Jeff Demps puts pen to paper with Patriots

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While there was some back-and-forth about it earlier in the day, Jeff Demps has now put pen to paper with the Patriots.

He did in fact sign with New England Friday afternoon, tweeting out later the confirmation, according to news services.

“To everyone wondering, yes it’s true I’m now a new England patriot,” Demps tweeted Friday night. “Glad to be apart of the team. It’s truly an honor. #Godisgreat.”

Demps created some confusion by flying home to Orlando after a visit with the Patriots. His agent then exacerbated it by initially confirming to Ian Rapoport of that he was signing with the Patriots, before taking to Twitter to deny it.

Now that’s done, and the Patriots can go to work incorporating the fast man into the lineup. Initially, he’ll get a shot in the return game, but that role could expand.

16 responses to “Jeff Demps puts pen to paper with Patriots

  1. So much drama for a guy who will catch less than 10 receptions on the year with an overrated franchise brother.

  2. Demps played at Florida last year. Why was Demps not subject to the supplemental draft or the regular draft? If you can just wait and sign as a free agent then why does anybody bother entering the draft?

  3. Instant spark in the return game. That should be fun to watch. If he has any brains and can pick up the Pats offense he could eventually become a receiving threat for the Pats too…IF he can pick up the offense.

  4. Return man was the one question mark on this team (okay the o-line too maybe, please come back Waters!) and now all of a sudden BB signs this speed demond! Here’s hoping he can make it work at the next level.. Imagine Brady working with a short field on a consistant basis and this defense stays in beast mode. Frightening. Wicked frightening.

  5. The supplemental draft is for underclassmen who don’t declare before April’s draft but find out their college career is over, usually due to suspensions or being kicked out of school. Demps was a senior, just no one took him in the draft. Any team could have had him for a round 7 pick. It’s normally a major disadvantage shopping your wares at this late date but how many rookies come out with a freshly won silver medal in sprinting?

  6. You know, I saw a list of all the super fast players BB drafted and I was sad. The best contributor of that bunch was probably Wilhite. Then I realized they didn’t draft this all. Anything they get is gravy.

  7. The Pats should bring Kevin Faulk back as a “special assistant” this year. To do nothing but get in Demps head and work with him. If Demps became as smart as Faulk in that offense and with his rapport with Tom Brady, the Patriots could be unstoppable. Because Faulk was never anywhere near Demp’s raw speed. This kid could develop a knack for turning 5 yard plays into 50-80 yard TD’s if he develops Faulks ability to read a defense and catch balls. Especially screens and 5 yard routes. I’m very excited about this player.

  8. He was eligible to be drafted but after his final game last season at Florida, he chose to participate in no all-star games, no Pro Days or The Combine in Indy. GM’s said that after the Olympics they were not sure he’d even want to play in the league this season.

    Somewhat of a surprise he elected to blow off the post-London Olympic Stars world tour, which can be quite lucrative, to go straight to the NFL.
    But let’s be honest; if he had gone to Indianapolis and run a 4.26, like he did his Junior year at Florida, you telling me he still would’ve gone un-drafted?
    A guy who had 2500 yards from scrimmage and 24 TD’s in the SEC?

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