Raiders think they can have a Top 5 defense


The Raiders ranked 29th in the NFL in yards allowed and 31st in touchdowns allowed last season, but they’re confident that this year will be different. Very different.

Raiders defensive lineman Richard Seymour said at the start of training camp that he believes Oakland can have a Top 5 defense this season, and teammate Tommy Kelly said Thursday that he feels the same way.

Most definitely,” Kelly said. “To me, the biggest change is probably [head coach Dennis Allen] and [defensive coordinator Jason] Tarver. It is just attention to details, the little things. DA harps on that all day long. It helps because you see the mental errors on the field, on the practice field and even in the game, we’re down. The technique, we can fix that. If we cut down on the mental errors and the penalties, people are going to have a hard time dealing with us.”

Kelly has been with the Raiders since 2004, and he said he can already see — through one preseason game — that there’s a difference with the new coaching staff.

“This is the first time in nine years that we have looked that good tackling in the first game of the preseason,” Kelly said. “So whatever they are doing it must be working.”

The new approach is going to have to work really well for the Raiders’ defense to be as good as Seymour and Kelly think.

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  1. Its not impossible. R.M has gotten rid of Coach Davis overpaid under achieving “great playaaa’s” on D. Has also gotten rid of Coach Davis puppet DC running the Coach Davis simplistic antique D…….

    Its gonna be fun to watch an actual modern up to date D. Not one that blitzed fewer times then any other team. Doesn’t play man to man with a single high safety 99% of the time. Also one that will actually be disciplined and actually know how to line up on sides…..

  2. i think they feel that way because of the linbacker. If Rolondo can play up to the expectation of where heis drafted then a good possibilty. With a defensive head coach, wheeler and a healthy curry raiders d will be improved.

  3. The Raiders really could have a top 5 defense, but just an average defense this year will be enough. The offense should easily be top 10, if not top 5. Even with all the injuries and chaos last season, the offense still finished #9. If the defense can just be average, then this is a plat off team and the AFC West champion. Remember, the Texans were near the bottom of the league in 2010. Houston did a 180 and became a top 10 defense last year. Dennis Allen took the rock bottom #32 Denver defense in 2010 and got it to #20 last year, and he’s working with much more in Oakland. There’s no way a defense with the d-line we have and safeties we have should be poor. It’s really been about coaching and scheme for the last few years. It also helps we’ve replcaed average situational players (i.e., Wimbley) with all around good defensive players like Wheeler. The corners we have now in Bartell and Spencer, while not the best in the league, are certainly better than what we had in Routt and Johnson.

    Also, a huge point is that other teams won’t know what we are doing for the first tome since 1963. For the first time in almost 50 years the D coordinator will have total freedom to implement the system he thinks will give the best chance to win. This can’t be empasized enough.

    I really can’t wait for the season to start to see how this D looks. I think it will have improved enough to get us to the play offs. If it really turns out to be top 10 or even top 5, then look out. The Raiders will be deadly.

  4. depth in the secondary and at linebacker worries me. No doubt this will be an improved defense, but they have a lot of unproven guys in the defensive backfield. D-line is solid.

  5. Wish these guys would just shut up and prove it on the field. All this does is give ammunition to idiots like milehigh26 and his oh-so-original ‘Faiders’ comment.

    Just proves how totally ignorant Donkey fan is…can’t come up with anything else?

  6. Not a chance in hell as long as Aaron Curry is still on that team. He singlehandedly made the Seahawks defense awful, when he was finally traded they became a top 10 defense overnight.

  7. @Stupid Raiders Fan

    Corners worry me too, but I believe with the system seeming to be more aggresive than in the the past, the corners should be helped by an improved pass rush.

    The key is the LBs. Any type of improvement in the LB play and this defense could be a big surprise.

  8. corner is a big question mark we still lack depth at that position. DLine has always been the best part of the defense the past couple of years. added some good LB depth this off-season plus this is McClain’s make or break year. not to mention an actual DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR i love Al & will always have great reapect for him, but his defensive scheme was extremely outdated.

  9. All depends on the CB play. A healthy Aaron Curry will help too. But really, what the hell do you expect them to say????? Why does pre season talk get so much press?

    RAIDER NATION!!!!!!!

