Ryan Tannehill to start for Dolphins tonight


Ryan Tannehill is taking a big step closer to becoming the Miami Dolphins’ starting quarterback.

Tannehill will start tonight’s preseason game at Carolina, according to broadcaster Dick Stockton, who calls play-by-play on the Dolphins’ preseason broadcasts.

Several recent reports have indicated that Tannehill is the best quarterback in Dolphins camp at the moment, especially after David Garrard went down with a knee injury last week. Tannehill is a rookie, but he’s a rookie who played for offensive coordinator Mike Sherman in college and therefore has more experience in the offense than Garrard or incumbent starter Matt Moore.

If Tannehill plays well tonight, he may just follow Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III and Brandon Weeden and become the NFL’s fourth rookie starting quarterback this season.

49 responses to “Ryan Tannehill to start for Dolphins tonight

  1. Might as well give him a shot it’s not like they’re benching Tom Brady to get to him. Now if he only had somebody to throw to hmmmm…

  2. I feel bad for Matt Moore. He did a lot with very little last season. And he has been rewarded with nothing.

    I honestly believe if the Dolphins had named him the starter before camp, and let him take the entire preseason as #1, (getting all those snaps with the starters) the Dolphins would be in a much better situation.

    Instead, Philbin is playing around and making it a competition, and I honestly believe he is making his players worse for it. These guys need to develop a rhythm, and get continuity with the other players.

  3. He seems to be the one gem in Miami. Can we please talk about their tight ends for a second? Between the 3rd rounder and the undrafted guy who cannot block or get off the line and is built like a small receiver, I have never seen such a mickey mouse unit in all my years of Hard Knocks. I never thought I would be delighted to have a 40 year old Dallas Clark and Luke Stocker in Tampa Bay.

  4. Kid looked good against the Bucs last week. We welcome his skill, effort and the potential for some Fin wins this year!

  5. Only RGIII and Wilson will have success from the last draft in the NFL brother. Guaranteed.

  6. This is going to garner some thumbs-down, but man, that guy has small hands, and you can kind of see it in that photo. Dave Kreig had small hands, too. Good QB to be sure, but he also held at one time (and may still hold) the NFL record for fumbles.

  7. It would be insane for Miami not to start him.

    Miami is awful, they took the kid with the eighth pick and they’re going to “save him” on a team that will be lucky to win 5 to 7 games????

    2012 should be about nothing other than getting him every snap humanly possible to get him used to NFL defenses and the speed of the game.

    Even a team being run by Jeff “Teflon” Ireland can’t be stupid enough to have this kid standing around holding a clipboard this year.

  8. He isnt going to look so great after our starting D line gets after his tail!! Oh wait yeah he will!!

  9. Play the rookie… Run the hell out of the ball this first year then slowly add to the passing game. Also, Miami get some receiver help for the kid. According to Hard Knocks an undrafted rookie is their best receiver which is pathetic.

  10. I mean why not? He is “the future” right? And if there isn’t much separating him from Moore… why not let Tannehill take his reps. Unfortunate for Moore though. It’s got to be tough… what more could he do?

  11. By all accounts Tannehill outplayed Moore in the preseason opener, as well as in practice thus far. Matt Moore had last game to work with the starters, now Tanehill gets his chance; Philbin will make his choice based on what he sees.

    I say the No. 8 pick does indeed start week one.

  12. No other choice but to start him. It is a 2 horse race with Garrard out. Moore started last week, so Tanny gets to bevwith the 1’s thiscweek. Then Philbin can make a decision for the “dress rehearsal” against the Falcons as he planned all along. My gripe is the Defense will look horrid without 3 major starters. I hope Pruitt, Hogan and Egnew get a chance to shine. I am going to the Game!

  13. zeke…mark sanchez should ask ryan tannehill what it’s like to be 6’4″ with elite mobility and an arm strong enough to put more zip on the ball than my sister’s throws.

  14. I love reading the comments from the clear Hard Knock experts! Worst group of TE’s ever?! It’s a TV show exploiting the young group of kids. Charles Clay will be a great NFL player… Fasano will be Fasano…Egnew does looks like crap but give it a rest. It’s not a good group by any means but we can all watch the show…save your all star opinions.

