Sam Bradford insists his ankle is fine, doesn’t need surgery


The high ankle sprain that cost Sam Bradford six games and parts of others last year hasn’t gone completely away, as an injury or a topic of conversation.

Bradford is tired of both.

Even though the Rams quarterback said two weeks ago after a scrimmage that it still wasn’t 100 percent, he’s grown weary of the questions, including a report by Jason LaCanfora of that said he might need surgery after the season.

That would be news to me,” Bradford said, via Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “To be honest, I’m tired of talking about the ankle. Until it causes me to miss reps or miss time, it’s a non-issue.”

Bradford hasn’t missed any practice or game time thus far because of the left ankle, but the severity of the injury last year might have been minimized by some that didn’t understand it.

“A high-ankle mechanism is serious stuff,” Rams coach Jeff Fisher said. “There was a lot of separation in there last year. He tried to play through on it and he couldn’t. . . .

“You have options. You can go in and fix it (surgically) and you’re talking about four to six months. Or you can just rehab it, which he did. Sometimes it takes a little bit longer. But he’s really not having any issues. He’s doing fine.”

As long as he stays on the field, the questions could go away. But if he struggles with mobility, or the Rams struggle protecting him, it’s bound to be a topic all year long, whether he likes it or not.

5 responses to “Sam Bradford insists his ankle is fine, doesn’t need surgery

  1. Being a Ram’s fan I hope thats true but let’s get real. I was at that game in Green Bay and if you are still gimpy from an “ankle sprain” after 10 months then thats not a good sign

  2. I insist the Rams blew it by not drafting RGIII. That franchise sealed it’s eventual relocation on that one decision brother.

  3. It’s not crazy to hear of athletes struggling with soreness for severe ankle spains for a year or more after they happen. It doesn’t mean you can’t run or play football, it just sucks because it’s sore after you do.

  4. to everyone saying rams should have drafted RG3, what good whould he do with our o line!? same as Sam, that’s what sucks being a rams fan. Sam has the potential to be great, his talent is wasted with us because of our o line and practice squad first string wide outs. Jackson is in the same boat, he could be even better with an o line that actually pushes instead of caves. but don’t worry redskin fans, we will use ur high draft picks to get a new o line. then watch out for rams

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