Justin Blackmon “way behind mentally” as he makes preseason debut


After a longer wait than they might have liked, the Jaguars will get to see wide receiver Justin Blackmon make his preseason debut on Friday night.

Blackmon was out of training camp for 12 days before signing his contract, which means he’s still catching up to those who have been working for those two weeks. Blackmon’s natural talent has impressed the Jaguars, but the first-round pick has no choice to learn as he goes because of the holdout. Jaguars offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski thinks that will make Friday’s debut difficult for him.

“He’s really like in his first week of training camp. He’s got the tired legs,” Bratkowski said, via Vito Stellino of the Florida Times-Union. “He’s way behind mentally because of all the meetings he’s missed. It’s a struggle for him at this point, physically and mentally, but he has to fight through it.”

Bratkowski said that the Jaguars will try to get the ball to Blackmon in order to get him into the flow of the offense, although he cautions the Saints defense will have something to do with that. Low expectations after the holdout should help Blackmon avoid too much negativity if he doesn’t do much on Friday, but those won’t be available to him too much longer.

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  1. Oh boy. The Jags are having flashbacks to the Matt Jones/Reggie Williams first round pick debacle. Add Blackmon to the list.


    Everyone trashed me for saying Michael Floyd is a can’t miss WR in the draft for many of reasons.

    This is just a Roy Williams, but dumber and uglier and from a spoiled stat friendly spread offense. He ran 3 different routes in college.

    Michael Floyd played with Tommy Rees at Notre Dame …. TOMMY REES! and still got double TD’s in back to back years with that scrub QB while being double-teamed on a medicocre team.
    He mauls people with his strength blocking and wins jump balls and uses his body and can go over the middle, deep and intermediate. Liked the booze a bit, but still a strong minded kid …

  3. Never could figure out the predraft hype for this guy. I had him as the 3rd best wideout at best…and that’s the word.

  4. This is all on the Jags… with the rookie salary cap, there is absolutely nothing to squabble about anymore, yet they choose to try to take a stand about the off set language.. they shot themselves in the foot on this one.

  5. Gotta wonder if with his attitude, he didn’t want to go through all of training because he’s lazy.

    Makin’ that Alshon Jeffery pick by DaaBears look better and better.

  6. Blackmon isn’t Calvin Johnson or even AJ Green, but he was the best receiver in this draft class – even if the gap between him and Floyd/Wright isn’t as big as some believe. Some have compared him to Anquan Boldin but I see more similarities to Michael Crabtree. Either of those comparisons would please the Jags.

  7. @808raiderinparadise :

    Leave it to a Raider fan to call out a bust…

    Can he play his first preseason game before that determination is made? Man.

    You’ve given DHB four freakin’ years. Can this guy get four reps?

  8. I think he will turn out OK, if he has a QB who can get him the ball. When he was at Oklahoma St. I thought he was taller though (6’1).

  9. Aug 17, 2012 5:24 PM
    @808raiderinparadise :

    Leave it to a Raider fan to call out a bust…

    Can he play his first preseason game before that determination is made? Man.

    You’ve given DHB four freakin’ years. Can this guy get four reps?

    36 3 i Rate This

    DHB was 15th in the NFL is recieving yards in his 3rd year.

    This year will be his 4th, sorry he had 2 years with Russell and Campbell.

    Jags suck, wouldnt matter if you had Megatron, Andre Johnson and Brandon Marshall, Gabbert throws onside kicks.

    Worst NFL market in the league ….. why else do you think this guy is hammered drunk? You prob are too. Since the jags dont draft busts right?

    MJD is wasted too at home about as much as he is wasted on your awful team.

    GABBERT to BLACKMON … amazing.

  10. Did I just read MICHAEL FLOYD, and ALSHON JEFFERY are going to be better starters than Justin Blackmon? Bwahahahahahahahhaa.

    Floyd has bust written all over him, Alshon Jeffery is basically that older Jags WR, Reggie Williams, but even slower and fatter. They’ll be decent 3rd and 4th WRs, but Blackmon is a legit #2 WR.

    He attacks the ball, breaks tackles, and is just straight up tough and strong. He reminds me of Cris Carter, I don’t think he’ll come close to getting as many TDs as Carter, but he’ll be a go-to guy for sure. Jags got them a good one, finally. Watch.

  11. @taintedlombardis

    Won’t dispute your opinion on him being 3rd best wr, that’s up for debate. But he sure is looking good in this game right now. Two nice catches, yards after catch, breaking tackles, TD.

    Go Jags

  12. @808raiderinparadise – Raiders have blacked out about 70-75% of their home games since they went back to Oakland & you’ve got the stones to say the Jags are the worst market? You, sir, are a complete idiot…clean up your own house before you call out another franchise, tool.

  13. It doesn’t matter…. People will say its just preseason and the Saints are just not tackling… But if it were the Saints they would say they have play making ability after the catch… Oh wait they are saying that…. Just watch jacksonville will be better than 8-8 will playing 8 playoff contenders from last year….

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