Raiders quest for new stadium begins


The 49ers are getting a new stadium. And the other team that calls the Bay Area home is now looking at getting a new stadium of its own.

According to the Oakland Tribune, a “secret meeting” (not anymore) regarding a new home for the Raiders occurred on August 9, at the request of the NFL. Participants included owner Mark Davis, Raiders president Amy Trask, Oakland mayor Jean Quan, and other city officials.

“It was an important meeting because it is at a stage where the Raiders must develop a [stadium] option,” NFL spokesman Greg Aiello told the Tribune.

The options include building a new stadium in or near Oakland, staying at the current location in the existing stadium, and moving to Los Angeles.  Some league insiders believe the NFL would not allow Davis to move the team to L.A., unless he sells a controlling interest in the club.

The best option — even though it’s highly unlikely — would be for the 49ers and Raiders to share the new stadium being constructed in Santa Clara.

Despite what the bean counters call the “economies of scale” related to the construction of one stadium to be used by two teams, the two teams no longer can play in the preseason because a small pocket of their fans act like members of rival gangs.  Having the Raiders invade on a regular basis the 49ers “turf” could lead to ugly incidents in and around the stadium grounds.

Still, the Raiders currently share a stadium with the A’s, making Oakland’s football team the last NFL franchise to play on a field that sports a baseball infield until baseball season has ended.  At a time when the health and safety of players is taking on greater and greater importance, getting one of the teams out of Coliseum should be a priority for everyone.

63 responses to “Raiders quest for new stadium begins

  1. Sounds like hundreds of millions of dollars to build a new stadium that doesn’t really seem needed.

  2. Wait for MLB to move the A’s to San Jose and build a new stadium right there. They can play 1-2 seasons in Santa Clara if need be.

  3. Wouldn’t that be something, the Oakland-LA-Oakland-LA Raiders. And of course, after they moved to LA, Oakland would build a new stadium for the A’s and blow up the current building, then 15 years later build a new football stadium and the Raiders would move back. After 10 years, they would declare the new stadium obsolete and move to LA. Then….

  4. I lived in the Bay Area for years.

    #1) There is NO WHERE to build a new stadium in Oakland. The only option they’d really have is play at CAL while they demolish the stadium theyre in and build a new one but then you have to have the A’s involved in the deal also making it twice as complicated. Where do the A’s play while that’s happening?

    2) Oakland, like the rest of California, is bankrupt. It is managed by idiots that tax the hell out of their people and mismanage the money to pay off political favors. Jean Quan has to be one of the most incompetent mayors in the entire United States. Shes as corrupt as the day is old and the citizens of Oakland just continue to accept the incompetence theyve gotten for decades.

    3) Moving south to the Fremont area isnt really an option now with the Niners in spitting distance in Santa Clara due to the “turf war” mentioned in the article. Not to mention the price of property in the Bay Area anywhere is astronomical. You can’t build a porta-potty without it costing a mint so the ROI is 20+ years out. No one can afford to go to Raider games with the ticket prices as they are, does anyone actually think they’d go DOWN in a new stadium??

    4) Didnt Al Davis himself try doing this once??

    Bottom line, it sounds to me like the beginnings of a disaster that has the Raiders moving back to LA.

  5. There was an article on yesterday and it was about “ten brands that wont survive past this year”, wth the Oakland Raiders being one of them. They have them moving to LA

  6. The NFL should compromise. Instead of forcing Davis to sell the team in order to move to LA, they should just demand that he get a different hair cut.

    Seriously though, aren’t the Raiders the most practical franchise to move? No realignment necessary, their fan base is nationwide so it wouldn’t affect their popularity, and you wouldn’t be leaving a region with no team.

    Just Win/Win, baby.

  7. The best option — even though it’s highly unlikely — would be for the 49ers and Raiders to share the new stadium being constructed in Santa Clara

    49ers would never share a stadium with raiders. 0% chance

  8. I don’t wanna drive to Santa Clara. The City of Oakland has a great proposal – build a second stadium on the gigantic Oakland Coliseum lot if the A’s can’t go to San Jose. It has the best transportation routes and is easily accessible with little traffic from both sides of the bay (+ BART). And it has ALL THE HISTORY.

    Someday, I wanna take my son to the House of Thrills, as my father took me.

  9. Move the A’s or let them play on artificial turf and renovate the current location.

  10. Move the A’s. Casual and corporate fans need the shiny new facility, the real fans are good with the Mausoleum just the way it is.

