Jeff Demps’ agent denies deal done, nearly everyone else says it is


While it certainly appears at this point that Jeff Demps is going to be a Patriot today, his agent is denying the deal is done.

Demps’ track agent, Nohemy Baltodano tweeted that “Those reports are untrue!” (And the exclamation mark makes it more believable.)

Meanwhile, Mark Cook of writes that a decision is expected this afternoon, and that it’s between the Buccaneers and the Patriots, indicating a level of involvement for Tampa Bay few others share.

Tampa television station Fox 13’s Kevin O’Donnell was first to report he had agreed with the Patriots after a visit Thursday.

Best we can tell, no one has reported he’s signed, although ESPN’s John Clayton,’s Ian RapoportGreg Bedard of the Boston Globe and Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald are all citing various sources saying he’s agreed, with Rapoport quoting Baltodano.

22 responses to “Jeff Demps’ agent denies deal done, nearly everyone else says it is

  1. As a Buc fan I was hoping we would get him…But the truth is he will play alot more in the Patsies Offense..

  2. He tells Ian Rapoport that a deal is signed, and then denies talking to him.

    Love that integrity!

    I see a great future between Belichick and this agent.

  3. If I’ve learned anything from the Internet, it’s that exclamation points make things true!!!!!

  4. Patriots just makes more sense. He will have a better chance at a Super Bowl ring, and a better chance at getting playing time. Tampa didn’t draft Doug Martin in the 1st round just to be replaced by a 6th or 7th round RB. The Patriots use a committee running back approach, while Tampa likes one guy who can do everything. Demps can’t do everything, he isn’t big enough. Plus the Patriots kick return is horrible, so Demps is almost guaranteed to start there.

  5. Whoever gets Demps, will be getting a great athlete. I watched him throughout his career at UF. The guy is a human highlight film every time he touches the ball. I don’t know him personally, but I wish him well. Fastest man in college football, now he gets at least a chance to see if his speed can get him noticed at the NFL level. Good luck, Jeff.

  6. Before his career at the University of Texas began, and before he had become the NFL’s first $2 million man, Johnny “Lam” Jones was a track star whose speed had won him a gold medal in Montreal and made him a prep legend in Texas.

    His speed was legendary — 4.3 seconds in the 40-yard dash — and was enough to entice the New York Jets to send the 49ers two first-round picks in the 1980 NFL draft in exchange for the No. 2 overall selection.


  7. Whats going on here is a contract with the Pats is
    done but not signed.The minute he signs other teams
    are not allowed to talk to him or his agent.This is
    his agent saying going once,twice…sold to the highest

  8. Since Ellis Hobbs was traded to the Eagles and Brandon Tate was released theie return game has been abyssmal. Hopefully this will be a good signing.

  9. If he was any good some team would have used a 7th on him regardless of what he said, like the Raiders taking Bo Jackson. Nothing to see here folks.

  10. The only place this kid could make an immediate impression is returning kicks. He’s NOT going to be a starting receiver, yet, but he could grow into it.

    But frankly, I never heard of him!
    Lam Jones was a track man who tried football–unlike Bob Hayes, who was a football player who also ran track!

  11. He is to small to ever be a full time back. He would have a better chance with the Pats. Tampa uses one or maybe two backs. Punt returns are a weakness in New England too

  12. Gronkspike. True the Pats are a more Superbowl ready team, but the Bucs look to be using the committee approach to running the ball as well. At least we are being told it’s going to be a run first team. We won’t know until the regular season starts. If he were to sign here he would be used as a kick off or punt returner I believe.

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