Steelers sic their lawyers on non-English Terrible Towels

Getty Images

La Toalla Terrible es no mas.

The Associated Press reports that the Pittsburgh Steelers have asked a Pennsylvania man to stop selling Terrible Towels in languages other than English.  (The Steelers are No. 6 in the PFT Power Rankings.)

Nick Rossi claims that his towels are a “new and improved” version of the original article, which was developed by the late Myron Cope.  The proceeds continue to benefit the Allegheny Valley School, which provides services to the mentally disabled.

Rossi has received a “cease and desist” letter, and he claims that he has changed the design to remove “terrible” in every language.  (In Italian, it’s “Siragusa.”)

It’s unknown whether that will placate the Steelers.  At a minimum, the effort should prompt the custodians of the trademark to start selling the Terrible Towel in other languages.

Including whatever the language is that they speak in Pittsburgh.