Peyton Manning looking forward to end of questions about getting hit

Getty Images

There are two big questions swirling around Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning right now.

The first has to do with the quality of his arm. John Elway gave his opinion on that, saying that he felt Manning’s arm is as good as it was with the Colts. Manning was asked about Elway’s assessment during a session with the media on Thursday and gave a diplomatic answer that intimated he didn’t quite agree but that he wasn’t prepared to publicly say one of his bosses was wrong.

The other big question is about what will happen when he takes a hit from a defender. That one has come up a lot and Manning doesn’t have as easy an answer on that one because he doesn’t actually know the answer. He does know what he hopes happens and that extends beyond his physical reaction to the hit.

“It’s not hanging over me. It seems to be a hot topic. I had a lady the other day say, ‘Everybody just can’t wait to see you get hit.’ Thank you,” Manning said. “I have played football for a long time and when it happens I plan on getting up and hopefully completing the pass on the next play and moving the chains and, at some point, hopefully y’all can stop asking me that question.”

Denver is in the strange position of not wanting as much as needing to see Manning take a big hit just so that they know he can take one without falling to pieces. If he can, then you’ve got it over with and there’s no reason to hold your breath any more than you do with other quarterbacks. And if he can’t, well, you might as well find that out as soon as possible.