Tim Tebow tries to recruit Jeff Demps to the Jets

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With the Jets attempting to sign former Florida running back turned Olympic sprinter Jeff Demps, they’ve enlisted Tim Tebow to help.

Tebow, who played with Demps for two years at Florida, said the Jets’ personnel department picked his brain about Demps.

“Yeah, they asked me about him,” Tebow said, in comments distributed by the team. “Jeff is a great guy and a great player and he is someone that I was proud to play with in college. He did a great job for us in college. I feel like wherever he goes he’ll work hard and do a good job for that team.”

Tebow said he spoke to Demps about the Jets, not to put a high-pressure sales job on, but simply to give his former teammate an honest assessment.

“I talk to him as a friend, but the Jets [are] a great organization and a great place,” Tebow said. “Would we love to have him? Absolutely. I would as a teammate just because I know how hard he works and what he could bring to the table.”

Demps, who won a silver medal with the U.S. 4×100-meter relay team last week, ran for 2,470 yards and 23 touchdowns and averaged 28.8 yards per kickoff return at Florida. His agent said he has fielded calls from most NFL teams since Demps declared this week that he wants to play in the NFL, and Demps is expected to choose a team soon.

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  1. Demps is expected to choose a team soon…..that will in turn choose to keep him around or not.

  2. I think Tebow would say the same exact things about anyone…from Janoris Jenkins to the ball boys at UF.

    It was an honor, he is a friend and a great person, hardworker etc.

  3. If I were Demps who seems to be a multifaceted player. I would pick from 2 types of teams. I would go to a team like the Redskins/Colts who have a solid young QB that you can grow with and create an on the field relationship with or choose the Broncos/Patriots/Packer type team that has an established HOF type QB that can create an opportunity for me to become a great player. The Jets are neither of those 2 things.

  4. asking Tebow how he really feels about anyone he has played with or against in his career, is like asking a teenage girl if they like the twilight series or Justin Bieber…

  5. I’m obviously ignorant of the rules but shouldn’t he have to enter the draft since he played in college? It shouldn’t matter that he’s been out for a couple years should it?

  6. Maybe if our top sprinters stuck with track, we’d go back to dominating the sprint events. Of course Usain Bolt is a genetic freak.

  7. foofooface says:Aug 16, 2012 3:49 PM

    Lord knows the Lions can use him.
    Some RB is going to walk into that Lions situation and make a Rep for themselves. With Stafford, Megatron and an emerging Titus Young, no team would dare load the box?

    That offense is tailor made for a Speedster coming off the Edge.

  8. Demps is fast, but lacks the size, durability, and shiftiness to get any real playing time. He’s more of an outside runner and can’t consistently run between the tackles.

    He may do well as a kick/punt returner.

    He was projected as a 7th round draft pick. It’s not as if he was a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd round pick.

    However, I’m a Florida guy and would like to see him do well in the NFL.

  9. mattsffrd says: Aug 16, 2012 3:53 PM

    I’m obviously ignorant of the rules but shouldn’t he have to enter the draft since he played in college? It shouldn’t matter that he’s been out for a couple years should it?


    He was eligible for the draft but stated prior to the draft that he wanted to focus on the Olympics and he was never drafted which makes him a FA.

  10. The Jets could really use somebody. They have only one WR that defenses need to worry about and he’s hurt and their running is going nowhere with Greene he seems to slow and has no wiggle.

  11. Demps would be better than all the nobodies the Jills employ on offense. Enjoy 6-10 then your move to Toronto.
    Not only does Toronto already have an NFL team (Buffalo) and a CFL team (I think they’re called the Argonauts, but really, who cares?), but even if it didn’t, Toronto would be towards the bottom of the list of cities that will be getting an NFL team. LA would obviously come first, followed by a second team for the NY area (if the Jets were, hypothetically, to move). But internationally speaking, Mexico City and London would both probably get a franchise before Toronto.

    Secondly, teams don’t move because they’re bad. They move because of a change in ownership or a lack of profitability (which, to be fair, can be caused by being a bad team), making this a dumb comment on two levels.

  12. psuravens19 says:
    Aug 16, 2012 3:15 PM
    What doesn’t this guy do?

    Throw the football well on a consistent basis.

  13. With Roy Helu out with that achilles issue, he would work great in the Shanahan one cut offense getting to the edge. My only concern would be his blocking skills to protect RG3.

  14. Actually, book it! He wants to play with the biggest Beast in the game! Wants to run alongside AP….. Vikings will sign him today! Along with Ponders record setting completion percentage!!!!!
    Skol Vikings

  15. Why would they ask Tebow’s opinion on anyone?

    You think he’s going to say “That guy sucks ass”?

  16. Dallas would be a great fit. Slot receiver at times, punt/KR, and 3rd down back – if Felix is hurt or doesn’t come through. Only fitting that a USA Olympian would join America’s Team :). He would really strike gold (OK, I know..enough).

  17. one more reason that you can tell al is dead, and things are changing….a guy who has a fast 40 time, and the raiders are not in the mix.

  18. Realnflmaster say
    Demps would be better than all the nobodies the Jills employ on offense. Enjoy 6-10 then your move to Toronto

    FYI: Fred Jackson was a beast before the injury.. He was one of the top backs in 2011 prior to his injury. CJ Spiller averaged over 4 yards a carry filling in and was also effective coming out of the backfield. Don’t hate because your best Rb is Tim Tebow!

  19. 305fan:

    Speaking of garbage how are the Hurricanes??

    So how does it feel to be the 5th best college football in the state behind USF & UCF. Too funny!!

  20. Nick Mangold has been complaining about weird “backhand caresses” when Tebow was under center.

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