Orakpo injury the worst of a rough start for Redskins


The Washington Redskins are having a rough night in Chicago.

The worst news is that outside linebacker Brian Orakpo, the Redskins’ best pass rusher, suffered a left shoulder injury in the first quarter. That’s particularly concerning because Orakpo had surgery on his left shoulder in January.

And the players on the Redskins’ defense who are on the field aren’t playing well. On the Bears’ first offensive series, they marched 82 yards on a six-play drive that included two passes from Jay Cutler to Brandon Marshall for a total of 61 yards and ended with a one-yard touchdown run by Michael Bush. Later in the first quarter the Bears recovered a Robert Griffin III fumble deep in Redskins territory, and Bush scored his second touchdown of the night on an eight-yard run to give the Bears a 14-0 lead. Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather appeared to be shaken up on Bush’s second touchdown run.

About the only bad thing the Bears have seen was a stupid penalty from rookie receiver Alshon Jeffery. When DeAngelo Hall took a shot at Jeffery, the rookie responded by grabbing Hall’s facemask and ripping his helmet off. That wasn’t particularly smart, especially considering there was an official standing right in front of them. Hall calmly turned to the official and gestured as if to say, “Can you believe what he just did to me?” and the official threw the flag.

Jeffery’s penalty was one of the few things that has gone wrong for the Bears, while much has gone wrong for the Redskins.

54 responses to “Orakpo injury the worst of a rough start for Redskins

  1. All offseason analyst told everyone that this Bears team was dangerous & could challenge to win it all.. As we’ve seen this week with starters playing on BOTH sides of the ball this week they are a legitimate threat with 2 quick touchdowns against the Skins defense, they’re not having a bad day they just ran up against an impressive Chicago Bear offense!!!

    BEAR DOWN!!!!!!

  2. Minus the injury to Orakpo, this is the BEST thing that could have happened. Every Skins fan is hyped up. You have some predicting playoffs. EVERY qb (rooks and vets) go through bad games. Now we get to see how he reacts. Do you get more determined or shrink from the challenge? Do you learn from your mistakes or keep making the same ones?

    This is how you judge a qb. Everyone has good games. The great ones respond to the bad ones.

  3. Bob ran his Jamarcus Russle mouth last week, saying
    it was easier playing the bills then playing in the Redskins practices.
    Hey Jason Campbell errr Bob, shut your rookie mouth before Carr & Dware have you carted off the field SON!

  4. Orakpo is fine, it’s scar tissue reports skins on skins radio. How bout Brandon Banks td and cousins td bomb. Go skins!

  5. ” Is Urlacher out of his wheelchair

    For a knee injury?

    He’ll be taking that wheelchair to Canton.

  6. Cousins 18/23 264 and 3 td’s… no int’s. Yeah was second half vs non-starters but nice comeback and heart. Gould 57 yard linedrive winning fg, wtf? Hail!

  7. Is this the last note we’re going to see about the game? Is the report-only-the-bad-about-Jay-Cutler rule still in effect here on PFT?

  8. Notice there is no sign of “Hulkhogansays” tonight…

    It really sucks when reality comes crashing down, huh Hulk?

  9. First off RGIII did fine. Second he’s a rookie. Know who the best QB of all time is? Peyton Manning. Know what he did his rookie year? Threw 28 interceptions. So lets give players time to develop before declaring anything. And you guys take a guy named “Hulkhogansays” seriously while he’s speaking like Hulk Hogan. How dumb are you people? Redskins need work, all real fans know this and have said nothing but.

  10. Thank god RG3 is a little bit better than Aaron Rodgers or we wouldn’t even make it to the Superbowl this year brother! No doubt we’ll sweep the league without that china doll brother.

  11. Word of wise to skins fans..mainly hulk, be humble, Luck will be good, but i know hes a rookie n will take his lumps, but hes humble,hulk n skins was puttong bob in HOF and SB already ……

  12. See all the commercials RGIII is in?

    See any with Andrew Luck?

    You Redskins fans better be right or you will never live this one down

  13. As a Skins fan I was pleased with what I saw, minus Orakpo getting hurt. Griffin and friends needed a wake up call and they got it facing a very good Bears defense. Jay Cutler isn’t to bad either.

    The usual trolls can pile on all they want but this was still pre-season game #2. And Griffin is still a rookie.

    As for Orakpo, heading into the season with a dinged up shoulder is not good news. But luckily for us Skins fans Orakpo’s back up, Rob Jackson, is a pretty good young OLB in his own right. Worst comes to worst, Jackson on running downs and Orakpo rushing the passer on pass plays. It will have to do.

    See thats what some of you folk don’t get. Despite piss poor records over the last 2 season Shanallenhan is doing something in DC that hasn’t been done in a long time. Building the team with good young players, building a team with quality depth. This particular Skins fan has been waiting for this to happen since Brad Johnson was QB. There is a sliver of light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully the Skins starting pushing out of the sellar, and soon.

