Giants’ starters outplay Jets’ starters


The Giants are still New York’s better team, at least based on what we can tell from the early part of their preseason meeting.

With the starters in the game, the Giants’ first team has outplayed the Jets’ first team in all phases of the game, jumping out to a 13-0 lead.

Giants receiver Victor Cruz looks great, routinely getting open in the Jets’ secondary and catching five passes for 51 yards in the first quarter. Cruz looks like the best player on the field tonight.

Jets right tackle Wayne Hunter looks like the worst player on the field tonight. He remains a liability on the line, and Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul and Justin Tuck both easily beat Hunter to sack Mark Sanchez, although Tuck’s sack was called back by a penalty. It’s going to be tough for Sanchez to bounce back from his disappointing 2011 season if he doesn’t get better protection than he’s getting tonight.

Special teams have been up and down for the Jets. A roughing the punter penalty handed the Giants a first down on the early drive on which they ended up kicking a field goal, and a holding penalty on the kickoff return after that field goal pinned the Jets’ offense deep in their own territory. But Aaron Maybin made a solid play when he partially blocked a punt in the second quarter.

Jets safety LaRon Landry has been a bright spot, picking off an Eli Manning pass in the second quarter and also delivering a hard hit on Cruz earlier in the game. But the biggest play from a defensive back came from the Giants’ Jayron Hosley, who intercepted Sanchez and ran it back 77 yards for a touchdown.

Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw left the game with an apparent hand injury, but X-rays were reportedly negative. That’s good news for the Giants, and so is the fact that they remain the top team in town.

31 responses to “Giants’ starters outplay Jets’ starters

  1. Pick six for Sanchize. LOL if the Jets think this guy is going to lead you anywhere. Maybe the savior will come in and the second half and run around for a bit. Oh, and that throw was an easy one, it was just two yards behind the receiver.

  2. The giants didn’t outplay the jets…the jets outplayed themselves!

    See how dumb that sounds packer fans!

  3. Wow, who’s the rookie who threw the pick six for the Jets?

    Wait, that’s your STARTER?

    Um…good luck with that.

  4. Ny Jets will start off 2-6. TEEBOOW will get the start after their bye, week 10 at Seattle. The Jets will finish 4-12 and Rex Ryan will get fired.

  5. Jersey vs Jersey. The rest of America wins because they don’t have to live there.

  6. It always amazes me how big a deal analysts who should know better make of preseason games.

  7. It’s preseason people…..

    But that being said, it does look like the Jets are gonna be a mess.

    So will the M*A*S*H* Unit, aka Dallas Cowboys

  8. You smell that Jets fans? Smells like another 8-8 season, until they get a good player at the most important position on the field, you know Quarterback might as well just get use to it.

  9. While I am not a Jets fan, let’s look at the stats: Sanchez 9/11, 5.4, 0 TD, 1 INT. Manning 7/14, 4.4, 0 TD, 1 INT. Jets passing 47, Giants 62. Jets rushing 36, Giants 19. Total Jets 83, Giants 82.
    Besides Cruz no WR showed for the Giants

  10. my god!…do you mean to tell me the Jets are hype?.. the sound you hear is the world shattering!

  11. I’m always amazed by the number of “fans of anyone but the Jets” make comments like “Rex is done after this season, no more chances”. Generally, folks counting the chances are the ones with a rooting interest in the team. The closest I’ve ever seen to this was a less passionate set of predictions about Norv Turner getting let go…and we see how those have turned out. 😉

  12. It is preseason but this one does have a bit of meaning they share the Stadium

    This is more then your run of the mill preseason more so with jabba the ryan running his pie hole all the time

    As expected the Giants prove once again that it is still there town

    And the redheaded stepteam can back to worrying witch QB will have a bad season
    David Carr is better the Tim or Mark

  13. Please how much longer do we have to listen to Tebow this that and the other. He sucked tonight, his throws were awful/ Sanchez is no better, so maybe the Jets aren’t as good as they thought they were. When you have Sparano as OC say no more, that was pitiful tonight. The Giants gave them a lesson.

  14. I really have no idea where the Jets think they are going with a group of pass receivers like that (seriously, look at their depth chart).

    You would think with their shaky QB situation they would be trying to equip their roster with a WR or two that can help them… not hurt them.

  15. caseyanthonymunoz says:
    Aug 18, 2012 8:26 PM
    Jersey vs Jersey. The rest of America wins because they don’t have to live there.


    f#$k you and the horse you rode in on.


    Everyone who has ever lived in Jersey.

  16. Giants are more physical team. That should be disturbing to Rex and Sparano’s plan to run the ball…

    Cruz owned Cromarties

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