seeing Manning up close in training camp, Elway says that’s exactly what he got.

“He’s throwing the post route and everything well,” Elway told USA Today. “I went back and looked at film from 2010 and 2009 to get a comparison of Peyton, and he looks to me to be the same guy throwing now that he was then. The ball is coming out quicker all the time the more and more time he gets with the offense and getting to know all his receivers and tight ends. . . . That’s always been his style. He’s never been the Nolan Ryan of quarterbacks anyway. He’s always throwns the ball with great anticipation and touch.”

USA Today‘s headline on the story is, “Elway says Broncos’ Manning throwing ball better than ever,” but that claim isn’t supported by Elway’s comments in the story: Elway says Manning is the same as he was with the Colts, not better than he was with the Colts. Still, if Elway believes Manning is throwing the ball just as well now as he did prior to his neck surgeries, that would mean that Elway has signed one of the best passers in the NFL. And Elway thinks Manning remains a quarterback who can win a Super Bowl.

“Looking at the end run, winning the Super Bowl is our goal. Our owner, Pat Bowlen, wants to be competitive and win Super Bowls,” Elway said. “We’re a lot closer now than we were. I feel like with Peyton, as well as the supporting cast here, we can go out and compete for one, and that’s all you can hope for.”

Manning himself says that his arm isn’t the same at age 36 as it was at age 22, but Elway apparently doesn’t see any decline. If Elway is right, he may have brought another Super Bowl to Denver when he signed Manning.

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  1. As long as he’s healthy, I would expect to see something closer to 2009 Manning rather than 2010, when he clearly was bothered by the neck, looking back. He may not throw deep much at all but Manning hasn’t really thrown deep well since like 2007.

  2. Why is it that the more he has to help quell the fear of Peyton being the same Peyton he was in 2010 and 2009 the more it sounds like he believes he might’ve jumped the gun a little bit. He will have issues after surgeries like that…as minor as they are, it’s not going to be like it was before the surgery. It’s just plain fact.

  3. And in other news, John Elway continues to show that he is nothing but a gigantic windbag whose opinion of himself and anything he does will always be higher than anybody else’s.

  4. It’s hard to argue with a two time Super Bowl winning, Hall of Fame QB when he talks about another QB’s ability. People love to bash Peyton, but I can bet that most of the people that bash him, have had their team destroyed by him. I have a feeling Denver is in for a good year. Maybe not the Super Bowl this year, but a solid run at it.

  5. The thin air in Denver has all of that franchise in such denial. I forsee Peyton ending his career in Marino like fashion, playoff team but nowhere close to Superbowl championship or appearance and that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold said so!

  6. Yes, because peyton single handedly “destroys” teams. My god can’t we leave the speculation to amateurs and wait for the games that count to judge Manning…

  7. I would really love to see 3-5 mins of video of these two stood 10yds apart, passing the ball back and forth, while chatting about offensive strategies. Sure, its a simple thing, but that would be pretty special thing to witness.

  8. Neck, arm, it really doesn’t matter. Manning, even at 100%, isn’t a miracle worker. The supporting cast is not there for him with this team. This is not a team that was close last year and needs Manning to put it over the top. This is a team that was 4-12 in 2010 and started 1-4 last year. Say what you want about Tebow, but it was him and the read option offense that gave this team a jolt and got it to 8-8.

    This team has not gotten getter either. Games are won and lost in the trenches, and this team has the worst O and D lines in the division. The lines keep getting worse by the munite too. Chris Kuper was just lost for the first quarter of the season, and Jason Hunter is gone for the year. The defense is vastly overrated to. Did the D improve from the year before? Sure it did. It went from rock bottom #32 in 2010 to #20 in 2011. Dennis Allen did a hell of a job last year, but it’s hardly a shut down unit. The D has gotten worse with the injuries suspensions to boot.

    This is not going to go well for Denver. 6-10 or 7-9 looks about right.

  9. Who cares what John Elway says the guy is 38 and is recovering from a serious neck injury good luck getting to the super bowl with that.

  10. Elway is either seeing what he wants to see, or saying all that simply to justify the 96 milion. There is absolutely no way a 38 year old coming off of four neck surgeries and sitting out all last season can look the same as he did 10 years ago.

    Having said that, Manning won’t have to throw for 400 yards each game for the Broncos to win. They just need a game manager. Manning and the Broncos should do very well this season.

