Preseason injuries make 18-and-2 split more reasonable


I’m opposed to an 18-game regular season.  But I’m also opposed to a four-game preseason.

Actually, I’m opposed to a two-game preseason.  Or a one-game preseason.

But there will always be at least some preseason.  And after the injuries that happened during Week One of the 2012 preseason (including a lacerated spleen suffered by Cowboys tight end Jason Witten), it’s hard not to wonder whether it makes sense to cut the preseason in half and expand the regular season by two games.

For more on the topic, here’s a bonus edition of PFT (Not Quite) Live that was slapped together in advance of the August 20 return of the full-blown show.

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29 responses to “Preseason injuries make 18-and-2 split more reasonable

  1. Guys are going to get hurt no matter what kind of game it is. Why is it better for a guy to get hurt in the first regular season game rather than in a preseason game? If you’re injured in a preseason game and it’s a minor injury, at least the game didn’t count and you have some time to recover for the regular season. If you’re out for the season, what difference does it make when it happened? Guys play less in the preseason, so they’re also less likely to get hurt in a preseason game.

  2. It was always reasonable. Pea brained fans and players. God forbid that things should change. Next thing they’ll be giving women the vote or abolishing slavery.

  3. I don’t care what they do with the preseason, but keep the regular season at 16 games. I prefer the season not start before Labor day, and early February is almost too late for the Super Bowl.

  4. MLB: 162 Games
    NBA/NHL: 82 games
    EPL: 38 games

    NFL: Only 16 games. only 16 games.

    And people are asking for only 2 more, complaints, complaints, complaints…

  5. Since the guy in your picture was lost for the season on his third play, not third week, your fix would make no difference.

  6. I actually don’t mind pre season, especially now that padded practices have been so dramatically reduced. For the most part it is just a chance for guys to fight it out for the last 10 or so roster spots and show what they can actually do in game situations. Sure injuries suck but they happen in practice, lifting weights, in games, in pre season games, etc .

  7. My USAF server won’t let me stream videos. So I don’t know if this was covered.

    My personal thought…One game could save a career as much as it can end one.

    I think that with the expansion to 90 roster spots in the preseason, without expanding the 53-man roster, puts a need for preseason. These are guys trying to make a team for their living and future paychecks. Maybe coaches could cut back on playing starters. Get rid of the 12-20 plays for starters. But I think it would be a shame for some of these players to get cut without having a chance at proving their worth in game situations.

    Also, I think that the play of week one football is by far superior when compared to a college team’s first game. From what I’ve seen, there’s a lot less miscues. I know the NFL has better quality football, however there’s a reason solid college teams lose in the first couple weeks to clearly subpar FBS or even FCS teams. And I believe one of them is not having a college preseason to get in the groove of things before Week 1.

  8. You’d have to be a damn idiot to not want more games that count and less games that don’t!!! Give me the 18-2 schedule Mr Goodell!!! Ale it happen ASAP!!!

  9. Or, you know, you could have 2 preseason games and only 16 regular season games…

    18 regular season games will not help injuries, not at all.

  10. Paying the same price for preseason and regular season tickets is awesome, though.

  11. Not in favor of an 18 game season. Goodell previously made the claim that “the fans want it.” Actually, some fans want it but most like it the way it is.

  12. Have a 3 game preseason. Add 1 real game and an additional bye week. Players get 1 additional game off. NFL adds 2 weeks to the schedule. Everybody’s happy.

  13. If you could extend the season somehow, give players more bye weeks, we could have football over a longer period of the year and players could play the game they love even more. I’m fine with the way it is though, whatever happens, happens.

  14. It’s football…it doesn’t matter how much or how little. A player can get injured by taking a hit or sneezing too hard (it happened). It’s a game that is hard on the body and that will not change no matter how much you try and fiddle with the schedule or the ratio of Preseason to regular season. It’s fine the way it is.

  15. 17 and 3 always made the most sense to me, with the extra regular season game being a neutral site, either abroad or otherwise. Throw in an extra bye week and you have 22 weeks of preseason and reg. season football. Perfect.

  16. Most starters probably play the equivalent of 1 full game in the preseason. If you add to regular season games they will be playing 2 full games, and still probably at least two thirds of a preseason game. How does that reduce the risk of injury? Not only that, but how are teams supposed to evaluate young guys when you take away the opportunity to see them in full contact game situations? Teams don’t go normally go full contact in practice anymore, so you aren’t going to be able to completely evaluate certain positions there.

  17. I would think that most veteran players would like an 18 game season with two preseason games.

    After all, aren’t most salaries guaranteed on the first day of the regular season? Better to be guaranteed after two games into the season rather than after five..

  18. Aren’t most salaries guaranteed on the first day of the regular season…Why wouldn’t an NFL veteran want his salary guaranteed after two games…rather than four?

  19. Aren’t most salaries guaranteed on the first day of the regular season…Why wouldn’t an NFL veteran want his salary guaranteed after two games…rather than four?

  20. If the NFL didn’t charge season ticket holders for the meaningless games I would have no problem with a preseason.

  21. I think people are looking at this from a fan’s perspective…Only problem is..Fan’s don’t vote.

    The voting parties…

    Owners want to maximize revenues..and
    One would think that current NFL players would like to minimize the time rookies and undrafted free agents have to make an impression on the field..and cost them a job.

    Personally…as a fan…I like the 4 and 16 to give those rookies and undrafted free agents a chance…but I don’t get a vote.

  22. discosucs2005 says: Aug 16, 2012 7:22 PM

    If the NFL didn’t charge season ticket holders for the meaningless games I would have no problem with a preseason.

    amen, the ticket prices are ridiculous, especially in light of the increased roster sizes. Its hard to believe but the quality of the football is declining in these games, they’re unwatchable after the first half or so. The second half is predominantly future bouncers and beer men.

  23. @draftdaze,

    I have been saying the same thing all along. A 19 week season = more tv revenue too. This could move the super bowl to President’s day, which is a 3 day weekend for many of us.

  24. For the dolts that “think” they’re on the players side at keeping the season at 16 games.

    If the owners offer more money and expanded rosters to go to 18 & 2, watch how fast it becomes a non-issue.

    It is clearly about money on both sides, so stop acting like you’re taking the moral high ground here to protect the players.

  25. who’s gonna pay the players the extra money for the two extra regular season games? or are they all just going to agree to play them for free?

  26. I’m against an 18 game season. Starters generally play about 17 of the scheduled 20 games already (1 qtr or less the first game, 1 qtr the second game, a half the third game and not at all in the last).

    For an 18 game season the owners have to give to get. If I am the players I am asking for 80% guaranteed contracts. You want me to honor my contract when you at no time have to hold up the same standard? That no longer works and never has really. Secondly, I am asking for 15 years medical care after retirement. This isn’t lifetime, but it will help considerably for players whose health is in drastic decline after retirement due to the punishment impacted on them during their careers.

  27. Finally.. stop the 4 game preseason.. it’s ridiculous…

    Hey.. I’m all for a 16-2 but NO ONE, not the owners are players are going to go for that because of $$$$$.

    So, go 18-2 and allow more players to be on the roster and live with it. That’s the only acceptable solution.

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