  11. The Oakland Coliseum is right on the BART line — that’s tremendous and makes it easy and cheap to get there from nearly anywhere in the extended Bay area.

    The Raiders should remain in Oakland.

  12. There are rowdy 49er fans, the RAIDERS just get all the negative publicity because of the colors/history/Al Davis.

    The NFL should subsidize all new stadium projects instead of sticking it to the fans/taxpayers/city/county. Especially for teams with such a rich tradition, not to mention 3 SBs.

    The RAIDERS and their fanbase have been pigeonholed because of the renegade that was Al Davis and everything that the RAIDERS represent.

    The RAIDERS deserve a new stadium because the NFL is better when the RAIDERS are playing well. With Big Reg at the helm, playing well and winning games is not too far off.

  13. @tlmoon doesnt know what he’s talking about. the current location is an option that has been discussed for a couple years now. the idea is call Oakland live, and includes building a shopping mall and restaurants around the area that would really help to boost the economy. There have even been talks of private funding. Another thing discussed has been making the new stadium at the current location be a convention center as well, with a retractable roof on the stadium.

    The best idea economically, i agree would be to share with the niners. I think it has less to do with a “turf battle” than it does that the Raiders and Niners just dont want to share with each other. The Jets and Giants do it and there doesnt seem to be a ton of violence problems. It’s not like Niner fans are going to buy tickets to Raider games just to go stab someone, and vise versa. They play at different times.

    @tlmoon, tickets are really cheap currently for the coliseum compared to most nfl new stadium costs. the raiders still sell out games with real fans as opposed to corporate sponsorships. a new stadium would definitely change that. its a reality for Niner fans that many wont be able to afford the season tickets theyve had for so many years. same thing would happen for raiders fans as it does with every team when a brand new stadium is built.

  14. @hollywoodhulkhogansays. Seriously?? The Raiders have a more complete team them the 49ers? Lol. Silly man.

    Back to reality. The real reason why the 49ers and Raiders aren’t going to share the stadium in Santa Clara is because of Al Davis. Al Davis and Edward DeBartolo were life long friends. When Edward bought the 49ers it was because Al Davis called him and gave him the early heads up that the team might be for sale and put in a word with the NFL (before they hated him). Fast forward about 50 years and the 49ers spend 10 years trying to replace Candlestick. When it finally comes down to the nuts and bolts of it (about 3-4 years ago before Davis died) the 49ers reach an agreement to build the Santa Clara Stadium. Committing $845 million of their own money (now $1 billion) the York family out of loyalty, knowing full well that Oakland is going to be nearly impossible to build a new NFL only stadium, went to Al Davis and proposed a joint venture stadium. The NFL and the 49ers wanted to set up a deal similar to what the Jets/Giants did with the New Jersey Stadium. The 49ers basically told Davis that they would alter the design of the Stadium so signage would reflect the home team similar to what they did in New Jersey. The Jets/Giants split none gameday revenue and ad money 50/50 and keep their home game money. This would have dramatically increased money for the Raiders and over the lifetime of the stadium taken money out of the 49ers pocket but the NFL really wanted this to happen and Jed York felt loyalty to Davis for helping his grandfather secure the rights to buy the 49ers. You know what David proposed??? The 49ers paying for the entire stadium, still co-branding it for both teams, the Raiders keeping all of their gameday revenue, giving the Raiders 40% of the ad revenue and paying half the amount in annual rent that they pay at the junked up Coliseum. For 6 months Jed and the NFL tried to reason with Al then finally said screw it because plans new to be finalized. Al died 8 months later.

  15. If the HATERS didn’t know who the king of the bay is then they definitely will know by the end of this!! Let me help you out!!

    Take 880 South bound
    Then take 205 Towards Stockton
    Follow that until you reach I-5 South Bound Towards LA
    Merge on to I-5 towards LA
    Follow that 300 plus miles
    Next stop LA
    est. time 6hrs

  16. Malls in areas that don’t really need malls don’t do jack for the economy.

    Who is going to rent these stores? Is the minimum wage employees going to boost the whole area with there large “purchases” at the nearest Rent-A-Center?

  17. @robgilman – if tickets are so cheap, why are the Raiders constantly blacked out?

