Jacoby Ford getting MRI on injured foot

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Raiders receiver Jacoby Ford, who missed eight regular-season games in 2011 with injury, left Friday night’s game against the Cardinals with a foot injury.

The severity of it isn’t known, but it likely will be once an MRI is conducted.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that Ford is (or at least was as of 10 minutes or so ago) on his way to get the foot examined via the standard diagnostic tool that reveals the inner workings of the bones and tendons and ligaments.

Ford was injured after catching a pass, left the game hobbling, and didn’t return.

11 responses to “Jacoby Ford getting MRI on injured foot

  1. Hopefully nothin to serious hes a weapon in the return game and i agree with the nike goodson thing i really wish jones played tho

  2. Ford looks like hes lost a step or two from his prefomance onspecial teams and offense. Looks like another alagator armed #15 higgins. Goodson should be imediatley and replaced with ryan grant

  3. All of OAK’s receivers are injury-prone, outside of the rookies who haven’t proven to be.

    Raiders should call Plaxico. He doesn’t have to be the #1 or #2. But if Raiders don’t have a couple of their starters otu there (like usual) – Palmer would probably fair better having a guy that can out-jump the competition. He can catch too, so that helps.

    Sign Plax, Reggie.

  4. Plax & Ryan grant would be good signings for sure. I’m wondering if Reggie McKenzie is wanting to win now or wanting to quietly rebuild???? NFL teams do it all the time, just hard to gauge right now

  5. Well I would’ve perferred to have signed TO as well as Benson to help bolster a squad that is both youthful & talented with two players that are proven veterans who are still capable of producing great numbers & would most certainly would’ve provided at the least veteran leadership all that being said sign Plaxico

  6. wow quick to pull the trigger are we…..let’s see what the mri says first. Raiders have depth at that position. I am sure on the final day of 53, there are going to be some names out there that will draw pplenty of attention….time will tell, but be patient for now.

  7. racerx1225 says:Aug 18, 2012 5:03 PM

    DHB is not injury prone.


    Nope, just has the worst case of butterfingers since JJ “Stonehands” Stokes.

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