JPP dumps Prince Amukamara in cold tub


There’s a fine line between hazing and bullying.

I mention that because Giants punter Steve Weatherford has posted a video on Twitter of Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul carrying cornerback Prince Amukamara down the hall and out the door and dumping him hard into a cold tub.  During the procession, several players are chanting, “Cold tub!”  One player can be heard mockingly urging Amukamara to stand up for himself.

Apart from the fact that Amukamara could have gotten injured, there’s something about the video that seems like something more than innocent hazing — especially since Prince isn’t a rookie.

And even though it appears that a good time is being had by all, Prince doesn’t look very happy when he gets out of the cold tub.  Pierre-Paul doesn’t seem happy either, barking obscenities as he walks past the camera.

Anyway, have a look and drop a comment with your views.  Is it an innocent prank?  Or does it cross the line?

UPDATE 11:31 p.m. ET:  YouTube has removed one copy of the video, claiming it violates the site’s “policy prohibiting content designed to harass, bully or threaten.”  Another copy of the YouTube video appears below.  Also, the video is still active at VuMee.


51 responses to “JPP dumps Prince Amukamara in cold tub

  1. You know he could get injured when playing football too — he could get injured in practice, he could get injured driving to practice. Also don’t walk, cause you could trip and hurt yourself. So just sit there and do nothing so you’re safe — because you know what they say girls, safety first!

  2. Is Goodell going o consider that on the field or off the field conduct when he hands down sanctions or suspensions? Oh wait, its the Giants, they can do things like that…..

    Actually kind of funny, but Amukamura owes him one big time. The best way to get him back would be to sprinkle a little bit of crushed up fiberglass insulation in JPP’s jock. He will run for the cold tub after that.

  3. Amukamara was jerk in pre-draft video. I bet his mouth got in him that cold water. Little people seem to talk more BS than bigger people. Just my thoughts

  4. Oh! How horrible! That poor boy! He could’ve drowned!

    Man up people! Nobody involved cared. This is a pathetic story. The guys are having fun. JPP got the Giants in to the playoffs with that blocked FG in Dallas. He can dump anyone he wants. Prince Amakanakanakamura can take it.

  5. Bullying no doubt but Prince still should’ve stood up for himself. He accepted his penance like a heaux. At least make an attempt to get away.

  6. i dont rly know what 2 think about that bec is damn sure looked like he was gettin bullied. just off the fact that prince looked upset, everyone was laughing and mockin him to help himself in a way, and jpp at the end sayin he aint gonna do nothin..seemed personal..

    im hopin a report comes out from the players sayin prince was runnin his mouth or something bec if thats not the case then jpp needs 2 get punched in him mouth for bullyin prince who prob has enuff probs fittin in w him accent, looking soft, and more importantly struggling as it is. wont increase his confidence none!.. and im a giants fan..sad 2 watch this video, very sad 2 see

  7. I remember last year reading Prince likes to pull pranks himself. I’m wondering if he did one on JPP and the end result was the video above.. either way, looks like Prince had his feelings hurt.. kind of rough

  8. That’s really not cool. I don’t want to see this. Amukamara and JPP are NY Football Giants. This isn’t a high school locker room, these guys are role models. The stuff JPP says when walking by the camera is horrible. Terrible example set by a rising star player.

    And Amukamara, I used to look at him as a badass first round pick NFL player who would have a good career, a la Aaron Ross. Now I see him as a mere mortal who got bullied and is upset. He obviously didn’t know it was being filmed and he was still upset. Wait until he finds out it’s on this site.

    This sucks to see.

  9. Lol at crossing a line . If you think that them you obviously haven’t been part of a large team. Shame on dude posting locker room business though. But funny. Not as funny as Siragusa stealing Shannon sharpes truck though

  10. If the people posting here represent the men of America — what a bunch of sissies. Good luck fighting the Chinese – maybe you can drown them in your tears.

  11. That is not done in good harmless nature. Seems like JPP just wanted to embarrass the kid just because he can.

    Not cool. Coughlin needs to put an end to all that.

  12. “The French Revolution playing out again. Ol’ Pierre dumping the royalty!”

    You don’t have the slightest clue who brought about the revolution in france. France turning socialist helped nobody but the royalty and you dont understand socialism if you disagree with me. You also likely have a completely distorted view of history.

  13. I thought people were really thinking this was OK and a good idea. Then I saw that most of those comments were from the same person who probably gets off humiliating others because he’s angry about somewhere he is lacking. The pants being the most likely option. Real men who are secure with themselves and know they have nothing to prove have no reason to bully OR defend it like it’s something to be proud of.

