Bills starting offense sputters against Vikings first-, second-team defenses


With all the focus on whether Vince Young or Tyler Thigpen will win the backup job (with the loser likely being fired), it’s easy to overlook the question of whether the team’s first-team offense has improved.

Last year, the Bills started strong on that side of the ball.  But injuries and ineffectiveness contributed to a decline of the offense — and in turn the team — down the stretch.

Starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick got 19 snaps on Friday night at Minnesota, with the No. 1 offense staying in after the Vikings moved to their second-string defense.  Only 82 yards of offense were generated by the Bills’ starting offense, with 61 coming on a touchdown drive primarily against Minnesota reserves.  Fitzpatrick capped the six-play effort with a 31-yard catch-and-run to receiver Donald Jones.

Running back Fred Jackson added 14 yards on three carries.  C.J. Spiller had only one carry for negative-five yards.

The Vikings lead 16-7 at halftime.

10 responses to “Bills starting offense sputters against Vikings first-, second-team defenses

  1. I loved listening to the criticism last week when minnesota played the niners…without harrison smith starting…no winfield…no kevin williams…no jared allen…etc

    We will continue to fly under the radar and surprise some teams this year, there is too much talent on this team not to do something special as long as we stay healthy and ponder continues to mature into a good quarterback.

    Toby Gerhart is really starting to turn it up a notch with his weight loss and learning to catch the ball out of the backfield. A good third down back, Jerome Simpson looks promising and Week4 we will be able to see him in the line up.

    Ponder looks good now?

    Wait until Peterson is back and we get those 7 man fronts…

    Id really love to snag a win in Lambeau this year we owe them a few. Id love to smear some of that cheese spread on my horns this year.

  2. Bills fans thumbed me down when I said the Bills having nothing on offense during the Redskins-Bills game. Well, looks like I was and will be right this season…Bills are missing the playoffs, again brother.

  3. Couldnt have anything to do with the shoddy officiating. Either way, this is a leap forward from last week. Fitzs new mechanics are on display, this is a rythem offense, once a true gameplan is set, expect big things from this offense.

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