James Harrison updates his status — sort of


Two days after having arthoscopic surgery, James Harrison was walking through Steelers camp with no apparent limp or any protective gear on his left knee.

But if he was feeling good, it didn’t translate into feeling like talking.

Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette caught up with him walking to the cafeteria, and transcribed the following exchange.

“Q:What did they do, scrape something out behind your knee?

“A. I don’t know.

“Q. Can you bounce back at 34 as you might have at 24?

“A. The body doesn’t come back as quick, that’s just natural.

“Q. What are you doing?

“A. I’m doing whatever it is they tell me to do.

“Q. What can you do?

“A. Whatever they tell me to do.

“Q. And what is that?

A. They haven’t told me nothing yet.

“Q. Are you swimming, stuff like that?

“A. No.

“Q. Can you still have a big season?

“A. Yeah, I’ll be all right.”

That’s a grand total of 41 words of insight from Harrison.

If he is, in fact, “all right,” the Steelers don’t much reason for concern. But with him making the start of the season apparently in doubt, with perhaps a stint on the physically unable to perform list, there are many more questions that need answers.

Longer ones, preferably.

22 responses to “James Harrison updates his status — sort of

  1. Harrison is an exceptionally hard-nosed player who balls out – had to actually be yanked out of a game with a broken skull (fractured orbital). Guy is the real ass deal, self-made.

    So it’s kind of lame when Harrison gets criticized or minimized by dudes behind keyboards who wear ties with their polyester short sleeve shirts.

    Give the man some props. Harrison is EXACTLY the guy you’d want to have your back in the hot button spots. He might not be the dental assistant you’d prefer, but if the bullets started flying in a dark alley – you’d want Harrison getting your back.

  2. You gotta love reporters. Ben tells them everything about everything and gets labeled a drama queen. Harrison doesn’t and gets mocked for being terse.

    If the league didn’t require it, no one would talk to the press.

  3. The guy is supposed to have a really good but really dry sense of humor.

    Frankly, giving an interview like that is hilarious, so I’ll believe the reports.

    It makes me like him a lot more, actually.

  4. Harrison is not interested in a media career after his playing days are done. Right now, all he wants is to play football and be left alone. That is all he has EVER wanted. People act as though James has an obligation to give long, thought out answers to every question he is asked. Fact is, he doesn’t, and never has, want to be bothered by the media. He does not seek out the media for attention when he is named NFL Defensive Player of the Year or when he runs back the longest pick 6 in the history of the Super Bowl either. He is a man of few words that simply wants to do the job he is being paid to do. So please, don’t freak out when he gives you “yes” and “no” answers to stupid questions. That is just who James Harrison is, and always has been.

  5. If I were him I would answer the same way! This guy gets fined by the commish if he farts too loud so you should understand his standoffish approach. As for the injury and being able to bounce back at 34, his body is probably more like that of a 30 year old. His career in the NFL started out slowly(being released several times etc.over several years) so this should be no problem. He will be fine and most likely fined(if the commish has it his way) throughout the course of the season. Kick some A$$ James I love the way you play!!!

  6. ravenator says:Aug 18, 2012 11:58 AM

    Oh man this just keeps getting better and better


    I’ll tell you what keeps getting better and better…..the ravens first team defense that has gotten shredded twice now.

    Steelers still live rent free in ravenator’s tiny little head.

  7. I don’t know what the steelers will do without him.

    They’ll need someone else to step up into the cheap, dirty player position.

  8. Of course he doesn’t wanna talk. Imagine I just had surgery and are worrying about your career with getting older and inured then a reporter comes and wants to have a interview.

  9. If I were a Steelers defensive player, I’d also be in no mood to talk to a Pittsburgh sports reporter, either radio, newspaper or TV.
    Each and everyone of them (some being worse than others) is highly critical of a defense that has carried the team for years. Meanwhile, Roethlisberger, inspite of his meager numbers season after season, is treated like a rockstar by the adoring local sports media.
    I’m sure defensive players notice when one guy gets all the credit for wins and zero blame for losses.

  10. Harrison wants to be a veterinarian when he retires. Even after football he’ll still be putting dawgs down.

  11. Harrison is by far the most all natural and talented athlete in the NFL. I can’t believe how he defies human nature with his manly physique.

  12. One should fear the thought of meeting JH in a dark alley. In a seriousness he is an amazing player who always delivers. Who cares if he is a little short in interviews?

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