    As we all know, the NFL is a business. Each TEAM is in fact its own business. Obviously NFL revenue sharing negates that a bit, however, from a ticket sales perspective how is is fair to the Niners organization that went through hell to get themselves a new stadium. How is it now that we have the Raiders organization say “we should be able to share what you’ve done for our own gain”? Is that logical? That sounds like the “shared prosperity” crap that Obama is touting.

    Newsflash to the Raiders Org: “YOU DIDNT BUILD THAT” – that being the Santa Clara stadium and you shouldnt now get a piece of the pie after the fact. If they wanted to be involved, they should have been involved from the beginning in the Santa Clara deal. The Jets and Giants worked out a deal together LONG ago to make all of that stadium happen. Its not the same.

  18. Hello raiders fans I know u guys love me as much as I love u. Ok now my 2 cents. How is Oakland going to do this they are bankrupt. You have riots oh I mean organized protest in the streets over taxes and poor government but ur going to build a new stadium. By the way I know u guys in Oakland love it but just like SD the stadium is a dump. Now to the 1st poster seriously the niners made the nfc championship game last yr and u missed the playoffs again. Think we know who is the better bay area franchise. Just saying u guys have talent but zero depth when the injuries start hitting ur team the season is going right down the drain as usual. I belive and mark my words the chiefs are going to win the west this yr. Now on the move back to la I don’t have an opinion on that ill hate u guys no matter where the team plays. I’ll just be glad I won’t have to go to that dump to watch the game anymore. Got to go back to work now I know that’s strange to hear but we people hear in kc actually work for a living so bye bye and go chiefs….

  19. One fans pain is another fans celebration!!

    I will not be shedding a tear when they are gone!!

    Just like Mickey D’s
    ” Badda boppa baa… I’m loving it!!” LATER!!!!!!

  20. @tlmoon, the raiders sold out every game last year. please educate yourself before speaking. yes they struggle to sell out games, which is a problem for any team that has been as bad as the raiders have been for as long as they have. Tickets for an NFL game are expensive in general, but coliseum tickets are not nearly as expensive as what it will cost for Niner fans to attend the games in Santa Clara. What is your argument? It’s a fact. Season tickets start as low as $200 in Oakland. Trust me you arent going to get that for Cowboys tickets.

  21. Cali49707,…your team has dumped SF,..the Santa Clara 49ers,..nice ring to it,…(SF already sueing the Niners, wont allow them to use SF),…and bro, you dont have a QB, and you FOR SURE arent yet over that choke job at Candestick last January,..the Giant fans took over your stadium and mocked you as you were crying in the parking lot…but have a nice day loser. LMAO

  22. hey @tlmoon, you didnt build your residence! why should you live in it??

    Because you pay for it, right?

    The Jets currently act as tenants to the Giants stadium, since the Giants had rights to the stadium first. It would be the same situation if the Raiders moved into Santa Clara. It’s basically paying rent, a benefit to cost for the 49ers.

    The issue is exactly what has been stated above. there has always been disagreement between the two teams regarding a new stadium, not helped by Al Davis’ stubborness. the ship has sailed for the Raiders having equal sharing rights. It’s not likely but not completely out of the question with Al no longer being around.

  23. The Toronto Raiders ? I don’t see them in the CFL and your not exactly distinguishing yourselves with the few Bill games you host .

    You do know the Raiders sold out all their games last season ? Does the Rogers Center even have half the stadium full for a Bills game ?

    Your not ready for the real thing Toronto . Enjoy your CFL .

  24. The NFL blocking the Raiders’ move to LA is discriminatory!!

    The Raiders have done nothing to warrant any blockage of movement!!! Mark Davis should sue if this is the case because more than likely this is because of personal dislike and nothing related to violations of NFL by-laws!!!

    Plus, is this not blatant anti-trust because if the Raiders can get a Los Angeles stadium that helps for at least one Super Bowl and creates revenues in anyway for the NFL to benefit while the 31 other teams get together and minimize profit???

    Plus, how hypocritical does the NFL look when its teams approve of Goodell letting Mike Vick and Pacman Jones back in when they did stuff that’s worse than whatever Mark Davis could ever do???

    Plus, the NFL technically committed collusion during the uncapped season by having an unofficial cap When spending was supposed to be unlimited!!!

    Mark Davis is doing things that everyone is praising him for!!! He’s doing things that good owners do and Reggie McKenzie is viewed as this great GM even though he’s never entered a full season as a GM yet!!!

