Ravens NT Ma’ake Kemoeatu comes to camp 78 pounds lighter


It seemed like a courtesy move, when the Ravens signed Ma’ake Kemoeatu in May.

After all, their former nose tackle was 33 years old, a year removed from competitive football and was trying to run on a surgically repaired Achilles tendon.

Oh yeah, and when he first worked out for them last fall, he weighed 415 pounds.

Since then, Keomoeatu has lost 78 pounds, and remade himself into the kind of player who left Baltimore in free agency for Carolina seven years ago.

“Kemo is pushing for a starting job,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh said, via Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun. “He’s in great shape, and he’s playing extremely well.”

After being cut by the Redskins, the big man struggled through his workout last fall, huffing and puffing because of all the extra pounds.

“I got comfortable and I let myself go,” Kemoeatu said of the fact he added 10 pounds a year since leaving.

But after looking so sloppy last fall, he was a new man when he came back in May, back down into the high 330s.

“Remember, they saw me in September. When I send them those pictures in May, they were like, ‘Nah man, this is Photo-shopped. This can’t be him,'” Kemoeatu said. I’m glad Harbaugh and [General Manager Ozzie Newsome] and those guys gave me an opportunity to come back. They say once you’re a Raven, you’re always a Raven.”

If Kemoeatu is well, he gives them a solid backup to Terrence Cody at the least, and perhaps more. He was always a solid player when he was in shape, and now that he’s on what amounts to a last chance, he’s clearly motivated to keep himself in shape.

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  1. @Steely McBeam

    The ages of our starting front 7 this year:

    DE: McPhee 23
    NT: Cody 24
    DE: Ngata 28
    OLB: Upshaw 22
    ILB: Lewis 37
    ILB: McLain 27
    OLB: Kruger 26

    The old storyline doesn’t really apply anymore

  2. Steeley McBeam,

    Despite popular belief, the Ravens actually have alot of young talent on the defense. Terrence Cody (24), Lardarius Webb (26), Jameel McClain (27), Bernard Pollard (27), Paul Kruger (26) and Jimmy Smith (24) are all very impressive and will be starting this season. And heck, Terrell Suggs (29) and Haloti Ngata (28) are still very much in their prime.

    I’m pretty sure that the Steelers cannot boast the same quality or quantity of young talent on their defense.

  3. Steelers 6 of 11 starters are over 30. Their avg age is 29.45. Ravens 2 of 11 starters over 30. Their avg age is 27.27 Whoops Stelley. Those with glass houses….

  4. Keep protecting the Raven’s (band wagon) fans – 99% of all negative posts on their topics never show up……

  5. I find it humorous and ironic that the two baddest ass teams in the NFL are known for:

    (1) one having a report about their future noseguard that sounds like a narration after Week 2 on that “reality show” “The Biggest Loser”


    (2) the other team having a prominent player win the crystal ball/shiny glass ball … whatever-it’s-called trophy on Dancing With The Stars.

    Crazy irony-on-top-of-irony thing is both athletes described above will bring it.

  6. Where’s the story about Flacco taking over!?!

    It’s been posted on the Ravens site for hours. Someone’s GOT to regurjitate that here. It’s riddled with gems and one-liners!

  7. Ravens are fat, out of shape, slow mentally, injured, subpar QB and flat out headed for afc north basement!

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