Aaron Rodgers can feel Graham Harrell’s pain


After last night’s dismal outing by Graham Harrell, it’s reasonable to suggest the Packers might want to look elsewhere for a backup quarterback.

But their starter said that might be a mistake.

Harrell was an ugly 12-of-24 for 100 yards with two interceptions (26.4 rating) in a loss to the Browns. The third-year quarterback was playing part of the time against Browns starters (with a mix of second- and third-team players), and Aaron Rodgers knows that’s a trap sometimes.

He used to be in the same spot, when he was caddying for Brett Favre.

We’ve got a lot of confidence in Graham. We’re not worried about him,” Rodgers said, via Jason Wilde of ESPNMilwaukee.com. “They kept their first-team defense in for the majority of the first half, I think the whole first half, and I know what that’s like at times.

“The fourth preseason game my first three years as a backup, we played Tennessee, and Tennessee likes to play their starters the majority of the game. And that’s difficult, especially when you’re playing against Jevon Kearse and Kyle Vanden Bosch and Keith Bulluck and [Cortland] Finnegan and those guys. It’s difficult.

“The Browns stars on defense should be able to have a favorable matchup against 2s and 3s on our team, although we’d like to probably move the ball a little bit more effectively. I obviously care about Graham and want him to do well.”

And after watching Harrell flounder around, the Packers obviously care a little more about Rodgers, and want him to stay well.

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  1. This is why Aaron Rodgers is such a great teammate & replacement over Favre. Favre was always a me-me-me guy.

  2. Browns had to play Preseason Week 2 (v. Green Bay) like most teams normally play Preseason Week 3 (v. Eagles) because they play the Eagles in Week One. As a result, most of the first string was in for the first half. Not exactly tremendous foresight by the NFL schedule gods.

  3. Playing poorly against 1st string defense is not an excuse. If anything, it’s a more accurate representation of the ability of the player.

    Teams are not going to be starting 3rd stringers in the regular season…. you know, when it actually matters.

  4. He looked really really bad, but I do remember thinking the same thing about Rodgers years ago. We’ll see.

  5. “gogiantsfan says:Aug 17, 2012 9:04 AM
    This is why Aaron Rodgers is such a great teammate & replacement over Favre. Favre was always a me-me-me guy.”

    Bingo, you hit the nail on the head. The difference between the two was that Favre actively rooted for Rodgers to fail and went out of his way to ensure that Rodgers could receive any mentoring. Rodgers has succeeded DESPITE Favre, not because of him.

  6. I’m a Lions fan but I do applaud Aaron Rodgers stance on his backup QB. You can see that he is determined not to treat his backups like Favre treated him. Very classy of him!

  7. If Rodgers gets hurt during the season, will the other teams pull their starters? I saw a deer in head lights last night.

  8. Nice of Rodgers to defend him about going against the first string D. With that being said..if has to come into a game in the regular season won’t he facing the first string D anyways?

  9. I wouldn’t exactly say that Harrell was facing the “Browns Stars” as our front seven is decimated by the injury bug right now, so Rodgers is being kind in his assessment of Harrell (and the Browns Stars..haha). However, he was facing most of the starting secondary for a bit in the first half.

    Harrell was terrible when the Browns released him several years ago. He has gotten better, but he’s just not accurrate enough for the NFL level. Packers better hope Rodgers stays healthy if they keep Harrell around as the primary backup.

  10. Browns were without 5 of their starting front 7 on D. Sims with the pick 6 is a 3rd stringer. Give credit where its due. Browns played decent football and Harrell was inept.

  11. Bernie, Was about to say the same thing. He was playing against more second and third stringers than starters. Guy just can’t play as was evident when the Browns cut him a few years ago coming out of college.

  12. hatesycophants says:
    Aug 17, 2012 10:21 AM
    What evidence do you have to support the inaccurate contention that Favre was always “me, me, me”? Favre did the same things for Rodgers. Revisionist history.

    Favre did NOT do the same thing for Rodgers…by Rodgers’ account and by Favre quoted as saying “It’s not my job to mentor the other quarterbacks. That’s why we have assistant coaches.”

    Who said anything about helping out being a job? FAVRE DID!

  13. You guys are missing the point. What he means is that not all the blame goes on Harrell because he didn’t have the same support due to the ineffectiveness of our #2 and #3 rotations. You saw what happened last week when just our #1 left tackle was out? Imagine the entire offensive line being replaced with Herb Taylor’s and then going against an opponents #1 defense. This us why A-Rod had a passer rating if zero last week and is why Harrell is having his issues. Don’t forget who pulled the come from behind 4th quarter win in the last preseason game last year… It was none other than Graham Harrell. He’s got potential. He needs time and support.

  14. “Imagine the entire offensive line being replaced with Herb Taylor’s ”

    NOooooooo!!! (gets an men in black memory eraser pen thing) … whew, the memories of Herb Taylor blocking are gone… I can live life again.

  15. I think Aaron Rodgers is secretly saying in his head, “Don’t have to worry about losing my job, good job Harrell, you look great out there!”.

  16. I was watching Atl-Cincy but I’m here to tell you….Matt Cassel looked like REGURGITATED garbage in most of his appearances prior to 08. In fact he looked SO BAD that preseason that a lot of us Pats fans thought he might get cut in favor of Gutierrez (I think). He was rocky early on, but he settled in and they worked around his strengths and he was holding up his end of the bargain play wise by midseason. GB has one of the best playcallers and QB coaches in the league as their HC, I wouldn’t sweat it that much.

  17. It was ugly but the Pick 6 was clearly on TE Ryan Taylor, who was wide open and then slipped, falling to the ground after Harrell had thrown the ball.

  18. Jtbndy,
    I think Aaron was speaking more about the browns playing all their starters against the packers 2nd and 3rd stringers. I’m not defending harrell, but I think he would have had a better chance to be successful if he had all the offensives starters to play with against all the browns starters. Having to play with 2nd and 3rd stringers against the browns starting defense didn’t help him any.

  19. to everyone saying “are other teams going to pull 1st string when Rodgers goes down?”. the answer is no, but realize the packers arnt going to pull their 1st string offense either! It was packers 2nd string offense as a whole, not just a backup qb, against browns 1st string defense!

  20. I’ve seen enough of Graham Harrell now, please give his reps to BJ Coleman so we can see what the kid has.

  21. tbndy says: Aug 17, 2012 9:23 AM

    Playing poorly against 1st string defense is not an excuse. If anything, it’s a more accurate representation of the ability of the player.

    Teams are not going to be starting 3rd stringers in the regular season…. you know, when it actually matters.
    Duh! In the regular season Harrell just might have been playing with the 1st string offense instead of 2nd and 3rd stringers, don’t you think?

    Sorry, I know that’s a tough one for ya, and waaaay over your head!

  22. Sadly, this was a pretty typical showing from Herrell. It was understandable and forgivable in Year 1, but he should have improved some by now, especially since he has had two good QBs trying to help him along and has gotten much more in game time than Rodgers ever did. He’s just not coming along, though.

    They might want to put a call out to Colt McCoy. He’s not great, but he is significantly better than Herrell and a backup role might just be the right fit for him. And McCoy would probably like a team that doesn’t force you to play with an obvious concussion.

  23. “The Packers will pounce on whichever backup QB the Vikings cut.”

    Graham Harrell basically is playing horribly right now but he is a better choice right now than any QB from the Vikings.

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