Khan calls MJD absence “not a great concern”

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“Jones-Drew who?” continues to be the unofficial slogan of the 2012 Jaguars, and that attitude traces all the way to the top of the organization.

More than three weeks have passed since the Jags opened their first training camp under new owner Shahid Khan.  Running back Maurice Jones-Drew, the NFL’s leading rusher in 2011, didn’t show up — and he has still not reported.

As we’ve previously explained, the Jaguars benefit from the holdout being regarded as not a big deal.  With ESPN focused on matters like the flavor of Tim Tebow’s birthday cake and whether he made a wish and if he blew out all the candles on one try, the Jones-Drew story has been largely ignored, which results in far less pressure on the team to do something to bring it to an end.

Making it harder for Jones-Drew to muster any momentum is the fact that, while ordinarily talkative (and naturally funny when he talks), Jones-Drew has been silent about his contract situation.

Friday night, Khan opted to risk waking the sleeping Pocket Hercules by addressing the situation in a boastful way.

“He’s not here, and that’s his decision,” Khan told Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports.  “Believe me, it’s not a great concern.  You hope for the best, and you plan for the worst.  Our goals for the season don’t change, and if he isn’t here, he isn’t here.  I don’t control it.  It’s his choice.”

Khan believes he’s able to take a hard line because of his experiences owning Flex-N-Gate, an automobile parts manufacturing company.  “I’ve been involved in many kind of industrial business dealings,” Khan said.  “I’ve encountered strikes and violence.  And if you don’t handle that, you’re not around to see them through.”

Then Khan went for the kill:  “Believe me, on a zero-to-10 level of stress, this doesn’t even move the needle.”

(Maurice, are you gonna let him get away with that?  Are you gonna let this [expletives deleted] get away with that?  What’s the matter with you?  What’s the world coming to?)

In all (or at least some) seriousness, football players don’t react well to challenges.  With Khan saying that the decision of one of the best players in the game to boycott training camp and the preseason “doesn’t even move the needle” for a franchise that hasn’t done much needle-moving in recent years, Khan could soon see the needle move much higher.

35 responses to “Khan calls MJD absence “not a great concern”

  1. What about us would be fantasy owners!! How dare they put business before my league. I paid $20 to join!

  2. Hope MJD was watching the game last night. BG is assuming the leadership role and we now have other weapons on offense. Oh, and Rashad Jennings is the real deal. I’m not concerned either.

  3. MJD wants a new contract. AP wants some heavy contact. Week 1: Jacksonville @ Minnesota.

    Easy money.

  4. It’s about time one of these owners stood his ground. YOU SIGNED A CONTRACT! That actually used to mean something….

  5. I live in Jacksonville and I am Jacksonville Jaguars fan and after the offensive firepower I saw last night when the Jaguars played the Saints for what amounted to a half was night and day compared to last year was absolutely awesome. Maurice Jones Drew was all we had last year as Blaine was finding his bearings, no legit wide receivers and a top 10 defense. This season looks a whole lot better as Blaine Gabbert has found himself in the offensive game, Justin Blackmon is a baby beast, with his hands and his impact on the passing game already and we have a two headed monster with a running game with two very underrated runners in Rashad Jennings and Montell Owens. Maurice Jones Drew signed a extension and got paid upfront and if he would do what Ray Rice and Matt Forte did and play out the contract fully, the organization will pay you eventually. Shad Khan knows MJD led the league in rushing and he was probably saying if he keeps this up we have no choice but to pay him big in 2 years, but after pulling this stunt, Khan is like we can do better without him watch. I like his stance and attitude towards it because no one man is bigger than the team.

  6. as a Pakistani American who loves football (and this site) I’m really proud to have this guy as the first minority owner in the NFL. He’ll help turn the Jags around, if its possible

  7. Does not look good for MJD, he put himself in a very bad position by allowing another guy shine in his place. The value for RBs are slowly going down while the value for O lines are going up. Teams would rather have a good o line to protect their QB than an RB who come a dime a dozen. Not saying that they are less important, just less used, this is becoming a passing league. Back when mike shanehan coached the broncos, he turned any RB into a 1000 yard rusher in a season. MJD may have to go to another team and still not get a big deal, the jags franchise may have lost respect in him for not thinking about the team.

  8. This article is trash. The owner — IN RESPONSE TO A REPORTER’S QUESTION, no doubt — basically just said that he ain’t sweatin’ it, and this writer equates it to Spider telling Tommy to go eff himself. hahahaha…

  9. While I side with the team in not paying MJD more money just because other teams wrote dumb contracts, I think Khan could have simply said, that’s his choice and left it at that. As exciting as the improvement is on offense, I can’t help but think of what it would look like with MJD back there. These comments could be interpreted as disrespect for a guy who is beloved by the fan base and could create an unnecessary rift beyond the current dispute. MJD needs to know by now his pouting isn’t gonna work and that the team is moving forward with or without him. It’s time to tuck his tail between his legs and report because he is only hurting his wallet and his chances of getting on the field early. He is about 12 months too early with this move and has no leverage. He watched the game last night somewhere and sees this team is rolling without him there.

