Rams won’t say whether they’re taking advantage of new blackout rule

So far, four teams (Bucs, Raiders, Dolphins, Vikings) have embraced the changes to the blackout rule, which allow teams to televise home games locally by selling as few as 85 percent of all non-premium tickets.  Several other teams potentially falling within the blackout red zone have said they won’t be reducing their sales targets, including the Chargers, Bengals, Jaguars, and Colts.

The Rams are one of the few remaining teams that have had trouble moving tickets.  Contacted by PFT for their position on the new blackout rule, the Rams said they won’t be saying what they’ll be doing.

So either they are or they aren’t.  Our guess is that they are, primarily because we believe that the Rams over the past few seasons have quietly being buying up unsold tickets (directly or with the help of sponsors) to ensure that home games would be televised.

It’s unclear whether the Rams will be able to keep their secret, if they indeed have embraced a reduced sales minimum.  The league undoubtedly is aware of the decision, and all it takes is one person at 345 Park Avenue to blab.