Terrell Owens to make Seahawks debut Saturday


Even though they let him practice too soon, the Seahawks didn’t let Terrell Owens play in the exhibition opener.

That’s going to change this week, as he’s going to make his Seahawks debut Saturday night in Denver.

“I’m not going to tell you how many plays it will be,” coach Pete Carroll said, via Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times. “We’ll see how it goes, but he’s going to play pretty early in the game.”

Owens was signed Aug. 6, but didn’t play in the Aug. 11 game because he had only practiced three days, although the Seahawks sent him out before they should have.

“He’s ready to go,” Carroll said. “He had two good weeks of work, and he came in in great shape so he’s ready to go.”

The Seahawks don’t list Owens among the first three units on their depth chart, but that doesn’t mean much. As we’ve mentioned before, those things are only occasionally done with input from the coaching staff, as PR staffs go with conventional wisdom or what they’ve seen in practice. For instance, the Seahawks chart lists him as a split end, but he’s been practicing at flanker.

The Seahawks have some interesting young names, but it’s still going to be fascinating to see how the old one finally performs.

26 responses to “Terrell Owens to make Seahawks debut Saturday

  1. If the qb situation works out, this could be a playoff team…with four total wins against az and stl, if they win just over a third of the remaining games, they could get in.

  2. If the qb situation works out, this could be a playoff team…with four total wins against az and stl, if they win just over a third of the remaining games, they could get in.

    Seattle can sweep the 49ers too. San Francisco has nothing but good linebackers and that’s the bottom line cause Stone Cold said so!!

  3. I think Terrell Owens will play well on Saturday but I do not think he will be with the Seahawks Week 1 of the regular season. I still think he and Braylon Edwards are competing for the same spot which Terrell will only lose because Braylon is younger but not better. There are still some teams like the Texans, Ravens and a few others that would need a wide receiver and with a good preseason, Terrell Owens will be in high demand.

  4. Please put the power ranking for the teams discussed in each article. We need that information in order to correctly process the information in the article itself.

    It’s too much work to keep having to open the rankings in a separate window.

  5. Has our sloppy 2nd’s taste seacawks??

    Kentwan Balmer
    Pete Carrol
    Jeff Ulbrich (ST Coach)
    Ken Norton Jr (LB Coach)
    Jim Mora Jr
    Julian Peterson
    Micheal Robinson
    Scott Mchloughan
    Mike Holmgren
    LMAO, This could go on forever!!

  6. Owens is going to show that he still has the physical tools of a 20 something year old, while making Champ Bailey look his age. There will be at least one T.O. TD in this preseason game, count on it!

  7. Here’s how the conversation is going in the above picture. “Hey listen Flynn, I’m open every play and if you don’t throw the ball to me I’m going to be a team cancer…..now you don’t want that, do you?”

  8. He promised if he scores, he will light one of his farts for the camera!! Awesome! (fingers crossed)

  9. Well hes gonna soon see theres not much difference between a semi pro team he just got cut from and the Seahawks!………..This years dream team get ready for the big flop you northwest lops!

  10. He is up there in age but i think he is in great shape, plus he is too old to head butt anybody

  11. TO is gonna be a part of what’s gonna prove to be a well oiled machine!! Seattle is gonna take this league by storm!! Top 5 Defense alongside a revamped offense including Two up and coming QBs as well as a soliid and extremely deep offensive line with a solid time under the bet OLine coach in the game Tom Cable!! 1800 yards for Mr Lynch and added weapons like Winslow, Edwards, and TO will allow this offense to crack the top ten!! Leon washington is a great returner and Seattle has the leagues BEST HOMEFIELD ADVANTAGE AS WELL AS IT’S BEST FANS!!!!!

    a very proud member of the 12th man!!!!!!

  12. Is it just me or does it seem norcalmafia spends too much time commenting on Hawk articles with the stupidest nonsense ever. For real fam you make 49 fans look bad. I don’t even read 9er articles I know we’re division rivals but damn dawg I think everyone who reads PFT gets it you don’t like the Seahawks and you don’t like the pacific northwest in general. Really we understand so now that we’ve established that on behalf of the 12th man SHUT UP NORCALMAFIA YOU’RE A SUPER LAME PUT TOGETHER BACK TO BACK WINNING SEASONS THEN SAY SOMETHING. don’t puff out your chest after 1 division title look at the NFCW history over the past decade (but all the sudden SEA is a semi-pro team) p.s. the mafia doesn’t do that Internet gangster trick you seem to have mastered

  13. Why do (most) 49er fans think that because someone was on their team that they cannot play on a different team? If a player does move on, they are a loser or whatever you want to call them. That line of thought is the most asinine thinking ever. T.O. has been off that team for almost 10-years and you still want to take credit?

    With all the y’all’s blustering, 90% of the “former” 49er players/staff **CHOOSE** to leave the organization. What does that tell you? Thought so.

  14. wow norcal,before u start talking smack wait until we play this year,but after we do im sure u wont be on seahawks sites anymore cause u will b to ashamed ur superniners lost to a semi pro team,we had t joke as our qb last year and the niners still had a hard time putting us away

  15. elchapoguzman82 says:
    Aug 16, 2012 10:40 PM
    Cali49er is a dumbass he doesn’t even know how to spell explains why he’s a whiner fan dip S.H.I.T!
    I don’t know how to spell but, I do know 5 championships is more then zero!!

    Be honest with yourself & realize your the dip S.H.I.T. that is a sad @$$ seacawk fan & quit using the screen name of the world’s most wanted drug dealer & come up with your own name you BUM!!!

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