  14. That looks a lot like assault to me and I am not sure why the police were not called and JPP arrested and booked. Even the Giants as an organization must have an anti harassment policy that protects someone from being manhandled by another person who is 80 lbs bigger.

  15. @jaymc1988, sure JPP may need to be punched for this,so are you volunteering for that after watching him carry a grown man (a pro football player,mind you) down a hall and dunking him in a tub?
    Anyway, I didnt care too much for this video. It seemed like the intentions were cruel,but then again its just shows you har barbaric some of these guys are, and this is coming from probably the biggest JPP fan in the world.

  16. Where’s Eli in all of this?

    Its no wonder the ‘Skins sweeped them last year! There will be NO repeat this year, or the playoffs for that matter.

  17. Funny as hell. Prince probably ran his mouth to the wrong guy and paid the price.

    Yes, he could have gotten injured, but he didn’t, so laugh about it and move on.

  18. onebucplace says: Aug 18, 2012 9:36 PM

    Break out the dresses for all the girls in the comment section that see this and cry.

    Yeah, I bet you’re the toughest guy EVER! Dolt.

  19. I would really like to know how people feel about this:

    Thumbs up if you think Prince would have been justified (as crazy as it might have been to do) in punching JPP right in the mouth after he got out of the tub.

  20. omg skins fans are hysterical. how many posts will mention that they swept the giants? i’m sure that feels like something to hang your hat on, but just because you beat the champ doesn’t make you a champ.

  21. Who was yelling “Prince get down! Prince, what you doin up there?”. That was the only good part of this video, wish that dude would have pulled him down.

  22. Hmph, so that’s what a bunch of millionaires look like huh? You can take the expletive out’a the hood but cant take the hood out of the expletive. Disgraceful.

  23. Weatherford isn’t an idiot, and he loves having fun and joking with people. I don’t think he would have posted this video if they were actually bullying Prince. Obviously everyones opinions, including my own, are just speculation, but I really don’t see Giants players purposely doing anything to receive negative attention under Coughlin’s watch. Prince is noticeably upset at the end of the video, but that would usually be anyones natural reaction after getting tossed into a freezing tub by Jason Pierre-Paul. Hopefully the team releases a statement that clears everything up, cause we all know the NY media is waiting for any little thing to blow up on the Giants normally quiet front.

  24. I have very mixed feelings about this. I’ll start off by saying that I have been on plenty of teams where similar locker room antics have occurred. 99.9% of the time it was good-natured fun, and usually resulted in the team getting closer. That being said, something about this video just doesn’t sit well with me. I don’t know why, but my gut feeling tells me that something else is going on behind the scenes. Maybe I’m over-reacting, but as a loyal Giants fan, I would absolutely hate to see this damage the team camaraderie.

    In my opinion, if Eli and Tuck stepped up and helped Prince play a good-natured prank on JPP, the discussion about the controversy of this video would be over. 1) It would show that the team captains have Prince’s back, and 2) that nobody on the team is safe from pranks, no matter how big and bad they are. I think it would go a long way towards squashing any locker-room beef and also show the media that the bond amongst this team is stronger than ever. Lets not forget that this is NY and that the media will use everything it can to twist a situation into something it may not be.

    I’ve always thought of the New York Football Giants as one of the most classy organizations in professional sports, so I’m sure this will work itself out one way or another.


  25. okay, first off that water couldn’t have been that cold, no ice cubes.

    Now onto more serious business… news this morning that Tebow tried to throw Sanchez into the Jets’ cold tub, but like all Tebow’s throws, he missed.

  26. Believe it or not this is just another form of bullying,or else he won’t of said what he said at the end. Fu*k That ni&&a he ain’t gone do sh#t to me,if it was just a prank why the need for that ?

  27. That’s exactly how people get seriously hurt and I’m not talking about the little guy. That little guy might want to stick him with a knife next time, or worse. That might be more amusing for some of you clowns.

  28. Had that been a room full of white boys…Well, I think we know how deep in doodoo those Giants would be. this unfortunately is going to be a non-story in the media due to the fact that black people, not all black people of course, call themselves that all the time. Does that make it right, nope. But it’s the truth.

  29. Apparently Amukamara was dumped 8 times in the tub last year. Either he’s a punk who runs his mouth a lot or he’s soft and he’s getting picked on for it. Either way he needs to fight back. He should’ve been firing knees into JPP’s back and choking that dumb sh*t.

  30. No, its not that big of a deal. But, to me, it looks like prince is prob shy & an easy target & that jpp may be a tad bit of a jerk. Prince isnt a rookie….normally i’d say it was just team fun but this LOOKED like jpp(& others on the team) just being a punk. Every group of friends has that 1 that goes overboard. Now, im not a giants fan, idk what theyre like so i could be way off base.

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