Marcedes Lewis wants to forget everything about 2011

Getty Images

Things couldn’t have gone much worse for Marcedes Lewis last year.

So a case of amnesia is good news.

I don’t remember last year,’’ Lewis told Vito Stellino of the Florida Times-Union.

There were on- and off-field problems for the Jaguars tight end, from the fact his team had the worst passing offense in the league to a custody battle for his daughter.

“I’m in a much better place right now. I’m good to go,’’ Lewis said.

If he can rebound, the Jaguars have a chance to as well. In 2010, he earned a trip to the Pro Bowl and a fat, new contract with 58 catches and 10 touchdowns. And after a coaching change, he has a chance to replicate some of those old numbers.

Jags coach Mike Mularkey played tight end, and has always drawn offenses friendly to them. Along with new offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski, there seems to be a conscious effort to make Lewis more of an option for quarterback Blaine Gabbert. They didn’t get as far as the red zone much in 2011, but they think Lewis can be a weapon there this season.

“When you’re not there enough, nobody is going to get a lot of touches,’’ Bratkowski said. “And I saw he had a couple of drops. That will happen occasionally. You hope it doesn’t happen very often.

“But last year was last year and this is this year. We do plan on keeping him really involved in that area of the field.’’

Taking away the off-field distractions can’t hurt either, but with a receiving corps that’s very much a question, there should be plenty of chances for Lewis to make new memories.