Dolphins have many issues beyond who plays QB

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The good news for the Dolphins was that rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill got through his starting debut without a turnover, and actually got them into the end zone.

The bad news is that he was nearly the extent of the good news.

The Dolphins had some serious issues last night at Carolina, primarily on the side of the ball they thought they’d be able to lean on.

Playing without Cameron Wake, Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett, the Dolphins defense allowed 295 yards in the first half to the Panthers starters.

“Our first defense hasn’t got off the field in preseason yet,” Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said at halftime, via Dave Hyde of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

As concerning is the fact the Dolphins didn’t give Tannehill nearly enough help.

There may not be a starting receiver on the roster, although they’ll have to roll out a pair of them. Legedu Naanee has been said to have had a good camp, but he showed no evidence of appearing in the stadium in which he played for the Panthers last year. Likewise, Roberto Wallace failed to assert himself, and there were several drops.

As they begin to actually game plan, both should stabilize. The defense isn’t going to get strafed like last night when Wake returns, and occasionally running the ball when not trying to evaluate a rookie quarterback will open some things up.

But at the moment, playing said rookie quarterback appears to be the least of their problems.

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  1. The Dolphins defense looked as bad as any could have looked last night. They need something to happen or else the Patriots and Jets will eat them up in the air.

  2. Don’t forget the offensive line, which only managed to open up holes for the defense. Especially the right side.

  3. It’s going to be another long, long season for us DolFans. We are doing penance for so many good seasons before this stretch. You know things always even out.

  4. Patience, the first two preseason games for a new coaching staff. The important measure will come this week in what adjustments they make when they actually semi game plan with the no kidding starters playing into the third quarter. Secondly watch to see if Tannehill learns from watching game film and coaching and continues to improve. It’s way to early to panic

  5. ……still waiting for Jeff Ireland to receive (or assume) even the slightest bit of blame for compiling a team with such little talent.

    I know he’s a gifted genius and all and Granny Ross loves him like the retarded son he never had, but at some point, someone needs to pull their head out of their a** and realize Ireland is a joke and that Parcells can’t be blamed forever. This is all on Ireland. Ireland was Parcell’s chief evaluator of talent before taking over, so he’s been making brutal decisions for years now regardless of his title.

    This franchise is doomed until he gets fired.

  6. And with the first pick in the 2013 draft, the dolphins select ____________. OH CRAP!!!! Another O-lineman that we could have drafted in the 4th round.

  7. This is what happens when you bring in an under-qualified, arrogant coach to run your team. Why fix what’s not broken? This team was built for a 3-4 system. This year is going to be a disaster.

  8. the D will come around….

    the WRs will hopefully stop dropping the ball…

    Moore will play well until Tannehill is ready (because he really really isn’t ready)

    but the ‘solid rocket booster’ issue is the O line…. they were 29th in the run and 30th in pass protection last year… luckily Moore was good enough at scrambling for his life and ziplining the ball to go 6-3 , but eventually whoever starts will get seriously injured if this keeps up..

    Ireland needs to 911 some O line talent….

  9. exibitsman says:
    Aug 18, 2012 1:18 PM
    @bill1333 it’s going to be a long
    Season this year mybe 2 wins.
    Plus they have to play REX and the JETS TWICE this year. LMAO.!!!!!!!
    they play twice every year, they’re in the same division.

    Tannehill looks like he has starting potential and Moore looks more like a backup everyday.

  10. Last season the Dolphins were beating both the Giants and the Patriots when both had to win until the final minute. The second half of the season under their interim coach the defense was working and so was the offense. So what do they do; fire their offensive coordinator, fire their defensive coordinator and the interim coach who wanted to continue as head coach. All the Dolphins had to do was add a few pieces. Going after a QB (Tannehill) in the first round was fine because Matt Moore was the 12th best QB in the league. So there was time to develop Ryan Tannehill. Either the Dolphins are trying to test their corners by not blitzing or they just are not being coordinated properly on defense. The Dolphins really need receivers with talent big time but we all knew that. The quarterback play is not the problem. When you have tight ends who can not catch the ball right in their hands the reason has to be lack of talent. Ireland drafted Egnew in the 3rd round and everyone knows that Fasano has athletic limitations. Jeff Ireland may have the owner’s confidence in public but Stephen Ross has to question why the Dolphins do not have more talent to work with.

  11. amcline says:

    The Dolphins defense looked as bad as any could have looked last night. They need something to happen or else the Patriots and Jets will eat them up in the air.


    The Patriots will definetely air raid the Dolphins D; The Jets? Not at all. Nor the Bills.

    Maimi fans should be thankful that only New England has a legit hi octane offense. If Bills and NJ Jets had half of the offensive firepower as the Patriots, Dolphins are looking at a 2-14, 3-13 season.

    But hang in there Dolphin fans, it can’t get any worse. Or can it?

  12. The defense has been my worry all off season. It was obvious that the secondary was mediocre. Vontae Davis is an underachiever and Sean Smith is playing out of position. He should be a safety. Once they cut Yeramiah Bell, I knew we were in trouble. Then they lost Paul Lankford to Free agency. Jason Taylor was gone too!

    Then we switch to a 4-3 from the 3-4. Instead of Keeping Wake as a linebacker they switch him to DE. Wake will need some time to get acclimated. Olivia Vernon was a nice draft selection but needs time too. We have always been soft in the middle of the defense. What TE hasn’t had a good day against this defense? Marshall looks good so that’s a plus.

    We have to find a way to get our best four DB’s on the field and get a pass rush. Maybe it will all come together next week – maybe not!

  13. Can we all step back off the ledge people! It’s the 2nd PRESEASON game. Not only that but we were missing our 2 starting lb’s and our best defensive player. Can we let everyone get about 3/4 games into the regular season before we start calling for anyone’s head? The stats are very misleading. I’m not saying they looked ready to take over the pats for 1st place but lets get to the regular season and see how it plays out. Every year the medias football obsession gets worse and worse, and we start talking about preseason games like they are the playoffs. This is a young team with a brand new coaching staff, and I’m willing to bet it will take a minute for them to gel.

  14. I forgot to mention that Chris Clemons had a nice forced fumble and recovery! I thought that special teams improved lots too! Go Dolphins – bet the stinking Jets! Hey Martin! Wake up dude – they put you in the clown suit last night!!

  15. Ireland is a fine GM that is far more qualified for his position than many others in the league.

    New coaching staff, new direction and no reason to panic.

    Most agreed that Ireland had a good draft and the mistake with Brandon Marshall was trading for him in the first place. I give Ireland credit for admitting the mistake and recouping two 3rds.

    We have potential at QB, a solid offensive line and lots of talent on D. Most if not all of our talent is from Ireland.

    Sparano was not Ireland’s pick but Philbin is. I’m a fan and supporter of Ireland obviously but the real breaking point for him should be the end failure of Philbin(knock on wood). Anything before would be either premature or unnecessary.

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