Reggie Bush is still talking about taking the rushing title


August is the month for unrealistic predictions, and a guy who has been making one since long before August is Dolphins running back Reggie Bush.

Bush aims to lead the league in rushing.

“I believe in setting the highest goals possible,” Bush said, via the Associated Press. “If you’re not setting the highest standards for yourself, then you don’t belong in this game.”

Never mind the fact that Bush has never finished in the top 10 in rushing, and that he has only one 1,000-yard effort in six NFL seasons, with 1,086 in 2011.  And let’s set aside for now the fact that Bush lands closer to Ryan Mathews than Emmitt Smith on the durability meter.

Bush simply may not get the chances necessary to come within bullhorn distance of the top of the heap because of the change in the team’s offense.  Last year, former coach Tony Sparano was willing to let Bush be the bell cow.  This year, there’s a much better chance that the Dolphins will be using a revolving door at the position, like new coach Joe Philbin’s former team . . . and like Bush’s former team.

So even if Bush stays healthy and runs hard every time he gets the ball, he simply may not get the ball enough times to overcome the final output of someone who does.

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  1. Leading the league in rushing may be a stretch – but being top-5 all purpose yards is not………..Go Get Em Reggie!

    People said he could not be a lead rusher and he proved them wrong last year. If he stays healthy he will make big plays all year!

  2. He does set the highest goal possible. He leads the league in Hiesmans returned.

    I don’t think anyone can challenge that record.

  3. YouGetTheHorns says:
    Aug 17, 2012 12:16 PM
    He does set the highest goal possible. He leads the league in Hiesmans returned.

    I don’t think anyone can challenge that record.


    While that was pretty funny, I really think Bush proved something last year. I think he proved he can be an effective lead back when used the right way. Leading the league in rushing is probably not going to happen but he could definitely improve on last year if given the touches. If so, something like 1200 yds 7-8 tds is not out of the question. He has a ton of talent & finally started to put it together last year. He may have 6 years under his belt but they weren’t normal RB years taking tons of hits as a lead back so he should have some tread left on the tires. And while Philbin didn’t run a ton in GB, he also doesn’t have the best QB in the NFL anymore. Instead he has a rookie (who will start) & the best friend a rookie QB can have is a good running game.

  4. With our spread offense, and the fact we drafted Reggie Bush lite (Lamar Miller), I can’t see Reggie leading the league in rushing yards. However he has the potential to lead the league in all-purpose yards with the amount of screens and HB dumps we will likely throw to em, not to mention if he still returns any punts to inflate his numbers.

  5. Why not? Had a breakout year last year. Leading a league in rushing may be tough but he can certainly be a top 10 RB. This guy has dropped way off the radar. Remember in 06 when everyone laughed after the Texans passed on Bush and Leinart? Seems like such a long time ago now.

  6. It wont happen Reggie. Its nice to have goals, but you might want to make them more realistic.

    With Foster, Rice, Peterson, McCoy, and Johnson all playing and healthy (hopefully) you arent going to make the top 5.

    Top 5 should be more your goal. Its going to be hard to keep up with guys that are horses, and guys that average over 5ypc.

  7. The guy has the talent to do it, just don’t think Miami’s system will allow him to do it. He has a better chance of leading the league in yards from scrimmage.

  8. bgoochy says: Aug 17, 2012 12:36 PM

    I think the Hulk Hogan gimmick poster needs to be banned.


    Watch out or i will take a chair to your back brother!!

  9. While I definitely agree in that he’s never going to lead the league in rushing (or ever be close to that for that matter), I don’t think you can dismiss him as a scrub RB just yet when with the most carries he’s ever had in his career last year (216), he put up his second-highest YPC (5.0).

  10. Eagleswoot, not one of those guys average 5 yards per carry only Bush did. Get your facts straight. people seem to forget we are going to start a rookie QB. Running game is going to be in full effect this year. Also Bush hopefully we lead the league in yards from scrimmage with how much receiving he will do.

  11. Hey Reggie how about concentrating on TEAM goals?? Real fans want to see the TEAM win, only fantasy football idiots care about individual stats. By the way, last years leading rusher was on one of the worst teams in the league, is that where you want to be this year?

  12. @ Maximusprime107 there both delusional i dont even know why you bring ponder into this topic you must be a packer fan

  13. I believe if Bush gets the ball 20-25 times a game he could end up in the top 5. I think Reggie has matured a bunch since coming into the league. His running style is much less east west and he holds on to the ball much better. Top RB no, top 5, yes.

  14. This is like the 5th time I have read this same story on the same website must be another slow day

  15. I like Reggie Bush, but if he gets 25 carries per game, plus catches passes out of the backfield, plus runs back punts, he will not only make the occasional spectacular play, but – unfortunately – he will also lead the league in fumbles lost.

  16. didn’t you guys write the same thing last year? and then he made a fool out of you? So then you have to change it up again this year.. and the year after.. until you are finally right.

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