Packers starting offense leaves after up and down quarter


Given the amount of injuries already impacting their roster, the Packers would probably be happy with any result from Thursday night’s game against the Browns as long as it doesn’t include any more players in need of medical attention.

From that standpoint, the work done by the team’s starting offense was flawless. No new additions were made to the injury report and the offense was done after just a quarter of work that included three possessions. The coaches will find things to like and dislike from their performance.

In the positive column is Aaron Rodgers’ 20-yard touchdown pass to Jordy Nelson, a nifty strike by Rodgers that Nelson came down with after beating Browns corner Joe Haden to the ball. Rodgers completed 6-of-11 passes overall and ran twice for 24 yards, although those runs lead us to the less positive news for Green Bay.

Running back Alex Green’s bid for a boost in playing time took a blow when he blew a pass blocking assignment that forced Rodgers into one scramble. Randall Cobb’s bid for playing time at receiver will be hurt by his inability to protect the ball after a catch, something he paid for when Sheldon Brown knocked the ball loose, and Donald Driver failed to get separation from his defender on a fourth down play that wound up falling incomplete.

In total, though, we’re guessing the lack of injuries was the most important thing for the Pack offense on Thursday night. If they can get healthy, we’ll see more from the first team next week, but, for now, Green Bay was showing the bare minimum before closing up shop for the night.