    Mark is a law abiding citizen and owner and deserves a fair shot for Los Angeles!!! If the owners are likely blocking his move they’re probably doing something illegal and deserve litigation if they are treating him unfairly!!!

  25. @tlmoon,

    I don’t know how long you moved away, but I believe things may have changed since then.

    The only thing you are correct about is the leadership of Oakland. Everything else, you are pretty far off the mark.

    You should listen to robgilman, because he has correctly countered all your points and really made you look foolish.

  26. good article Mike, but I feel the gangbangers don’t act like rival gang members, they “are” rival gang members. As far as niner turf, I think the bay area has really no one team “turf” I mean the bay area has niner fans and raiders fans throughout the bay area on both sides of the bay, but in reality it’s a raider nation.

    I really like the site that Mark Davis mentioned previously which is located in Dublin/Pleasanton. Camp Parks would be a great site for both the Raiders and the A’s. As far as the nfl telling him he can’t move to LA, I can assure you his response would be , “See you in court” again. Which seems to be this commissioners legacy.

  27. The current location is the perfect spot. Public transportation as well as a direct rout to 880 for all the auto traffic. Not to mention the surrounding area is in dire need of a face lift. Its much more likely that the Raiders get the new stadium and the A’s move on as they draw a crowd of about 3000 per game which does not sit well with Slug Selig.

  28. I’ll never understand how flagship franchises like the Raiders and 49ers struggle to get new stadiums when organizations that have historically meant nothing to the NFL like the Seahawks and Cardinals make it look so easy.

  29. Didn’t the Rams and Raiders already prove LA is NOT a good place for the NFL. Isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing over again and expecting a different outcome? Just stay in Oakland. Build a new stadium on the current location. Even if the A’s have to play in the same stadium, it’s hard to believe there is no new technology to solve the problem of the baseball infield during the early part of the football season. If you can retract a roof, there must be something you can do to move the infield around.

  30. there has been a lot of talk about a coliseum city located where the current raiders/a’s and warrior stadiums are located. iircc the city already owns most of the land in the area. the city has been having meetings and many many fans have been in attendance as well.
    i am glad that goodell is finally getting involved. he seemed to have a large part in the vikings getting that deal done. it appeared they were on their way to la then goodell stepped in at almost the midnight hour and helped facilitate that stadium deal

  31. as a raider fan i think the 49ers are respectable team and that it be cool for both bay area teams to share stadium but its obvious to most people that BOTH those teams have some fans that cant just enjoy a nice sunday game without starting fights, arguments, and making a scene and ruins other fans time

  32. @ tlmoon2112

    Raiders sold out every game last year with an 8-8 team, Stop talking please

  33. @bloggingpoodlewalker

    Were not changing anything you IDIOT!! This shouldn’t hurt one bit for the Oakland Hater fans. All the losses over the years, what’s ONE more loss?? Even if it is the TEAM!!!! LMAO

    You should have grown up 9ER fans (rich winning tradition)

  34. @bloggingpoodlewalker

    Did you just bring up the NFC Championship game?? Typical Oakland Hater fan, commenting on a playoff game from my team, While your team CANT even make the playoffs!! Make it there & WIN 5 THEN TALK CHUMP!!

  35. hollywoodhulkhogansays is probably mentored by steelershave6ringersandlookdownandlaughatyou

    What ever happened to that character anyways?

  36. I love all the haters, just goes to show the Raiders are back on track.

    But don’t let the facts get in your way. In the past yes there were blackouts but the raiders had not control over ticket sales then and since the raiders took over tickets sale it has been all sell outs, and true sell outs as stated before not sponsers buying up seats for pennies on the dollar that go un used. You know like those other guys a crossed the bay.

    As for funding if you do your homework there is already a company out of Sac that has full funding and plans to build 2 new standiums for both the A’s and the Raiders on the same site currently used. This would bring many new jobs and tax rev to the area which has been fighting to rebound.

    As for the whiner fans talking about Oakland being getto. THE WHINERS PLAY IN HUNTERS POINT! Most the people that go to those games could never walk thru there any other time. That is one of if not the worst area in the bay.

  37. tlmoon2112 says:Aug 17, 2012 8:49 AM

    I lived in the Bay Area for years.

    You have? If so, then do you get out of your mom’s basement? Have you ever been to the coliseum complex?

