Brandon Carr doesn’t feel any pressure in Dallas


Cowboys cornerback Brandon Carr has heard all the talk about how the window is closing in Dallas, and that he was brought in because the pressure is on the Cowboys to win now. But Carr doesn’t view it that way.

Carr said in an interview on NBC SportsTalk that he doesn’t accept the idea that the Cowboys are under pressure, and he also doesn’t think the Cowboys’ window is closing.

“If you ask me, I don’t really think it’s pressure at all,” Carr said. “I feel like they brought the right people in, put the right pieces of the puzzle together that we can compete for a playoff spot, a playoff win, and ultimately the Super Bowl trophy. So I don’t think it’s pressure. It’s just guys have to seize the opportunity. You only get so many opportunities in this game. They talk about the window’s closing for the Dallas Cowboys to get a championship, but I look at it the other way: We have a lot of talented young guys here who are eager to come in here and compete, and the wins should come with that.”

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, the man who signed Carr to a five-year, $50.1 million contract, has insisted that he’s the one who decides when the window is closing, and he believes that the Cowboys’ window is closing soon. Carr, however, isn’t feeling any pressure.

Here’s Carr’s interview:
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