Ryan Tannehill doesn’t offend, doesn’t inspire in starting debut


If this was quarterback Ryan Tannehill’s test drive, he hit a few potholes, but was generally able to get the car back to the dealership in one piece.

The Dolphins rookie, in his first opportunity with the starting offense had a mixed bag of a debut, but didn’t necessarily embarrass himself in a half of work. Mostly, he looked like a guy who could use some help.

He went three-and-out on his first two possessions, before gaining a first down just before the end of the first quarter.

And this is against a Carolina defense that struggled mightily a year ago, and didn’t add significant parts to look as dominant as they were Friday night. But the energy the Panthers played with and a few drops kept Tannehill’s night from looking better.

In the second quarter, there was something resembling rhythm. The Dolphins were rolling him out, using some no-huddle to try to keep the Panthers on their heels.

He got a touchdown drive out of the deal, and a 11-of-23 passing for 100 yards at the half seems like an accurate representation of his performance.

But the Panthers actually had a pass rush (which they didn’t last year), and were able to move him off his spot when he did intend to pass from the pocket.

It wasn’t a lot to look at, but the absence of abject failure might have been enough to win him a job.

21 responses to “Ryan Tannehill doesn’t offend, doesn’t inspire in starting debut

  1. Would be a good idea if the line would do their job. But nothing is gonna help this receiving core.

  2. Not sure why anyone is surprised. It was obvious that the Dolphins made a desperate move drafting a WR to play QB in the NFL. Trading for Tebow would have been the better move. I stand by my comment that only RGIII and Wilson will succeed at QB in the NFL from the latest draft brother.

  3. I was asked which quarterback from last season does Ryan Tannehill remind you of, Cam Newton or Andy Dalton. My response was neither, I said he is closer to Blaine Gabbert. The Dolphins have a rookie quarterback throwing to a group of #3 and #4 wide receiver. The offensive line is above average and the running is decent which means the Dolphins are headed to a 2-14 season. I am just giving a fair and unbias observation.

  4. An honest question here: why is a preseason game considered to be a rookie’s debut?

    These are completely meaningless games, neither team showing much of their playbooks, neither teams play with 100% intensity, all stats are essentially thrown away once the season starts… and so I ask again, why is this being considered Tannehill’s “debut”. It’s a bunch of BS.

    Tannehill, and every other rookie that plays, won’t make their debut until opening day.

  5. Kevin Kolb 2.0…..So desperate to prove that this guy can play QB is laughable…..Go with Garrard, a proven player and let this kid learn…..or better yet, dangle him as trade bait and see how valuable he really is……not so…….

    Or, play him and really suck this year and get first crack at the next shiny new penny in M. Barkley, another overrated player…….

  6. Tannehill has absolutely no help out there…none! Aside from Reggie Bush, the Dolphins have minimal NFL talent at the skill positions. The offense line play, easpecially on the right side of the line was atrocious.

  7. again…. Tannehill starting is part of the Hard Knocks drama… Philbin is just giving him some first team reps…..

    they will flip and Moore will start… as he should.

    but for Moore to get anything done, the O line has to deliver…. and last night they didn’t look any better than their 30th place showing last year. They were terrible.

  8. Tannehill will be fine… The play calling for the 1st quarter sucked and was trying to getvavrunning game going to setup play-action. The Right side Oline was high school quality, the officiating was bad and over-the-top in calls and finally the receivers can’t catch! I am a lifelong Fins and defended the Fins preseason for months here, but it looks like a winning record is impossible this year unless the D gets healthy and can put pressure on a QB and the Off finds some mojo.

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