Saints lose linebacker Chris Chamberlain for the season


As the Saints wait to find out whether they’ll have linebacker Jonathan Vilma in 2012, they know that they won’t have linebacker Chris Chamberlain.

Chamberlain tore an ACL on Friday night against the Jaguars, via  He’s out for the year.

The fifth-year veteran followed former Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo to New Orleans in the offseason, signing a three-year deal as a free agent in March.  He was listed as a third-stringer in the team’s most recent unofficial depth chart.

Chamberlain, who entered the league as a seventh-round pick in 2008, started 13 of 16 games for the Rams in 2011.

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  1. About four years in and out entire season. Worse than that, he could be sent packing if Saints so wish. Here is a PERFECT example of why it is so crucial for players to live frugally, sock away their bonus money and part of EVERY paycheck they receive. He will hopefully have another ten years in the league, however this situation is, or should be an instructive to remind other CURRENT millionaires that your careers are fleeting and you must prepare for a long life with your present salaries. Next time you are contemplating fifteen thousand dollar rims for your car, think about the compound interest over thirty years on that fifteen large you are about to squander. Best of luck Chris for a speedy recovery.

  2. Yep NFL players should save their dough — even the little bit extra they make under the table for inflicting debilitating injuries on their opponent (who hopefully saved their money too).

  3. Hey purpleguy do you know why Brett Favre throw the interception to Tracy Porter in the NFC Championship Game?
    Because Brett Favre is a SAINTS FAN!!! ha ha WHO DAT FRG

  4. You Favre badgers have no minds of your own and just follow along what you feel is the popular trend, rather than have an opinion of your own. You follow suit of how the media shapes your opinion for you as it is popular to say Favre throws too many INTs and some at the wrong time. This becomes entrenched in your limited head space because of the media as we all forget that Peyton through a pic 6 to Porter that gave the Superbowl to New Orleans, and we never hear much about that as the media shapes the Brand of Peyton away from that as opposed to what they do to Favre. You and others can keep following with the masses as your opinions lack any insight or contribute anything to these forums. I guess the Internet is made for this, unfortunately.

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