Ray Willis retires from Chiefs after replacing retiring player


When tackle Tony Ugoh retired after spending less than a week as a member of the Chiefs, Kansas City reached deep into the bag of available offensive tackles to find a replacement.

They dug up Ray Willis, who hasn’t played in the NFL since starting all 16 games for the Seahawks in 2009. He had brief stints with both the Saints and the Jets before making his way to Kansas City where the Chiefs hoped to find something they could use as an experienced backup at tackle.

No such luck. Josh Looney of the team’s website passes along word that Willis has decided to take a page from the Ugoh playbook and call it a career. This might have been a case of jumping before getting pushed, so we won’t read anything into a larger trend of players going to Kansas City before being 100 percent sure that they didn’t want to play football anymore. After all, Marcus McNeill didn’t bother with that step before deciding to find another line of work.

Donald Stephenson and David Mims will continue battling for the backup tackle gig unless the Chiefs decide to spin the wheel one more time.

16 responses to “Ray Willis retires from Chiefs after replacing retiring player

  1. The Chiefs retired from being serious Superbowl contenders in the early 70’s brother.

  2. If an offensive lineman drafted by Seattle during the Tim Ruskell era is seen as some kind of answer, you are asking the wrong question.

    Sole exception to this rule is Max Unger.

  3. Both Stephenson and Mims have shown great potential and looked good in the first preseason games. This move will hopefully prevent either Mims or Stephenson from having to be placed on the practice squad and being poached by another team.

  4. They would have just rode the pine anyway. If they don’t want to be part of a playoff team, then K.C. doesn’t want them anyway.

    BTW, whats up with all of you WWE groupies??? Don’t you think it’s pretty pathetic to act like some fake “wrestlers”? My gosh, Hulk Hogan isn’t even around anymore, act your age, BROTHER.

  5. KC didn’t really need either guy. They obviously couldn;t hang. The Chiefs are headed to the Playoffs this year and Yes they do have a strong O Line, offense, defense and the best coach sone Schottenheimer. It is going to be a Good year to be a Chiefs fan.

  6. NFL Football is too physically and mentally demanding to lay off for 3 years and then try a come back. (Vick not withstanding as his was a “forced” retirement)
    Guy probably made a smart move to call it quits.

  7. Should have signed Favre a few years ago. Then we would not have had to go through listening to that fiasco year by year.

  8. I didn’t mind as much as most others seem to when there was only one hulkhogansays. Maybe because he’s a ‘Skins fan. But with at least 2 copycats now it IS getting a bit tiresome. But the Chiefs still have a strong O-line. I’m still sore about the bogus salary-cap penalties that prevented the Redskins from going after Eric Winston, who would have been a perfect fit and filled a dire need with Jamaal Brown being so obviously unreliable. Now we’re just screwed.

  9. I’m 41 years old and never seen the Chiefs play in a Super Bowl.

    I have an 18 year old son that’s never seen them win a playoff game.


  10. Actually i do believe that the Chiefs had a good team about 8 years ago. Mostly stacked on offense, lights out, especially with Priest Holmes.

    My point is that they should have won a playoff game back then but if i do recall their kicker sent them into a spiral when he missed a field goal from the 5 yard line.

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