    And yes the Skins kicked the SB Champs butts twice last year.

  14. RG3 was simply brilliant brother. Oh yeah, he wasn’t. I think you just got a preview if what is going to happen to RG3 when he faces a defense tougher than the crappy one he faces in football rehearsal everyday. Man up and come eat your crow, clown.

  15. Thank god we won’t hear his bad Nigerian/Somalian/Kenyan/Ugandan accent any more on geico commercials!

  16. Lol I like this Peytonsneck kid coming on here trying to be taken seriously after a few months of cheap shots.

    Let me just tell you.

    Go watch tape of Cam Newton’s preseason last year.

  17. I’m a die hard Redskins fan, and I’ll tell you what I observed last night watching the game-
    1. The O-line stunk
    2. The D-backs stunk
    3. Lorenzo Alexander should end up as a starter at ILB and will be fantastic
    4. Kirk Cousins will be a really good NFL QB, I just don’t see him getting a shot in Washington, unless RG3 gets hurt
    5. As far as RG3, too early to tell. He would have been helped if the line could block (same goes for Alfred Morris)….It’s just one pre-season game, but the starting units didn’t look good to me.

  18. Still wondering if a team is so irrelevant whats the big deal. When RGIII played good, ppl said its over hyped its just the preseason ,but when he had a fumble in a “Preseason” game he’s a bum.SMH!. PFT have a lot of special needs ppl on this site.As y0u were, continue hating.HTTR!!!

  19. Kirk Cousins looked better than RGIII. I am thinking there might be a situation where the back-up is better than the starter, but the starter will never lose his job because he was the #1 pick. The ‘skins are destined to fail. Kinda reminds me of the Detroit Lions of the Milen era.

  20. First off, it’s amazing how one assinine fan has been able to singlehandedly make every other fan base in the NFL hate the Redskins and pray for Griffin to fail. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: hogan is not a Redskins fan, he’s some kind of clever reverse-troll who makes everybody else hate the Redskins through his obnoxious comments. It sounds like some kind of crazy Fight Club conspiracy theory, but would anybody be really surprised if Peyton’s neck and hogan were the same person?

  21. beerbudsnbevo says: Aug 19, 2012 1:02 AM

    See all the commercials RGIII is in?

    See any with Andrew Luck?

    You Redskins fans better be right or you will never live this one down
    Griffin is in two commercials: one for Adidas, one for Gatorade. Luck is in one commercial: for Nike. The fact is that regardless of talent, Griffin is simply more charismatic. That doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with Luck, it just means Griffin has more on-screen appeal. Same as with Bird and Magic. Both great players in their own right, but Johnson just had more of the “it” factor as far as advertising and endorsements. Bird was quieter. That doesn’t mean something was wrong with Bird or wrong with Magic, it just means they were two great players with two different personalities.

    On top of that, trying to fault Griffin for doing commercials is ridiculous. Through those two endorsements, he’s made enough money to keep his family living comfortably for the rest of their lives. What if he had broken his femur in the game last night? He might have never played football again. Both Luck and Griffin will jump on any sponsorship they are offered. They’re both smart kids and making money while you can is never a bad idea.

  22. gammynomnom says: Aug 18, 2012 11:28 PM

    gonna be a qb controversy in Washington the way Cousins is playing.
    bucrightoff says: Aug 18, 2012 11:22 PM

    Looks like we have a QB controvery, brother. Kirk Cousins is tearing it up right now.
    Yes, the first-string quarterback struggled a little against one of the best defenses in the game., and the third string quarterback played well against the a bunch of undrafted benchwarmers. Guaranteed recipe for a quarterback controversy.. This doesn’t mean anything, except that Washington’s back-up is no longer Rex Grossman, good news for everybody (Except Rex Grossman, but really, who cares?)

  23. calizcowboyz says: Aug 18, 2012 10:39 PM

    Bob ran his Jamarcus Russle mouth last week, saying
    it was easier playing the bills then playing in the Redskins practices.
    Hey Jason Campbell errr Bob, shut your rookie mouth before Carr & Dware have you carted off the field SON!
    Griffin didn’t say that practice was easier playing than playing the Bills, he said that practice was tougher than the actual game. You know who else has said this? Every other quarterback who has ever played the game. It’s a standard quarterback cliche. A QB plays against his own team every day in practice, but he plays any other team twice a year, at most.

    In fact, Griff’s quote was “Yeah, well, it’s true what they say: ‘Practice is harder than the game’.”
    Not “practice is harder than the Bills”, who will have a pretty formidable defense this year.

    Most importantly, why would Carr be carting Griffin off the field? He’s a press corner, and having him blitz is essentially giving Robert an easy completion. Though he may be one of the most underrated defensive players in the game, he has not recorded a single sack in his four year career.

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