Matt Ryan gets plenty of work before exiting


It didn’t take long to figure out the Falcons’ plan for Thursday night’s game against the Bengals.

They wanted to see their first team offense throw the ball and then they wanted to see them throw the ball some more. Atlanta called 23 passes against just four runs while Matt Ryan and the rest of the starters were in the game and we’re guessing the coaches liked what they saw.

Ryan completed 18-of-21 passes — he scrambled once and Terence Newman was flagged for pass interference on the other called pass — for 174 yards and a touchdown. The first 11 of those completions came in a row as the Falcons moved the ball fairly easily through the air. Julio Jones, Tony Gonzalez and Roddy White all had big gainers against a Bengals defense that showed they were playing at well less than full strength after all of the injuries in the first preseason game.

Jones, in particular, had a strong performance and he looks like he’s on his way living up to the voluminous hype that’s accompanied him since the Falcons traded up to get him in last year’s draft. He’s got every skill you could want in a receiver and the presence of the two older targets means that defenses are going to be picking their poison against the Falcons this year.

19 responses to “Matt Ryan gets plenty of work before exiting

  1. I’ve been the first to say Atlanta has been overrated the last few seasons, but Ryan and the rest of the first team looked sharp.

  2. If this were a healthy Bengals D, I’d feel better about this. I don’t take it lightly though, since J.J. did go 100 and a TD against the Ravens last week…

  3. Could it be that Dirk Koetter wasnt the problem in Jacksonville and Murlarky was the problem in Atlanta? If that’s true then the Jaguars got seriously hosed….

  4. Falcants are a joke….second tier team…Saints rule…fact….

    Falcants will always be ringless in ATL…

    Who dat, we dat, two dat….Saints win it all this year..Falcants watch us from their couch….

  5. My buddy text me halfway thru the game to say that the falcons officially are a passing team and I agree! I really like what I am seeing so far even if it’s only preseason. Another thing is Ryan will be a GREAT mid round pick for fantasy this year

  6. Relax folks. It’s just the preseason. It’s about conditioning guys’ minds and bodies on the fundamentals and whittling the roster down to 53.

    While the Falcs first team O looks good, no Defensive coordinator is gonna go out there and display his blitz schemes and complex coverages, most of which many of the defenders don’t even know yet.

    So its no shocker that a group thats been toghether for a while like the falcons (jj excluded ofcourse) is looking sharp against base defensive calls.

    You’d judge them for NOT looking sharp.

    Please dont make the rookie fantasy mistake of drafting Matty ice just based on his preseason performance. Sadly too many of us have been down that deadend.

  7. I sort of feel bad for the Falcons. They try their best to get better every year, and sometimes, they succeed.

    But, Drew Brees + Jimmy Graham + Darren Sproles will crush these guys every time.

    It’s kinda like years ago when the Saints had Bobby Hebert and Co. competing against Joe Montana and Jerry Rice on the 49ers. You gotta give them credit for trying, but it’s just not gonna happen.

  8. Falcons want to be a passing team obviously, they will have some success…Matt Ryan needs to learn how to manipulate safeties by moving his head at all angles, instead of looking dead at Julio Jones, Roddy and Tony G…more interceptions will happen if he doesn’t change that bad habit he has.

  9. Check Down Charlie leading the Falcons… I have never seen so many screen name passes and dump offs in on half of football my entire life… what a scam the Ryan guy is…

  10. Well, I am someone who is critical of Matt Ryan because he doesn’t throw the deep ball as much as I think he should. And I also saw the offense as too predictable last year. In short, I saw Matt Ryan is someone with good completion percentages, but they yardage was small.

    It was the same way in the beginning stages of yesterday (I think he started off with 7 completed passes for about 37 yards or so.) It had me groaning that it’s the same old Ryan.

    But then, I saw something that really made me feel good about the season. I saw three passes to Julio Jones that turned my whole expectation around. The first pass was when Jones was double-covered and Ryan threw that pass into Julio. It bobbled around, but Jones made the play. The second one was that long bomb to Julio that was laid perfectly, but Julio couldn’t get there. I was shocked! And the last one was that long pass he threw to Julio that set up the touchdown. Yes!

    Those passes showed me that Ryan is learning to trust his playmakers. He got some strong weapons in Gonzalez, Roddy White, Julio Jones and Harry Douglas. Trust them. And Julio Jones looks like a hard days’ work! I’m really excited about his year! Feed him!

    Oh, and here’s something else that made me really excited. I saw a screen pass to Michael Turner! I was like “What was that?! A pass to the Bowling Ball?!”

    Uh, can I just say that this new offensive coordinator made me smile?

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