Calvin Johnson is in midseason form


NFL superstars rarely have 100-yard games in the preseason, because superstars rarely stay in preseason games long enough to reach 100 yards. But Lions receiver Calvin Johnson only needed to play a couple minutes into the second quarter on Friday night in Baltimore to top 100 yards receiving.

Johnson had a nifty 18-yard touchdown catch early in the second quarter, giving him five catches for 111 yards on the day — not bad for less than 18 minutes of work.

The biggest play for the Lions’ offense came at the start of that touchdown drive, when the Lions were backed up deep in their own territory. Matthew Stafford dropped back into the Lions’ end zone, looked to his left and fired downfield toward Johnson. The ball traveled about 50 yards in the air and landed right in the hands of Megatron, who was fairly well covered but still had no trouble making the catch for a 57-yard gain.

Johnson can also help the Lions without making a catch: On the Lions’ next drive after the touchdown, they picked up a first down on an illegal contact penalty when Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith had to bump Johnson to keep him from getting past him.

It’s only Week Two of the preseason, but Stafford and Johnson appear to be in midseason form.

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  1. They are playing man with a deep safety. That wont cut it better bring in a third defender on megatron. Then stafford will really go to work with his other options.

  2. I’m wondering about the Ravens defense now more than I’m thinking both Atl and and Det are just so hot. I could be wrong, but I’m putting the Ravens in the bottom of their division this year. If the defense collapses and gets burned deep like this all year, Joe Flacco will have every opportunity to show he deserves a top 5 paycheck…. or not.

  3. Megatron is fantastic. Brings excitement to the game similar to Primetime did returning punts.

  4. I know it’s a little early to say, but honestly….when I think of the best receivers of all time, I think of Jerry Rice, Randy Moss, and Calvin Johnson. He’s that good.

  5. Uh oh! Looks like the ratbirds need to get back to thd castle and maby find some more kids from poly to infuse some youth into that defense. Might as well give up. Ratbirds are done. Bottom feeders this year. How does your own illogical medicine feel ravens trolls? Go Steelers!

  6. Eh – I’m not concerned about the Ravens D. Ed Reed, Ray Lewis and Haloti Ngata were all on the bench after the first two drives.

  7. Wow Johnson was covered by second and third string corners and safeties and he got 97yds on one drive. This isn’t anything special. This guy has so much talent I’d almost be worried if he didn’t do that

  8. Scariest thing? He and Matty are just getting started. I don’t make many predictions, but if both are healthy they’ll go down as one of the best combos ever.

  9. If people on here actually new what they were talking about… He got all his hard in 1 drive when ravens best corner lardaius Webb was not covering him, Learn football and then comment. Not to mention its preseason who cares

  10. As a Lions fan, the passing game will be ridiculous regardless if we are targeting megatron or Titus Young. We have to much depth at WR.

    The ground game will need to improve. We need a RB to stop up, Keiland Williams, Kevin Smith or mikel leshoure; we will someone to step up because as of right now the ground game is non existent.

    Oh yeah we can’t forget Jimmy Williams, film session will be brutal for you tomorrow.

  11. @noturavragepunk

    I think the guy that was covering him jimmy smith is gonna be a starter on your team. Not like it matters who is covering him tho, not really gonna make a difference.

  12. Notyouraveragepunk——jimmy smith is your 2nd /3rd String corner? Funny, I thought ravens fans were high on that guy? So who is starting over him?

    No need to make excuses. It’s megatron.

  13. polapea says:
    Aug 17, 2012 9:43 PM
    By far the best WR in the league.

    I gotta say it’s flip a coin with Larry Fitzgerald. But either way, it’s a big step to #3.

  14. OMG no way! DET is totally going to the SB this season. Oh yeah, it’s preseason. And FTR GB Packer fan, the 9ers can cover Mongotron.

  15. That sideline reporter looks a cross between Cheri Oteri and Ann Coulter.

  16. 1. It’s MEGATRON

    2. It’s MEGATRON


    Speaking as a loyal Ravens fan, we desperately need help on that second CB slot, cuz Cary Williams just looks entirely incapable of covering by himself.

    Jimmy Smith isn’t any better.

    The only way you could describe what happened out there is to say those two fools got schooled.

  17. It’s preseason! So don’t get carried away! As good as Rice & Moss were they were still beatable, That’s not to say they won’t make some great catches or yac

  18. If Calvin keeps playing like last season then he will be on his way to be the greatest WR to ever play the game and I have allot of respect for Jerry Rice.

  19. Calvin Johnson is an awesome receiver, almost unstoppable because of his size and arm length. It makes me wonder why NFL teams stick with the small 5-8 to 6-1 cornerback? Why not start breeding 6-2 to 6-7 size corners, with long arms and unmatchable speed? I don’t like that the NFL has a prototypical size for every position, why not go outside the box?

  20. Calvin is a NIGHTMARE for anybody in the NFL!! And that goes for current and retired players!! Deon was great but even HE couldnt hold CJ81’s jock!! JS AND AS FOR LADARIOUS…. Yea I won’t even go there RAVENS SUCK AS DO THE SKINS I LIVE IN MARYLAND AND GET SO TIRED OF BOTH THESE TEAMS!! GO D!!!!

  21. Man is Johnson a stud. Stafford doesn’t even have to be that accurate and the guy makes him look like the second coming of Dan Marino.

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