Steelers sic their lawyers on non-English Terrible Towels

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La Toalla Terrible es no mas.

The Associated Press reports that the Pittsburgh Steelers have asked a Pennsylvania man to stop selling Terrible Towels in languages other than English.  (The Steelers are No. 6 in the PFT Power Rankings.)

Nick Rossi claims that his towels are a “new and improved” version of the original article, which was developed by the late Myron Cope.  The proceeds continue to benefit the Allegheny Valley School, which provides services to the mentally disabled.

Rossi has received a “cease and desist” letter, and he claims that he has changed the design to remove “terrible” in every language.  (In Italian, it’s “Siragusa.”)

It’s unknown whether that will placate the Steelers.  At a minimum, the effort should prompt the custodians of the trademark to start selling the Terrible Towel in other languages.

Including whatever the language is that they speak in Pittsburgh.

33 responses to “Steelers sic their lawyers on non-English Terrible Towels

  1. Those towels are a joke anyway. All they were used for last year was watching the Ravens sweep them and win the AFCN, and to catch the tears from watching them get Tebowd

  2. I was wondering why I want to throw my television out the window whenever Tony Siragusa tries to add his 2-cents to a game. Its all in the name, makes sense now.

  3. Hang that WVU diploma with pride

    “Including whatever the language is that they speak in Pittsburgh.”

  4. I unfortunately had to live in Pittsburgh for a handful of years and there was nothing more annoying than the terrible towel and the Yinzers who wave them. The ass rags turn up everywhere. I was watching NBC’s Today Show coverage of the Olympics in London, and the people with no lives who stand in the background were waving them. It’s nice to know that proceeds go to an school for the less fortunate but Yinzer’s lives are not complete without them…they show up at Pirate and Penguin’s games (and every sporting event or concert on Pittsburgh). Not to mention that chants of “let’s go Stillers!”. Please yinzers get a life…it’s not all about football.

  5. I get it.

    The profits for the orig Terrible Towel go to charity. Some back room sweatshop making them unlicensed probably doesn’t give the profits to charity.

    “All your towel are belong to us”

  6. If a team interviews a Hispanic coach to comply with the Rooney rule would it count? Looks like Rooney is a bigot when it comes to Hispanics and Asians. But what else would you expect from a classless organization in a low class city.

  7. I HATE the Steelers, their fans, & almost everything about them. Having said that, I LOVE this. This the U.S.A.!!! English ONLY!!

  8. I have to laugh at all the comments about hating these towels, they are a joke, etc., yet it seems that almost every team in every league gives towels away at many games for their fans to wave. And the fans are more than happy to emulate the Steeler fans and do so. Further, the towels at other venues are given to the fans, while Steelers fans buy their towels, with the proceeds going to charity.

  9. Yinz better watch out. We’ll take yinz dahn tahn ‘n drag yinz through the jagger bushes, and make yinz eat gum bands warshed dahn with cherry pop and throw yinz in the crick.
    Extra credit: interpret this: “Jeet jet?”
    “Not jet. J’you?”
    Addendum: We use Bengal towels as toilet paper. Streaks don’t show.

  10. t8ertot says:

    Terrible towels in Cincy are used as door mats, shoe shiners, and wash rags.

    Which pretty much sums up how the rest of the league uses the Bengals.


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