  15. God-forbid we give Matt Moore a year at the helm. Its not like he deserves it or anything, especially after 1-upping Chad Hennes 3 schittie years in one season (not even a full one) and becoming the 2nd best afc east qb multiple times while having 8 tds dropped right through receivers (BMARSH) hands.

  16. What Moore did last year doesn’t matter. This is a new offense. If Moore has fallen behind in learning/executing it, there is no good reason to start him.

  17. I was firmly of the opinion that Matt Moore should be the starter when the season opens, based on what little I knew about Tannehill coming out of the draft.

    With all I’m reading and seeing I’m now only slightly of the opinion that Matt Moore should be the starter when the season opens.

    I absolutely think Tannehill should start this preseason game tonight. Absolutely!

    But the season? That’s a different story. Matt Moore is a gamer, and what he did last year shouldn’t be ignored. Everybody knows Tannehill will get his starts at some point. Why rush him?

    Give Tannehill a chance to play against ones, and give Matt Moore the opportunity to give Ryan some cushion to start the season.

  18. I think it is a no brainer that he stars a pre season game to see where he is at. But at the same time I would like to see him against a better defense. Last week we saw him handle pressure well, and though it may have came from back up players it is still pressure. I would like to see him throw against some of the top corners of the league.

  19. Some may be feeling sorry for Matt Moore but he had his chance to separate himself in OTA’s and camp. He has not…and Tannehill has been improving, showing that the game is not past his capabilities. I’m really hoping to see him perform well and solidify his position as #1.

  20. Please Steelers – Trade for Matt Moore. He is worth a 3rd round pick and is 100 times better than any backup the Steelers have. Right now, if anthing happens to Roethlisberger, the season is over.

  21. #17 is going to upset ALOT of people this year. So many want this guy to fail for the stupidest reasons. He was drafted with the #8 pick in the draft. So what?! Phins needed a QB to develop and Tannehill was the best fit for this offense. Hope he rocks tonight. Go Phins!

  22. Hey trollhamer;
    This is an article about Ryan Tannehill, that is a picture of Ryan Tannehill, Ryan Tannehill is a rookie thus he can’t and doesn’t hold any NFL records yet!

    Matt Flynn is not a Dolphin because the Dolphins would not pay him what he was asking for plain and simple, not the other way around. I suggest you know what you’re talking about before you comment.
    Go RT and Go Fins!

  23. hollywoodhulkhogansays says:
    Aug 17, 2012 9:46 AM
    Only RGIII and Wilson will have success from the last draft in the NFL brother. Guaranteed.

    Steep, steep drop-off from Cousins brother.

    Top Rookie QBs

    1) King Griffin III
    2) Kirk Cousins
    3) Russell Wilson
    4) BJ Coleman
    5) Andrew Leaf
    6) Akili Tannehill

  24. Wisconsin77 says: “Wow, throwing Moore under the bus that quick. Speaks a lot about the organization. No wonder Matt Flynn left there so quick for Seattle.”

    2 things:

    1. Flynn was given an offer much lower than Seattle’s.
    2. Flynn might get beat out by a late round draft pick (Russell Wilson), making Miami’s decision NOT to give him a ton of money a smart one.

    What happens when you give a guy a ton of money based on how he looks as a backup? You get Kevin Kolb on a 6 year deal.

  25. Spend a top 10 pick on a QB and mine as well start him. He played under Sherman so learning the offense shouldn’t be a problem. Lack of playmakers will be.

  26. trollhammer,
    Tannehill was a top-notch receiver at a&m before moving back to qb.
    dude’s got hands.

  27. I sure wish RGIII would spend as much time getting ready for the season as he does hyping himself and eating Subway sandwiches. Of all the possible rookie QB choices, my Skins may have set themselves up for disaster brother.

  28. Tannehill starting this game and then moving to #2 is the drama flip flop coming up in Hard Knocks…. mark it down….

    Moore is their best shot currently…. anybody who was really watching last year saw that…

    all they gotta do now is get the O line out of 30th place.

  29. PS- ashdanielson- of course I watch Hard Knocks and make BS allstar comments about football on profootballtalk.com- this is why the site is so popular and a great time waster amongst armchair qb’s like myself and YOURSELF. We debate and write ridiculous passive aggressive things and PPS- that TE that’s built like a small receiver and can’t get off the line and has tiny hands and talks like a yuppie is the worst player in football.

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