  10. Kahn is a vile owner with ( believe it or not) no respect for his players or fans. He’s selling lies and considers it all beneath him. he doesn’t respect Americans – you see it written all over him.
    Trying to flex his indo-pak ego.
    A Bad man selling lies.
    Hope MDJ finds a way out.


  11. It’s not a great concern because they’re finishing the season 3-13 anyway. It almost hurts my heart to see the 6 total Jaguars fans get their hopes up in the preseason.

  12. MJD is beloved around here and he has been a work horse for the Jaguars through some crappy times does he deserve to get paid yes. But not this season he has a front loaded contract and he nor the Jaguars can control all the other
    renegotiations which has pushed him from top 5 paid RB to 10. I totally agree and repsect Shad’s stand on this and glad someone is willing to make a stand and not cave in. Honor your contract get into camp meet some of your new teammates and HC and offensive staff and lets watch some real magic happen.

  13. Khan is sending a message of how he will treat players when they want new contracts. He just better hope Jennings stays healthy, or he may regret those words. Because Gabbert needs a running game to be successful

  14. I guess Drew wasn’t paying attention to Chris Johnson last year. It looks like Khan was. As good as Drew has been, most of the league isn’t giving big contracts to RBs anymore. When their drop-off in production comes, it comes fast.

  15. IF, and that’s a big if, the Jags renew his contract, they should flat out refuse to pay one single cent more upfront. All money will be evenly distributed throughout the years.

    MJD and Revis got huge money upfront, leaving a relatively smaller number in the remaining years, which they are mentally incapable of understanding. They see it as a pay cut, which is completely absurd.

  16. All you Jags fans who are posting that your team looks so much better than last year and that things are looking up in Jacksonville: you do realize that it’s just the preaseason, right? Reality check: the preaseason doesn’t mean a thing. Your team still sucks.

  17. I applaud the owner, Mr. Shaka Khan

    Enough of these professional players who refuse to honor the very contracts that they previously signed.

    Hey MJD: I hear that McDonald’s may be hiring…….

  18. If you really want a new contract wouldn’t the best move be to show you’re man enough to honor the current one you signed?

  19. It amazes me how some fans still reference a signed contract during holdouts. The same contract is signed by the owners when they release players. Nobody screams when a team cuts a player who under performs his contract. It’s fair that a player that out performs his contract to redo the contract.

    BTW Florio

    The Goodfellas reference is a classic!

    Al Davis Forever!!!
    Just Win Baby!!!

  20. I agree with the owner on this one.. MJD signed a contract and now doesn’t want to fulfill it. So he had a great year last year, did they offer him the contract and him sign it expecting him not to be as good as he was last year?

  21. Good for him, Players now days have no honor at all ! There word means nothing, They SIGN a contract and if someone signs a bigger one they start crying its not fair. I say if they dont honor there contract ban them from the league and sue for the moneys paid. These guys need to be knocked down a peg or 2.

  22. Sure its preseason, but win or lose in preseason doesn’t matter as much as how the starters and others being evaluated play.

    And the Jags players, especially Gabbert, are playing much better.

    Can’t hit the reset button much more than what happened. New owner, new Head Coach, mostly new staff , a revamped offense and back with a defense that kept other OCs up at night.

    Guess we’ll all see when the season starts. Oh btw billhicks, whose your team?

  23. All you haters can kick rocks.. u guys act like your team is any better.. side note: better or not, that doesn’t bring your team a Lombardi, & I guarantee none of you even have that bit leverage to talk shiz about the Jags, & the cliche “6 fans they have,” or the owner who’s outspoken. Yet the media does a damn good job of making this into a silly article..

    Another side note: when your gonna bring the heat, bring it in a more creative way like stating FACTS to justify a comment & possibly moving on & away from last year, which btw is in the P-A-S-T just for any future refs!!

  24. It amazes me how some fans still reference a signed contract during holdouts. The same contract is signed by the owners when they release players. Nobody screams when a team cuts a player who under performs his contract. It’s fair that a player that out performs his contract to redo the contract.


    Didn’t he get a ton of money up front when he signed this contract? It’s not what he is making this year, its what he got paid for the length of the contract.

    When the fines start when the season begins, it doesn’t sound like this owner will forgive it, like some owners have done in the past.

    MJD is in a lose$, lose$ situation.

  25. Hey Mike, it’s not “Jones-Drew who?”. Here in Jax it’s “Maurice Jones-Who?” Got it?

  26. Didn’t he get a ton of money up front when he signed this contract? It’s not what he is making this year, its what he got paid for the length of the contract.

    I don’t know or care how much money he got in his deal. My point is the holdout is a valid business strategy. Owners don’t always honor contracts, yet you want to come down on the player! There is no dishonor in MJD!

  27. Jaguar fans crack me up with this illusion they have that Blaine can lead them to new heights without MJD. Defenses will drop 5 into coverage and not have to worry about being burnt by the best RB in the NFL

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