  11. I hope he felt that way BEFORE paying him $90 million dollars (insert doctor Evil voice)

  12. I wonder what team in the AFC west will be his New England Patriots? I mean it took the colts a looooongggg time to finally get the best of the Patriots and that was only when their Defense was horrible and the colts defense made a few more plays…

    I’m thinking it’ll be the Chiefs…I think their pass rushers will get to Peyton.. He’s a great QB.. Probably the best one around. He definitely has more pieces in Denver with that defense and running game then he had as a colt.. Maybe that will lead to great things… Or maybe the team will fall apart. Last year the defense knew that they had to win games.. Now they may feel a few mistakes are ok because they have Manning… We’ll see… I’d like him to get another one… but at 36… its tough

  13. What supporting cast? They are going to win the super bowl with Manning and Decker? Good luck

  14. USA Today‘s headline on the story is, “Elway says Broncos’ Manning throwing ball better than ever,”

    Ah, journalistic integrity…any oxymoron if there ever was one!

  15. thomas,decker,stokley,tamme and a decent stable of rb’s should give manning a fairley potent offense.
    and if the defense that kept the broncos in all Tebow’s “miracle” wins……..
    i think the broncos should make the playoffs even with the leagues 2nd toughest schedule.
    the afcw is going to be pretty competitive this year but i see the broncos squeking out another afcw title and a playoff win or 2

  16. P.S. Elway has done more to repair the damage that McDaniels inflicted on that poor team than most realize.
    the coaching changes and addition of a great QB alone should get them to a 10 win season.
    i can see the broncos getting to the superbowl in the next 3 years

  17. “They still do not have the firepower to go toe to toe with Pats.”
    Yeah, but the Saints do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Yes he is except for the fact that he’s a broken neck, nerve damaged, old, greedy con artist who knew his days were done last year.

  19. First, Manning is 36, not 38 but don’t let facts get in the way. Tom Brady is 1 year younger. He missed an entire season with a devastating knee injury. He has subsequently gone to the Super Bowl. John Elway himself won 2 super bowls at age 37 and 38. I’m not at all predicting SB, but come on. Fans of mostly every team in the league would be ecstatic to get Manning, but if he’s not on your team you rip him and say he’s washed up like yr some kind of genius future predictor. Guess what? You’re not.

    And there goes villa again…”Dennis Allen did a hell of a job last year.” Yeah, dude, it was all him. You wouldn’t be saying that if he wasn’t the coach of yr beloved Faders. Give it a rest. I simply cannot wait until week 4. Broncos 38, Faders 6. Yeah, I’d say that sounds about right.

  20. of course elway is suppose to say this, he ponied up 95 millie for him, and he doesnt want to fall flat on his face with this signing after they kicked tebow to the curb like they did, they will regret doing tebow like that, he might not be the best passer, but he brings a different element to the game, and peyton isnt the same as we are used to, good luck broncos fans, u will need it this year!!

  21. what else is he gonna say? I gave this guy a 100 million but he’s half the player he used to be?
    wins and losses will tell us if he’s the same player not Elway

  22. Blah blah blah lets just wait until the regular season & we will all find out whether he is or he isn’t these topics are thing same things just worded differently each time. Let’s all talk about this after week 1

  23. mjkelly77 says:
    Aug 16, 2012 3:59 PM
    Yes he is except for the fact that he’s a broken neck, nerve damaged, old, greedy con artist who knew his days were done last year.

    Moron. Neck surgery does NOT equal “broken neck”.

    Moron. Go back to the basement.


  24. maybe elways horse teeth is in the way of his vision, i watched the preseason game the other day with the bears, and everybody is sayn payton looked good, but not so much, hes played 13 years, and one year away is not gonna make him lose his ability to play, tht neck injury is bigger that elway thought, ive seen peyton play all 13 years in indy, and thats not the peyton the colts seen

  25. yes john elway you were able to sign a 38 year old quarterback nammed peyton manning, WE GET IT!!! now shutup and lets see him win first tho

  26. Elway and company: enjoy the last month or so of talking about how great Manning looks.

    We’ll all know the truth soon enough!

  27. Peyton will be Top 5 QB this year. Watch the preseason game and you can see he has the team around him. O-line is legit. Good rb and wr’s and an up and coming defense. THE name to look out for


  28. If Elway can’t get at least 1 superbowl ring with Peyton Manning leading his Offense, then he has no right to be sitting in the GM position. Basically, all Elway is responsible for is to put decent players around Manning, not great players, decent. Peyton doesn’t need Elite players around him to win, he just needs players that know their playbooks. As for the Defense, It pretty much is already where it needs to be. The Broncos D is pretty good. So again, If Elway can’t get it done with the team he has sitting before him, then he will never do it. Either this season or the next, John Elway should have one or more rings to add to his collection, If not… then retire, for good.

  29. When this house of cards (supported by 18 million smackeroos leaning on neck that’s been operated on 4 times) comes crashing down, I’d bet my life that it lands on Elways head..

    He’d be wise to smile and keep drinking the kool-aid while it lasts.

    #18isDONE.. GO COLTS!!!!

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