Gresham “fine” after knee injury


The operative word, at least as of last night, regarding Bengals tight end Jermaine Gresham’s knee injury was that he is “fine.”

So said coach Marvin Lewis after the game, according to  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Gresham has applied the same label to himself.

(Of course, Gresham didn’t say it on Twitter, because Lewis has banned all Bengals from the social-media monster site.)

There has not yet been a Friday update, and Gresham could feel much different after sleeping on it for the evening.  Still, the fact that he was regarded as “fine” in the wake of the incident is great news, given that it looked much worse than “fine” when it happened.

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  1. Yeah let’s see what educated response Joetoronto has on this one. He’s now reviewing South Park reruns to see what they’ve come up with that he can apply to this situation.

  2. t8ertot:

    Really? He’s our 2nd best option? Do you know the personell on this team at all? Binns, Hawkins and Shipley come to mind right off the bat. Gresham has done very little since he has been here.

  3. Did you watch the same Game I did? It didn’t look like he hurt himself that bad at all. Looked as if he had a little awkward fall, but didn’t have any trouble leaving the field.
    Why does Florio make Bengal updates so negative on this site?
    As far as options……I’m thinking there are many, many options this team has. Look for Marvin Jones…….this cat looks good!

  4. ” Gresham has done very little since he has been here”

    HE MADE THE PRO BOWL. Yeah, the other receivers look good, but they haven’t proven themselves yet. Let’s wait until the regular season before we call them a better option.

  5. @ bengalsucker : uhhhh yeah I would say he knows the personnel much better than you because Gresham is a beast and a WAY better option than the others you mentioned.

  6. I noticed when he was bent over on the sidelines, he pretty much parted a trainers hair with the ‘nasty kiss’ he blew from his backside!!

  7. bengalsucker says:
    Aug 17, 2012 12:43 PM
    Really? He’s our 2nd best option? Do you know the personell on this team at all? Binns, Hawkins and Shipley come to mind right off the bat. Gresham has done very little since he has been here.

    Yeah all yeah all Gresham has done is catch over 50 passes each year and avg just under 10 yds a reception. How can any team keep a TE like that?
    Would that be the Jordon Shipley who is on the bubble?
    Do you know the personell on this team at all?

  8. @bengalsucker

    As a Bengals fan, your post is hysterical.

    Lets review the career stats here:

    Armon Binns – Yards = 0 Tds = )
    Andrew Hawkins = Yards = 263 Tds = 0
    Jordan Shipley – Yards 614 Tds = 3

    Grand Total = 877 yards receiving and 3 TDS

    Jermaine Gresham – Yards = 1,067 Tds = 10

    I know, I know, Jordan Shipley was hurt all last season, I get it. But Gresham can do everything. He can lineup in the slot, split out, inline, and he is effective EVERYWHERE on the field. At 6’5 and 260 pounds and as athletic as an NBA player he is an absolute mismatch for a LB with his speed and he has the size to dominate corners and safeties.

    Were you watching the game last night when Tony Gonzalez showered Gresham with praise during his onfield interview and described him as one of the leagues elite and emerging TE’s? Maybe I’m nuts but I think I will side with the opinion of the NFL’s greatest TE over yours on the subject of Jermaine Gresham.

  9. Gresham is hardly the 2nd best option and definitely not what his stats say he is. He’s a good TE. Not great, sure as hell not the 2nd best option on this team. You guys are blinded by his stats obviously. He himself says he has underachieved. The coaches constantly talk about him “breaking out”. Hmmm, if he was as good as you guys seem to think he is they sure as hell wouldn’t be talking about break out seasons for Gresham. I’ll repeat what I said. I’d look at Shipley over Gresham anyday on the field. Yes he’s a GOOD (not great) TE. He’s absolutely not the 2nd best option on our team.

  10. None of greshams skills will make a difference if they use him like they did last year. He would go into the 4th quarter without a single ball thrown his way. The guy might be a beast but only if gruden uses him more this year than last.

  11. kpfens says: Aug 17, 2012 1:26 PM

    t8ertot says: Aug 17, 2012 12:12 PM

    That’s a relief. He’s our second best option offensively

    AJ Green much??

    AJ Green would be the FIRST best option…..

    jesus, there really shouldn’t be any debate over what t8ertot said. As of now, 1st best option is Green, 2nd is Gresham. After that its a wash. Lots of talent but not much proven.

  12. As a die hard fan, all I can do is laugh at someone who thinks Shipley is a bigger threat than Gresham

  13. I think a pro bowl appearance validates him as a GREAT tight end. Blinded by his stats? Stats speak for themselves. Besides AJ and The Law Firm, he’s the guy Andy is looking for.

    Don’t get me wrong, the other receivers have stepped up during camp and the pre-season. But Gresham is more valuable than you think he is.

  14. bengalsucker look at the bright side Shipley will still be on the board for you in your fantasy draft, cause no one who knows the Bengals roster will draft him.

  15. @t8ertot don’t lie you’re Jordan’s younger brother, you ready for longhorn’s season?

    Gresham is by far the 2nd best receiving option behind AJ Green…

    btw I hope they run the TE screen more to Gresham this year than they did last year

  16. gresham is a beast…hope the bengals use him more. i would like to get that rookie TE from Georgia in there at the same time once in awhile

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