Favre’s debut as a coach results in big win


A guy who was born to be a quarterback also may know a thing or two about coaching.

In Brett Favre’s debut as offensive coordinator at Oak Grove High School in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Favre’s team pulled off a 64-6 win over Sumrall.

Coach Nevil Barr told the Hattiesburg American  that a gadget play installed by Favre resulted in an early touchdown.  “I trust in my offensive coaches – unless it’s just something that’s way out there,” Barr said. “Brett wanted to run it early in the game and it worked to perfection.”

The reality is that Sumrall was overmatched physically by Oak Grove.

“Last year, we played good for four minutes. This year, we played good for eight minutes,” Sumrall coach Shannon White said of the annual rivalry with Oak Grove.  “So after a year of work, we’re four minutes better.  Maybe if we work 10 more years, we’ll get a half, who knows.”

Favre is coaching on an unpaid basis.  After Friday night’s performance, Oak Grove should offer to double his salary.