    There’s no place to build a stadium? You’re either a moron or have a hidden agenda and are outright throwing out false information. Option 1, the stadium would be built right across the parking lot from the current stadium. The Raiders or A’s would have to go nowhere while the stadium is being built. There’s more than enough room on the coliseum site to do this. Some parking would be lost but that could be fixed rather easily, as the city owns a lot of nearby land (you know the land where the entertainment complex would be built).

    The coliseum site is near many existing hotels and the BART station is right there. The stadium is right next to the highway too. It’s really a perfect site, and the entertainment complex is a great idea.

    The team is on the upswing, and the new era of excellence should happen in Oakland where the team forged its identity and belongs.

    The only thing that should be moving to LA is you.

  38. since the niners are now the Santa Clara 49ers, (not sure if they are changing their uniforms to pink and purple to reflect the pride of their fan base like cali49er707)maybe the raiders could build a new venue adjancent to the warriors new venue in SF, and just call them the “Raider Nation”

  39. tlmoon2112 says:Aug 17, 2012 8:49 AM

    I lived in the Bay Area for years

    we all know the current location is a great location. Has BART access, Is 5 minutes from the airport which is doing a train connection to the colisuem station, and is right off the freeway. There is plenty of room to build a baseball only ballpark, and a football only stadium.

    The other reality it is pretty much ghetto all around there. Raiders can get away with charging $35 bucks to park your car there, because nobody wants to park anywhere else in the area.

  40. The location is great, especially with BART and an ability to tailgate there. The only other good location would be around Jack London Square by the water. However, traffic would be a nightmare.

    That said, Alameda County residents are still paying for the last useless renovations that Al demanded in order to return back to Oakland from LA. Oakland has a multibillionaire owner in a league worth hundreds of billions of dollars. The taxpayers are already strangled enough as it is.

    Enough is enough. Let the billionaires pay for their own places of work.

  41. Shouldn’t they have to have a winning season 1st. Ten years of suck doesn’t say new stadium to me. Of course their fans are all uneducated so what do they know.

  42. Ok, a few things:

    – The Raiders will never move to a pit like Fremont. However, that is the only option for the A’s when their lease at the Oakland Coliseum expires at the end of 2013. Bank on that.

    – The Warriors are already making plans to move in 2017. So, you can go ahead and toss that indoor complex that currently sits on the Coliseum lot in the garbage once that happens.

    – The Raiders can bide their time and wait for space to clear. Once that happens, they can build a state-of-the-art NFL-only complex that will be the envy of the entire bay area. Not only will it be state-of-the-art, it will be strategically located in the heart of the bay area, completely BART accessible, and within easy reach of many bay area freeways.

    The 49ers? They will be in an outlier market on the fringe of the bay in deep south bay. People will go out of their way to avoid going to 49er games just for the traffic alone. I 880 and 101 are the only freeway options, and on weekends, you might as well just shoot yourself in the head for a better experience. And, for those people, BART is not an option.

    – The Raiders are not welcome in the LA and I doubt the NFL wants to put up with another move fiasco from this club.

    – The Raiders are a global brand. The 49ers are not. Just sayin’…

    In short, the people who think the Raiders are going to move haven’t really thought through things with any sense of nuance.

  43. Raiders need their own stadium. The Giants/Jets
    love affair is fine for them. I as a Niner don’t want
    no part of a shared plan. Build where they are or
    move them back to LA, I don’t care. Just keep
    them out Santa Clara.

  44. @robgilman @Chargers have no rings

    THE ONLY REASON why O.Co was sold out last year was because of 2 for 1 tickets!!!!!

    You can’t even fill up MT.Davis without going 50% off. WTH makes you think your going to fill a new stadium and all the price increases that come along with it?

    I realize it must be annoying living under the shadow of the Niners, but your just gonna have to deal with it.

  45. Raiders are forever a world known team .. Unlike you’re 49ers .. The giants as well as the 49ers will never have the same based loyal fans as the raiders do .. 49ers fans only come out when they’re winning .. Other than that you don’t hear from them .. Raiders fans stay loyal to they’re team . Not some fake ass team fans .. Who think that ate better ..

  46. Your last paragraph is nonsense. While Field Turf is certainly much safer than the old Astro Turf (and like products), it is still somewhat more dangerous than is either grass or mud.

    The flimsiest excuse imaginable for the expenditure of taxpayer dollars is the elimination of the “unsightly” marks of the infield, yet that is what your and their argument amounts to.

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