Travis Henry wants to be like Michael Vick, Plaxico Burress


He’s been reinstated, and announced that he wants to come back to the NFL.

But apparently, Travis Henry’s phone isn’t ringing.

The former Bills, Titans and Broncos running back said he’s still holding out hope, and looking to the examples of Michael Vick and Plaxico Burress as evidence he could do the unlikely.

“In my time away, people would know who I was and talk in a disappointed way like I threw away my career,” Henry told Andy Villamarzo of the Pascoe Tribune (via Tim Graham of the Buffalo News). “It just haunts me when I think about it. I see guys like Vick and Burress and say ‘Why can’t that be me?’ ”

Well, there is the small matter of the upcoming 34th birthday, the fact he plays what many consider a non-premium position and hasn’t played in five years, after serving a prison sentence for cocaine trafficking.

Or, it might be no teams are willing to subject their receptionists to calls from the 10 mothers of his 11 children.

”People make mistakes,” Henry said. ”It’s what you do after to get back up. I just want to show young kids that people make mistakes and you can get up and you can fight. You can’t ever let anyone tell you ‘You can’t’ because, trust me, a lot people told me that being reinstated was going to be impossible.”

Henry’s working with a trainer in Florida, and seems to be taking the process seriously.

But it will still be a serious upset if anyone gives him another chance.