Ryan Mathews has “no doubt” he’ll play Week One


Last Thursday, Chargers running back Ryan Mathews fractured a clavicle on his first carry of the preseason.  A week later, he told XTRA Sports 1360 that he has “no doubt” he’ll be ready to go in Week One, when the Chargers face the Raiders on Monday Night Football.

The three-year veteran said that he’s out of a sling, and he believes he’s ahead of schedule.  The Chargers initially said that Mathews is expected to miss four-to-six weeks.  The front end of that estimate would indeed allow him be ready for the first week of the regular season.

Mathews also explained on The Drive with Costa and Judson that he has been doing some light workouts and will start running again next week.

If Mathews is overstating his timeline for healing, it would make sense for the team physician to be candid with him.  Then again, Dr. David Chao may have bigger fish to fry right now.

37 responses to “Ryan Mathews has “no doubt” he’ll play Week One

  1. There’s only one thing Rolando is good for. Just ask Darren Sproles. Can’t wait till he gets to hone-in on Mathews.

  2. Super low blow on the doc indeed. Lawyers are always seeming to have some kind of inferiority complex with doctors…. Could it be they realize doctors actually help society most of the time?

  3. I find it laughable that Raider fans are ignorant enough to call Mathews fragile. Forget your own RB has had injury problems? Did you ladies in black and silver forget the BEATDOWN you ended last season with? The one that kept you out of the playoffs for the 11th year in a row is it? Get ready to get rolled at home in front of a national audience!

  4. Funny that “rundmc20” jokes about IR,, when Darren McFadden has yet to play an entire 16 game season in his career only playing in 45 out of 64 regular season games and finished last season on injured reserve

  5. Typical player bravado, no way he’ll play. Too risky, if he gets hit like that cowboy did last week it’s over for him. Raiders are licking their chops.

  6. Another busted draft pick by the Chargers. They should’ve never let Buddy Nix walk. A.J. Smith is a horrible G.M.

    Matthews is a China Doll. This is the last time I’ll ever click on a story about Ryan Matthews.

  7. After what Rolando McPain did to Witten last Monday, does Mathews really want to take the chance of going on the season ending I.R.?

  8. Sure after surgery the incision and wound would have probably healed by week 1 or even before week 1. However, the fracture needs time to heal regardless of surgery. There’s a greater possibility, or almost likely of reinjury if the fracture is not fully healed naturally. Surgery helps the process, but isn’t a substitute.

  9. Not only is this guy looking to be a bust due to chronic injuries, but San Diego actually traded up to get him. Sad because he was a once promising player (not enough to take in the top 20 in the draft though IMO).

    Wish him luck though.

  10. I understand that Matthews has been plagued by the injury bug for his previous two seasons. However, this guy is willing to do something that his previous idol (LT) would never do. Fight through an injury got to give the kid the best of luck, for he is putting his team first and knows that Rivers cannot just carry the load.

  11. Wow!
    elrock7, if Mathews is really
    “as fragile a running back as you have ever seen” all I can say is welcome to your very FIRST WEEK as an NFL fan!

    No doubt Mathews has had issues, but you don’t have to look any further than the most recent season–and his own division to find more fragile backs: AFC WEST TOP BACKS FOR 2011
    Willis McGahee 249 carries
    Ryan Mathews 222 carries
    Darren McFadden 113 carries
    Jamaal Charles 12 carries

    Again, RM has had his health issues, but if he’s the most fragile you’ve seen, you ain’t seen much

  12. I really don’t want him to play week 1…. just rest and get stronger so you can take punishment later. I am afraid he’ll get hurt by week 3 if he comes back too soon.

    He’s currently my keeper on my fantasy team at round 7. I have Julio Jones at round 9. If you keep a player, you’ll lose that round’s draft pick.

    Thumbs up, Ryan Matthews. Thumbs down, Juilo Jones.

    Whatcha think?

  13. In other headlines, Norv Turner has “no doubt” he will be installing a running back-by-committee.

  14. I really hope he does play. That way there is no u beat us beacause we didnt have mathews. Or u beat us because we didnt have dmc. This is going to be a good game. The winner of this takes the division no doubt.

  15. As Norv said.. Ryan Mathews is no doctor. Of course football players want to get on the field ASAP but it isn’t always wise to rush it

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