Scott Pioli glad chaos gone in Kansas City

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Things were not calm in Kansas City before Todd Haley was fired last year.

In the days after his firing, the situation around the Chiefs was called “increasingly chaotic” as his relationship with General Manager Scott Pioli got worse and the team’s season unraveled with a string of blowout losses. Things would get even weirder when allegations of phone tampering went public, so it’s not much of a surprise to hear Pioli say that he’s not pining for those days.

Pioli called chaos “a waste of energy” while talking up the distraction-free camp being run by Romeo Crennel this summer. Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star writes that Pioli wouldn’t discuss Haley directly, but his message was easily understood as he praised the work going on at camp while consistently making reference to the lack of chaos this time around. He then moved on to glowing praise of Crennel himself.

“Look at Romeo and how he is. People misunderstand Romeo’s calmness and his kindness and the fact he’s so genuine for a guy who’s a flat-line guy. He is not a flat-line guy. He is not non-competitive. He is not Joey Chuckles. He is all business,” Pioli said. “People don’t understand the hours Romeo Crennel works. Even when he was the defensive coordinator he was the last guy out of the office every single night. Every single night. So he’s responsible and teams tend to take on the personality of their leader.”

The Chiefs closed well under Crennel and got some key players back from injury, so we’ll see if the placidity turns into better results. A lack of drama is a good thing, but losing without chaos isn’t too much better than losing with it at the end of the day.

11 responses to “Scott Pioli glad chaos gone in Kansas City

  1. The cancer is still there. Haley was a symptom. The fish rots from the head.

    Pioli forever!!!


  2. It could of been way worse. KC could of been saddled with Josh McDaniels and had their team dismantled and run into the ground.

  3. Not sure if Haley or Singletary (the two biggest freaks on planet earth) should get the trophy for the worst head coach ever.

  4. I love how all the patriots cast offs flounder in mediocrity once they leave the comfort of Tom’s loving arms. The same thing will be said about the hoodie when Tommy hangs them up. Crazy how landing one of the greatest players of all time in the late rounds can change so many people’s lives. I call dumb luck though. Besides Gronk and Hernandez in the same draft most of the patsy’s moves have blown up in there face. Adailis Thomas, Donte Stallworth, Brandon Merriwether, Ochostinko and the list goes on

  5. I’m a Broncos fan so I tend to pay attention to the AFC weast more than other diviso help put things into perspective for any other Bronco fans, don’t think Denver is going to run away with the division, both KC & Oakland have improved & I expect a war in the West this year. My concern if I were the Chiefs would be the QB position, & that goes for Oakland as well. Otherwise both teams have good players.

  6. @lumpinyourthroat

    Moss in ’07 for a 4th, Welker in ’07 for a 2nd, Richard Seymour, Wilfork, Matt Light, Logan Mankins – all perennial pro-bowlers and definite/potential HOFers. And too many other consistent starters to list. Super Bowl appearance every other year (love how losing the last two has taken the luster off – how is 3-0 more impressive than 3-2?), definitely has the look of dumb luck.

    Further, you know who else had a contentious, ultimately failed first HC tenure in Cleveland, just like Crennel? Belichick and his “dumb luck.” Not that Romeo is on the verge of greatness, but if he has a successful run in KC he won’t be the first coach to do so after a tough time elsewhere.

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