Former coaches disagree on how to handle Ryan Tannehill


Both Jimmy Johnson and Brian Billick started first-round quarterbacks as rookies.

Johnson’s guy, Troy Aikman, went onto the Hall of Fame.

Billick’s guy, Kyle Boller, was looking for work alongside his old coach not long thereafter.

Despite those results, it was Johnson sounding a note of caution to the Dolphins regarding their handling of quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

Johnson told Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald he’d suggest they start Tannehill only if he’s better-able to win now than Matt Moore or the injured David Garrard.

“You don’t want to kill anybody’s confidence if he’s not ready to play,” Johnson added. “We could survive it in Dallas because we were a bad team and we were going to lose anyway. I could have a loss with a guy who couldn’t play, or a guy who could play.”

Billick took the opposite approach, one held by many, that the Dolphins have little to lose by proceeding with the long-term plan.

“If you’re going to draft a guy in the first round, you’re going to play him,” Billick said. “It’s the only [way] to learn. That’s what the league demands right now.

“That organization will be better, Day 1 at the start of 2013 season, for every snap that Ryan Tannehill plays this year.”

Dolphins coach Joe Philbin hasn’t made an announcement going into tonight’s game at Carolina, but has said he wants to see Tannehill with the starters at some point this preseason.

As tempting as it is to apply the transitive property from Aikman or Boller, or Cam Newton and Andy Dalton to Tannehill is tempting.

But the reality is the situation that player is being dropped into matters more to his long-term success than any individual quality he may possess.

Tannehill might be the best of the quarterbacks in Dolphins camp, but when his best receiver at the moment might be a guy the coaches call “Ankle Weights,” it’s going to be hard for him to shine as a rookie.

4 responses to “Former coaches disagree on how to handle Ryan Tannehill

  1. Tannehill made several nice passes to Ankle Weights Wallace in the first preseason game.

    Tannehill just flat-out looks like he knows what he’s doing. He’s definitely not scared – which means he is going to make some mistakes. But if a guy has the confidence, knows the system, and can make the throws, I say let him have the reps and work out the kinks.

    If he’s connecting with Wallace, a guy who hasn’t made as much as a peep as a pro to this point, get them on the field together and let that develop. Looks like they are good for each other.

  2. Garrard’s injury threw a serious monkey wrench in the Dolphins 2012 season plans!! Watching the last episode of hardcknocks it was written all over coach Philbins face.

  3. In passing league the AFC East has Brady with about 8 different options to throw to. The Bills with 1 legit, same with Jets and the Dolphins with none.

  4. Brian Billick never developed a single decent quarterback, so his opinion is irrelevant to me. Play the kid and expect some growing pains. Even Peyton Manning struggled his rookie year.

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