Jason Witten finding it difficult to remain idle


When Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones was informing rookie cornerback Morris Claiborne that “can’t make the club from the tub,” he used tight end Jason Witten’s willingness to play through injuries as an example for the youngster to follow.

It’s a good example, since Witten has only missed one game in his career despite a laundry list of injuries. His current injury, a lacerated spleen, isn’t one that he can grind through, though. Doctors have told him he must remain idle for 7-10 days before an evaluation to see how he’s healing and determine whether or not he’ll have to have surgery.

Witten hopes to avoid an operation, obviously, and said that he can’t imagine not playing in the opener against the Giants on Sept. 5. He also said that the pain is about the same as a broken rib, an injury that Witten has played through in the past and that’s making it hard for him to deal with being inactive for the next stretch.

“It’s different,” Witten said, via Todd Archer of ESPNDallas.com. “It’s not something you can just fight through and dig deep. But it’s hard. It’s the first time for me to be in this situation. I’m staying optimistic and staying positive. We’re all hopeful to get the results we’re looking for.”

While Witten must rest for the next week or so, there’s no firm idea about when he’ll be able to get back on the field. If he isn’t able to make it back for that opening game against the Giants, it will be a severe blow to the Cowboys offense.

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  1. i’m no witten fan but i hope he makes it back in time for the regular season. i don’t want those cowpie fans to have any reason or excuse to use when my REDSKINS beat dat ash

  2. Gosh, a severe, compensable injury which occurred in California. The Bruce Matthews rule lives!

  3. Your excuses will fall on deaf ears after the Redskins sweep the ‘Boys this season Cowboy fans. Enjoy last place Dallas, it’s where y’all belong brother!

  4. He’s a true warrior. Get well soon Witten so you can get out there and kick some Giant butt.

  5. Get well Jason. I really do mean that. I wish there were more players like yourself in this league of “LOOK AT ME!” players. As a Giants fan, I hate having to watch my defense defend against you, but that’s why we play the game.

  6. You just don’t mess with a ruptured sleen — if he plays week 1, he’s messing with a ruptured spleen to his peril.

  7. I’d say it best for Wit to come back after the bye week. Since it comes early in the season this should hopefully give him enough recovery time.

    Either way dudes a beast.

  8. So starts the decline of Witten’s career..Dallas please get on the ball early and find a tight end of the future

  9. “can’t make the club from the tub”


    “you won’t have a team role if you can’t get the glory hole”

    They Cowboys have thier own language.

  10. purpleguy said:
    You just don’t mess with a ruptured sleen — if he plays week 1, he’s messing with a ruptured spleen to his peril.

    FYI, a ruptured spleen and a lacerated spleen are not the same things. A ruptured spleen requires surgery, and the recovery is usually 3-4 months.

    A lacerated spleen, depending on level of injury, takes 3-6 weeks.

    You are correct about messing with a ruptured spleen. Doing that can literally kill you dead (as opposed to kill you alive), it is not something to be effed with at all.

  11. Mark my words: Claiborn will make the team even if he spends the rest of the pre-season plus the first 5 games of the regular season in the tub.

  12. The Cowboys should sign Jeremy Shockey on Monday because a lacerated spleen will not heal in ten days. In ten days, the Cowboys will confirm that Jason Witten is out until November. It is better to be proactive than reactive.

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