  10. Top 5 defense would be very tough. I’ll take a top 15 defense in which case I think the Raiders would win 10 games and get to the playoffs. All the pieces are there for them to have a big time offense. Carson Palmer will have a big season (just cut down on the forced INTs) and I believe this is the year Darren McFadden plays at least 14 or 15 games and has a MVP type season. Also watch Denarius Moore breakout in 2012.

  11. They THINK they can have a top 5 D. No $h!t!! What are they supposed to say? That they are going to be bottom 5 again? They won’t say that.
    But realistically they will probably finish the year somewhere in the bottom 10.

  12. Are you kidding?? They will be worn out considering the time of possession with the status quo offense. Maybe a top 5 with 13 guys out on the field at one time!

  13. Possible. The scheme really, really plays well to the roster. The players seem to rave about it and are buying in. The D-line is ridiculous, May not be the star-studded Line like the Giants … but

    Shaugnessy, Lamar Houston, Jack Crawford, Kelly, Seymour, Bryant, Hamilton, Bilukidi, Toffelson ….

    Exceptional depth and skill.

    McClain being coached correctly, Curry, Wheeler …. solid LB core, high IQ’s

    back end Branch, Huff …mitchell too

    bartell will be slolid…

    the other DB spot is the ONLY weak spot …. Shawntae Spencer is not an every down starter in this league, DVD might have to take that from him, or someone.

  14. I always thought that the Raiders would be better once Al Davis had moved on from this plane of existence.

    It won’t happen overnight, but they’ve finally got a real front office and a real coaching staff instead of a bunch of Yes-Men to the Cryptkeeper. Not that Davis sucked his entire career, but he didn’t seem to “get” a lot of the ways the league changed over the decades. Setting the league record for most consecutive ten-loss seasons was a surefire sign of that.

    Not sure about the top-five stuff, but the mere fact that they seem to have a coaching staff that’s actually serious about reducing penalties will go one hell of a long way towards making them a better team.

  15. It’s getting pretty crowded in this “Top 5 Defense” talk between Raiders and Jets.

    The Top 3 Defenses in the NFL are Steelers, Ravens, and Niners. You can dispute who deserves which spot but that’s the top 3. Not sure who the next two would be but I’d never put Raiders in there and probably not Jets.

  16. they will be improved…facts are this.

    Raiders have their first defensive head coach since John Madden.

    Raiders D-coord is no dummy like Breshnahan as he has his master degree in biochemistry, and molecular bilogy.

    Rolondo McClain finally put a hit on somebody which resulted in injuring Witten spleen last week.

    Reggie Mckenzie has already noticed how Wheeler is making an impact. Miles Burris is looking good as well. Curry just need to get health for run d packages.

    Shaunnesy is back, so front 4 of Houston, Seymour, Kelly, and Shaunnesy is one of best in NFL.

    Secondary ….time will tell, but spencer, and bartell should be better tandem then the injury depleted unit we fielded last year.

    Offense under Carson, outstanding receivers, and healthy DMC will keep raiders d off the field.

  17. “commitment2excrement says:
    For all your reasons why you “think” you will be a top 5 in anything other then penalties…..

    Your still the oakland raiders.”

    Do you have all of your answers pre-typed?
    Instead of being supportive of YOUR team, you have a screen name that attacks another team.
    You must lead a sorry life.

    And by the way it’s “you’re” and “O”akland “R”aiders.
    Find a tutor.

  18. It seems that the players are now officially as delusional as thier fans.

    This defense wouldn’t be top 5 in the SEC.

    Actually, I would bet on them being #32 long before I’d bet on them being top 5.

    PS: The Chiefs have the best defense in the division by a wide margin.

  19. dallasfan89 says: Aug 17, 2012 4:02 PM

    Beat up on a bad o line against Dallas in a preseason game and now they think they are top 5. Just wait til the real games are played
    Seymour made that statement at the start of training camp, as MDS pointed out. Seems like the star is sharper than the fans down there. Still, Seymour shouldn’t be talking. It would be nice if they could end in the top 20. Top 15 would be impressive. They’re pretty strong up front, and the safeties are solid, but the corners have a low ceiling, they don’t have an impact linebacker, and they don’t have much depth at LB or DB.

  20. Crabtree has a better chance of having the best hands in the league before the Raiders are top 5 in D.

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