Lions claim Bill Nagy off waivers, put Drew Coleman on IR

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The Lions shuffled up their roster on Thursday by placing one injured player on injured reserve and claiming another one off waivers.

Offensive lineman Bill Nagy was waived-injured by the Cowboys on Wednesday after he had surgery on his balky left ankle. Nagy fractured the ankle in the fourth game of the 2011 season and hurt it again practicing this year. Nagy was expected to be in the mix for the team’s center job after starting last season as a starting guard in Dallas, so you’d imagine that the Cowboys wanted to keep him on injured reserve this season.

Thanks to the Lions, that won’t happen. They claimed Nagy even though there’s a decent chance he won’t be able to play at all this year, a move we saw earlier in the offseason when the Patriots snapped up tight end Jake Ballard after the Giants put him on waivers. Center Dominic Raiola and guard Stephen Peterman are both free agents after the 2013 season, so it’s possible the Lions see Nagy as a potential piece to plug in down the road.

Detroit cleared room on the roster by placing veteran cornerback Drew Coleman on injured reserve. Coleman was signed after Aaron Berry was sent packing, but he suffered a head injury in practice that will cost him his chance to win a place in the Lions secondary.

13 responses to “Lions claim Bill Nagy off waivers, put Drew Coleman on IR

  1. Shrewd move by Mayhew, and more proof that he knows how to build a team.

    The Lions arrow keeps pointing up thanks to this head office.

  2. Good job Mayhew. Sticking it to Jerruh again! Solid pickup though if this guy could develop into Peterman or Raiola’s replacement.

  3. As a Cowboys fan, this is a bitter pill to swallow especially after the dismal performance by our offensive line on Monday. However, he was not going to be a cog in that machine this year, so its similar to Miracle Max coating Wesley’s miracle pill with chocolate in “The Princess Bride.” On that note: a message to the defenses of the NFC East; “Have fun storming the castle!”

  4. homelanddefense says:Aug 17, 2012 10:54 AM

    so where are all those people who vilified the Patriots for doing the same thing?
    Patriots shouldn’t have been taken to task. This is business. You put a guy out there, you take your risk. Surprising that the Boys would take this risk with rosters still at 90. Shouldn’t you have waited a few weeks to see the prognosis on a complete recovery?

  5. This guy will likely never reach potential. This is the 2nd year in a row that he’s had issues with the same leg, with this time needing surgery to fix. Seems like the kind of injury that could plague a guy and cut his career short. Good luck Nagy.

  6. “Potential”? I would say he’s far-surpassed his “potential” considering he was a 7th round pick and a backup (I believe to Peter Konz) almost his entire college career.

  7. HA! We also got our starting RG from the Cowboys, Stephen Peterman, because he was injured and Parcells was sick of waiting for him to heal up…thanks!

  8. Don’t forget mayhew’s utter fleecing of jerry as one of the very first moves he made after millen got canned during 0-16. Roy Williams became Pettigrew – the extra first round pick on top of the stafford pick.

  9. No one knows if this is a good move, not even Mayhew. He just makes informed gambles. Thats the best you can do in the NFL….followed by great player development of course..

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