Deion Branch could be on the bubble in New England


Over the next two weeks, every NFL roster will reduce from 90 to 53 players.  This means that (abacus powered up) 37 players per team will be released.

In New England, it means that veteran receiver and former Super Bowl MVP Deion Branch could be in danger of not making the cut.

Branch told reporters on Thursday that coach Bill Belichick hasn’t given Branch any clue about his status.

“My job is what I’ve got to do in the meeting room and on the football field, I think your job is just to critique,” Branch said, via the Associated Press. “I respect everybody’s opinion.  We all do.  But the person making the final decision is Coach Belichick.”

Belichick apparently hasn’t made the decision yet on Branch, given that he has been running with the first team, second team, and third team.

Branch, who was traded to the Seahawks after an ugly contract dispute in 2006 and then returned to the Pats in 2010, acknowledges that his best days are behind him.  The real question is whether the Pats decide that whatever he has left is good enough for one more season in New England.

16 responses to “Deion Branch could be on the bubble in New England

  1. Personally I hope he doesn’t make the cut. He was a great player with the Patriots, then decided to go to the Seahawks and not play at all–just pocket millions of dollars and not play. Then suddenly he went back and was “miraculously” a good player again. It’s too bad a team can’t sue a player for fraud when they pull that.

  2. 51 catches for 702 yards and 5 TD last season…I’m sure a team will pick him up if he gets cut

  3. Branch continues a long tradition of WRs playing well one place and being terrible another. Moss, Branch, Rice, Rice, Moss again, a different Moss, Bryant, Moss a third time, Owens, Edwards, Holmes, Bruce, Evans, Williams, Ochosinco, and maybe Moss one more time.

    It’s amazing that teams haven’t learned not to take a chance on WRs. One of the reasons I think the Steelers have been successful over the last, well since the 70s I guess, is because all their best WRs are home grown. I can’t even remember the last time, if ever, they signed even a moderately well known WR in free agency.

  4. Say all you want but he is one of those smart business men/players in this league..He did could back in 2006 for he’s own..Sorry Pats fans but last I checked, players rather get paid big in the NFL than win a Championship for your city.Their life and their future is far important..the ugly truth

  5. discosucs2005 says:
    Aug 17, 2012 6:59 PM

    One of the reasons I think the Steelers have been successful over the last, well since the 70s I guess, is because all their best WRs are home grown. I can’t even remember the last time, if ever, they signed even a moderately well known WR in free agency.

    Antwaan Randle El?
    Arnaz Battle?
    Cedrick Wilson?

    The issue is teams rarely let good receivers go to FA. The guys that get out usually have question marks. Branch is a good example, all the talent in the world but would rather talk on the radio then play.

  6. I’m a Pats fan who had no problem with Deion getting his money and doing what he had to do to get it. These guys, especially receivers, have about five years (years between rookie deal and 30) to get their money. The Patriots chose not to pay him. Instead, they have thrown away money on stirs like Gabriel, Hayes, and Chad Johnson.

  7. If it comes down to Branch and Stallworth, and both are playing well, you keep Stallworth as deep threat injury insurance on Lloyd.

    Branch can still contribute – it’s just that the Pats have a lot of guys who are great mid range route runners. Lloyd and Stallworth are the only deep threats.

    All that being said, Branch is just one WR injury away from making the team

  8. @ kuta

    Ugly truth is Deion branch was MVP of a “Championship for [my] city”. He got his ring and then got paid, of course hes a smart businessman. Same could be said for damien woody (2 championships then left for money).

  9. A few people on this thread act as though Branch didn’t show up in Seattle to play and that he was just a diva receiver who collected a check.

    From what I remember, he battled some injuries, missed out on some time on the field in several season and as you look back on the Seahawks, not as though they were the model franchise with an elite offense he was going to thrive in.

    A quick look at his numbers, he had some decent years in Seattle. But lets be honest, Seattle overpaid for a FA who was a product of a superior offensive system with a great QB.

    Be good to see Branch make the team – Any word on Jabar Gaffney?

  10. @pgjimmy – I think you’re forgetting the greatest of them all, in that regard. More rings than any other active player in the NFL, and got a whopper of a contract when he left the Pats. Man I wish I was in high school right now. I’d be training to be a kicker in the NFL, so I could pull an Adam Vinatiere.

  11. “Its probably best for him. Champ would’ve shut him down.”

    Yeah that Broncos defense sure did “shut down” the Patriots last year giving up only 41 and 45 points in their two games.

  12. Deion might be the odd man out this year because the Pats are absolutely stacked at WR. The reason he may be odd man out is that he’s a “one note Johnny”….. He doesn’t play special teams. On the Pat’s you had better be able to offer versatility if you’re not an outright dominator at your primary position. If not…. you’re roster spot is vulnerable. Brady loves him though and the two can read each others minds on the field. That might just save him.

  13. Belichick’s just keeping him motivated. If he’s too comfortable, history shows he doesn’t really put in the effort.

  14. I kind of feel bad for Branch. However, the team would be better at WR with Lloyd, Welker, Gaffney, Stallworth, and Edelman.

    That being said, it is not out of the question that they could keep six, but if Fells does a decent job at TE, then Hernandez could be used more in the WR/slot back type situation.

    And, of course, there is always the possibility that Branch can be the number 6.

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